Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board OKs seismic testing by Shell – “is not likely to result in significant adverse environmental effects,”

Shell Canada Ltd.’s plan for seismic testing in the Shelburne Basin got the green light from the, according to documents made public Friday. If mitigation measures outlined in the project’s environmental assessment are followed, the 3-D survey “is not likely to result in significant adverse environmental effects,” says a letter, dated May 1, from the board’s chief executive officer to Shell’s environment planner. continued  “is not likely to result in significant adverse environmental effects,”??? Read this about the planned South East/ Mid Atlantic seismic testing. A real eye opener!

  • Dick Grachek

    Seismic BLASTING “is not likely to result in significant adverse environmental effects,” Really?

    Let’s get some of the Shell Executives and the quisling officials that ok’d this travesty to don SCUBA gear and go down during the Pneumatic BLASTING and test that hypothesis personally.

    These gutless reprehensible criminals in the oil industry and their government minions will do anything to bolster oil company stock prices and their personal fortunes by constantly procuring new contracts of oil and gas reserves for future production. This is corporate GREED plain and simple.

    The U.S., for instance, exports more oil and gas than it imports these days; and I suspect the same is true for Canada, it’ about maintaining their obscene profits and nothing more. The governments are in bed with the oil companies; they’re all in the Oil Biz and they’re all getting filthy rich while globally people are dispossessed and starved.

    These same oil companies are funding the (tax sheltering 501c(3)) Eco-NGO’s (Pew, EDF, Oceana, etc.) that are all screaming about “destructive fishing gear”.

    Wake up people! What do you think their next step is after they blow up every living thing within range of these air blasts as they look for oil and gas? That’s right, more Deepwater Horizons on the horizon! But not to worry they have the new technology to safely drill anywhere, right?

    This “new technology” was evident in the oil saturated wetlands of the Gulf of Mexico a few years ago: oil absorbant pads and strings of oil absorbent bilge socks (the type sold at West Marine)held in place by bamboo sticks in the mud.

    These criminals in suits will have our entire Continental Shelf turned into an Energy Industry Playland if we let them. Look up their “five year plan” and other atrocities on their lobbyist’s website National Ocean Industries Association