The ENGO’s are gearing up for MSA Reautorization: Despite gains, more challenges ahead for U.S. fisheries

Washington Post – Fish stocks off the U.S. coasts, restored to health over the past four decades by cooperation among competing interests and careful management, are threatened anew by warming and   according to a new report and experts who are gathering in Washington this week for a conference on the future of fisheries. continued plenty of Pew pooh here. Bangor Daily News

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    I’m wondering when these phony bastards are going to recognize climate change as the major culprit in the north east ground fishery issue instead of blaming fishermen that have more than stayed within their limits for a variety of reasons that these ENGO wags choose to ignore.
    When the time comes for eco based management, we’ll see if they have the gut’s and fortitude to do the right thing, but judging from their track records, they don’t.
    The issue will be forced.
    The continuous ignoring of the fact that there is now a glut of ground fish off the Canadian coast is telling of the issue.
    Funny how Crockett mentions the crab issue, something he learned about in comments made by others.
    Crockett says,,,,,,,,,,,,,