Boston rally urges 11th-hour reprieve for fishermen (conflicting number of attendee’s)

Barring the extraordinary, draconian cuts in landings for the (New England) 2013 fishing season will take effect on Wednesday — May 1, the start of the new fishing year. It was Attorney General Martha Coakley, a leading advocate for thegdt icon fishing industry along with Gov. Deval Patrick who put it directly to NOAA’s Gloucester-based Northeast regional administrator while addressing the 300-400 fishermen present as well.Boston rally urges 11th-hour reprieve. John Bullard who stood in the audience that numbered about 250 people, told the Times moments later he has heard nothing from higher authorities,  NOAA, however, has still not posted on the Federal Register the catch limits for groundfish for the 2013 fishing year. continued

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