Most likely Carnival Cruise Lines is responsible for 18+ Right Whale deaths in the past 3 year, at which rate they would soon be extinct.

Human caused Right whale deaths have suddenly, in sync with a plummeting whale birthrate, put the right whale on the path to extinction.,,, There is the simple answer, to halt the march towards extinction. There is an easy way to prevent those 18 deaths and at least bring that -18 up to 0. We can stop the majority of the anthropogenic Whale deaths with a simple Cruise Ship lane modification between PEI and the tip of the Gaspe Peninsula. Prior to 2007 ships were almost solely responsible for Right whale deaths, but since 2008 fishing line entanglement deaths have increased and fishermen have become the main target. However data from the past 3 years indicate many more ship strike deaths than entanglement deaths. >click to read< 12:41

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  1. “The acceptance of guilt in the necessary murder” from George Orwell’s essay entitled “Inside the Whale”. Describes people who have decided they’d rather live inside a whale protected from the outside worlds horrors than to speak out against grave injustice.
    Not me, I’m outside the whale. When I see injustice I want to be heard. Knowing what the facts are saying I find it unacceptable to be guilty in the extinction of the Right Whale. It’s time to speak out, not to muffled inside all that whale blubber. Especially after it’s been run over by a cruise ship.