Canadian iceberg hunter in search of ‘white gold’

“It’s a very fine piece of ice,” he proclaims. It’s midday and Edward Kean, a Canadian fisherman who now scours the North Atlantic for icebergs that have broken off from Greenland’s glaciers, is beaming.,, Every morning at dawn, Kean sails out with three other crew members to hunt what has become his own personal white gold: icebergs.  For more than 20 years, he has hauled in the mighty ice giants and then sold the water for a handsome profit to local companies, which then bottle it, mix it into booze or use it to make cosmetics. >click to read< 11:08

One Response to Canadian iceberg hunter in search of ‘white gold’

  1. Peter Gerard Gannon says:

    Icebergs are protected in Argentina but in Canada evidently it’s perfectly okay to accelerate climate change if there’s enough profit in it. Shame on these people.

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