Interview: Fishing Season Begins -Vito Giacalone – Tom Dempsey on WGBH

  • – Moderator

    I’m not a fan of Dempsey’ and this interview show’s why.
    I’m surprised Vito could maintain his composure for a number f reasons, but one thing is certain, Dempsey, the unregulated fishing community that you failed to mention in your lopsided opinion, the seals will have no problem out fishing you again.

  • Dick Grachek

    Not a word bout the catch shares privatization atrocity…how odd!

    • – Moderator

      Whenever I listen to EDFs voice on the NEFMC Dempsey, there is nothing but the ENGO mantra of dogma.
      Giacalone was,I believe, inclined to mention the sector scamifization, but was rudely interrupted by the Hooker.