Earth Day: Not a Single Environmental Prediction of the Last 50 Years Has Come True

We should be thankful that the gloom-and-doom predictions made throughout the past several decades haven’t come true. Fear-mongering about explosive population growth, food crises and the imminent depletion of natural resources have been a staple of Earth Day events since 1970. And the common thread among them is that they’ve stirred up a lot more emotions than facts. >click to read<10:23

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  1. Frank Price says:

    Editor, Fishery Nation: Earth Day article. I don’t know where you are getting your facts but they are wrong on the Native North Pacific salmon, smelt & herring which have all taken a big hit because of the toxic & poisonous pollution dumped into our fresh water sources & eventually the ocean by all industries, people & animals. King salmon & Coho salmon from Calif & Oregon have taken a huge hit in recent years & their future is bleak in most cases. In Washington State all Native runs are weak to non existent & the runs will get worse if we don’t clean up all water sources & the environment soon & quickly. British Columbia has seen a steady & disastrous decline in all salmon species, herring, ooligans & smelt since the coal loading facilities were built & the Pen Farmed Atlantic Salmon facilities were licensed to operate in the British Columbia waters. As long as you fishermen continue to vote for Conservatives & Republicans you will have these Conservative Politicians holding their hands out to big business & continue the Status Quote”. Commercial fishermen, Conservatives don’t give a Dam about the environment your salmon & herring must live & thrive in. Wake up commercial fishermen, your industry & the oceans are in trouble World wide & we fishermen must be environmentalists to save them. Whoever wrote this Earth Day article was obviously paid off by “Big Oil, Gas, Coal, Atlantic Salmon Industry & the Canadian Government.

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