Tragedy as Blackburn Rovers war efforts ended in minefield

Before football fans raise a quizzical eyebrow, the Blackburn Rovers in question was not the town’s team but a trawler which bore the team’s name. Blackburn Rovers was one of five new ships built in 1934 for Consolidated Fisheries of Grimsby at a cost of £20,00 each, each of the trawlers carrying the name of a football club – Arsenal and Aston Villa were two other trawlers and one was even named Real Madrid.,, In anticipation of war, the Admiralty requisitioned a number of trawlers including Blackburn Rovers which were taken to the Cammel Laird shipyard in Birkenhead and equipped with submarine detection equipment, depth charge racks and a cannon mounted on her foredeck. >click to read< 08:58

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