URGENT:::NEW ENGLAND:::Fwd: National Ocean Policy – Fishermen, are you losing your voice and democratic rights?

I’m fwding this message to anyone in the area who’s interested in what the govt. and Big Biz has in store for our ocean—it ain’t about fishing and they’d rather have you miss these “outreach” meetings.  Please see email below. here
(4pm to 7pm) in Narragansett  at the:University of Rhode Island, Narragansett Bay Campus, Building 6 (Coastal Institute), Hazards Room220 South Ferry Road Tuesday evening May 28.

Similar to BOEM’s tactic re: the windmills’ “Stakeholder scoping meetings” they pretty much like to keep what they’re up and even the details of these meetings in a fog bank.

Fishermen, are you losing your voice and democratic rights?  Read this ——> Flyer NOPDHeditnotrackingREV.pdf

Northeast Regional Ocean Planning Public Meetings  here  Website here

  • Dick Grachek

    This National Ocean Policy meeting in Narragansett YRI Bay Campus is on Tuesday evening May 28.

    • – Moderator

      Thanks, Dick!