From grief to gratitude – April McCarthy’s husband was lost at sea

April McCarthy walks down a gravel path in the cemetery in Tors Cove, a small community on Newfoundland’s Southern Shore, towards her husband’s grave. She picks at some of the weeds that have crept into the site, that’s boxed in with a wooden frame, filled with white stones. Flowers and ornaments line the base of Chris McCarthy’s black tombstone. But his body is not buried here.,,, Sept. 12, 2009, It was a Saturday morning, and the Sea Gypsy was heading in with a full load of shrimp. Around 11 a.m., the boat started to slow. It was taking on water. >click to read< 08:19

10 years after lives lost in Sea Gypsy sinking, safety regulation still not enacted>click to read<

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