Tuesday is the deadline to comment on upcoming shrimp management plan changes

The N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries public scoping closes on Tuesday, Jan. 21, for comments on potential management strategies for an upcoming amendment to the Shrimp Fishery Management Plan. The amendment will examine management strategies to further reduce bycatch of nontarget species in the shrimp trawl fishery and potential changes to existing shrimp management strategies, according to DMF. Written comments can be submitted, >click to read< 20:24

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  1. I really think that we are already using the fish excluders and Ted’s and we do not target the fish or bicatch. So I think we can regulate ourselves, we do not need anymore regulations put on us and no less days will be necessary. The weather already don’t let us work. And why do we government too regulate. It’s already hard enough to make a living anyway. We don’t need another Florida in North Carolina. That is what the Cca wants is gone.