Cancel Culture: Michael Shellenberger Censored For Exposing Climate Industrial Complex

The media’s obsession with cataclysmic climate change is matched only by their fixation on unreliable wind and solar power as the only solution. But even among their own ilk, the “only more subsidies for wind turbines and solar panels will save us” narrative has worn thin, of late. Michael Moore’s Planet of the Humans lifted the lid on the cynical and manipulative crony capitalists profiteering from the climate industrial complex that they helped to create.,, Michael Shellenberger, once worshipped by America’s green-left, has found himself in the same territory. Shellenberger, obviously no fool, was alive to the tactics employed by the mainstream press to marginalise, de-platform and ultimately cancel anyone deemed to be ‘problematic’, whether for spouting inconvenient truths or simply failing to support the party line. >click to read< 09:36

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