New Zealand: Lack of interest in commercial fishing jobs threatens our fresh fish and chips

One of New Zealand’s few licensed fish processors and exporters says it is in dire need of more fish and fishermen. Egmont Seafoods, based in New Plymouth, say if things don’t change there won’t be fresh seafood readily available for New Zealanders or for export overseas. It’s the start of the week and although there are fish on the shelves for customers to buy, Egmont Seafoods has no fish to process and won’t until Wednesday.,,, “There’s an opportunity to take advantage of the fish stock we’ve got on our back doorstep but it’s difficult to do that when you don’t have the people who want to get involved.” >click to read<12:55

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  1. if company’s did not want so much for lease you would find people would want to get in and have a go but no one wants to work for nothing it’s about time it changed !!
    I have been fishing for 30 years we gave up wet fish 15 years ago not enough left in it after all the costs
    I have cray fished for the same time and over the years watched the lease prices go up to the point now where it’s over 50% of port price maybe it’s time for fishers to start to say no to company lease prices and drive them down