“The maggots screaming on the sidelines, they’re done. They can scream all they want. Nobody can save them,” Carlos Rafael

Carlos Rafael and His Fish Are the American Dream???

Rafael is currently railing against the lobbying effort of the smaller New England groundfishermen who he says are trying to put a cap on the amount of permits one individual can own. “They are like mosquitoes on the balls of an elephant,” he says of the smaller operations in the port. “Biting, biting, biting, until finally [the government] is going to say (edited) off, we got to do something.” They’re screaming anyway. Smaller fishermen want federal regulators to change the rules, saying it unfairly benefits the large operations like Rafael. This pisses him off. Why should he be punished for his business acumen, he asks? continued


  • The mother—-er is so f—ing lucky that so far he backs up and shuts the f— up in time and barks to and bites the morons that buy his bullshit and let him suck their blood!
    Some bad porn going on in this fucked up world!

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    And I thought we were all in this together!!!!
    If ever there was a shoot yourself in the foot article, this is it!
    I wonder how many other places this will be posted.

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    Felonious psycopath… Is not, and has never been a fisherman.

  • One word. Karma…..Nuff said.