“our efforts to redesign fisheries”

This article should be renamed to “How a TED grant helped spread a job killing scam”

Some of the lowlites:

– Overfishing is the number-one threat to the oceans’ ability to provide food and sustain life.

– EDF’s Oceans Program has turned this investment into what we now call the “Big Bet,” a campaign to convert the majority of  US, Canadian and Latin American fisheries to catch shares.

–  It is critical that the world’s movers and shakers gain a working knowledge of our efforts to redesign fisheries.

+ Economics: 80% revenue increases per boat due to better yields and dockside prices.

And the results are coming in. This radical scam is ruining the commercial fishing industry, where ever it is deployed. It’s easy to increase the revenue per boat. Fleet reduction!

  • borehead

    What a bunch of bullshit!
    ish2 put up a ted link. I didn't get it. I do now.

  • The usual subjects aka "the big green mafia"!

    Based on the strength of the work the Sapling Foundation and private TEDizens helped fund in its early years, we have been able to enlist new support including $5 million in capital pledges for a new public-private venture, the California Fisheries Fund, a $5 million partnership with University of California (funded by Paul Allen), and grants from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation exceeding $20 million to advance catch shares and incentive-based management in the US.

    • borehead

      Queer bastards.

  • And NMFS still acts like they came up with catch shares

  • borehead

    Six articles about this scheme this week and Dicky just sent me a link to another at Washington post.
    I commented there.