Awright guy’s. The hot news is the ongoing Lobster Strike. Some include video.

PEI – Lobster blockade faces court injunction link PEI – Boats blockade 2nd P.E.I. lobster plant link – They brung the boat’s with ‘m! NB – Lobster protest continues over low prices link

Serge Shipley, one of the protesting fishermen, said it’s difficult to see some of his peers decide head out onto the water while others are trying to hold out for a better price. “Well it’s not too nice really because we are all in the same hole,” he said.”Everybody should stick together as fishermen, it’s unfortunate. But there are meetings going on after this to talk to them guys to see what their point of view will be after today.” Shipley puts the blame for the low prices squarely on one group. “It’s not the processors’ fault, they’re not making money, the fishermen are not making money. It’s the brokers that are making all the money,” he said.

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