Alaska Fisheries issues moving through House – Rep. Louise Stutes

Dear Friends and Neighbors, A lot transpired in the Legislature this past week and there is quite a bit on this week’s agenda. Here is a rundown of the goings on down in Juneau. Fisheries Committee last week: On April 2, the Fisheries Committee considered HB 105-COMM FISHERMEN’S FUND: VESSEL OWNER CLAIMS. HB 105 is a common-sense piece of legislation that allows skippers to fully recover their P&I deductible from the Fishermen’s fund when an injured crewmember makes a claim against the fund and the P&I policy, providing further incentive for vessel owners to have insurance. ,,, Fisheries Committee this week: At 10 a.m. April 11, the Fisheries Committee will consider,,, 2016 pink salmon disaster relief,,, >click to read< by Rep. Louise Stutes17:52

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