Westerly councilors united in opposition to kelp farm, citing location, hazards

United in a belief that an area in the waters just off Napatree Point is the wrong location for a proposed kelp farm, the Town Council voted unanimously Monday to communicate their opposition to the project to state regulators.  Opponents said the farm would foul the view, pose navigational hazards, threaten wildlife and make the area less productive for commercial fishermen. >click to read<08:10

Used and Abused: How Much Can the Oceans Take? – Joseph MacAndrew wants a kelp farm. His plan, however, is facing ample opposition, from academic, business, Napatree Point, and Watch Hill interests. This article showcases the nitrogen and phosphorous pollution, Plastic pollution, dumping metal inyo the oceans, oil drilling, but, not a word on wind farms. >click to read<

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