“day of reckoning”? the fishing community “can’t take its foot off the pedal. This is a fight that has to continue,”

paul vitaleBut Bullard was the person who made the official decision to slash quotas to rebuild stocks, and there were many in the crowd who are angry at him for that. Finally, after the speeches had ended, Paul Vitale, of Gloucester, owner of thsct logoe 50-foot trawler Angela and Rose out of Gloucester, broke the silence over Bullard, angrily challenging Bullard to explain himself, but Bullard said nothing. Vitale told The Standard-Times that with the new quotas, he will be fishing “one or two times a month” and is looking for outside work. continued


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  1. U.S. Sen. William “Mo” Cowan, gave a stemwinder of a speech. “We came here to fight.” Where were all these people back in the nineties when the battle should have been fought as Amendment 5 was put in place? Vegas odds-makers would wager that most of the politico’s showing up wouldn’t know the history of the fishery, nor understand the complexity of the situation that fishermen have been placed into. Most of all, where were they when Lady Jane and her progressive EDF crew rammed Catch Shares down the New England fishermen’s throats? Way to go Janie-Baby…you destroyed the oldest fishing region in our beloved land and are still not being held accountable for the multi-million dollar economic impact to the region!

    • - Moderator says:

      I’m numb listening to the politicians.
      I’m sad that after all these years of trying to get fishermen involved at a higher level has failed, and these last ditch efforts reflect that.
      You can bet they don’t have knowledge of these issues other than what they’re told.
      It takes a lot of reading to learn, and blabbing talking points ain’t reading!

  2. philips66 says:

    At least it’s good to know that Valerie Jarret has our backs LOL Seriously what a sad state of affairs!

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