Membertou First Nation Investments to Expand Participation In Atlantic Canada’s Commercial Offshore Lobster Fishery

Clearwater Seafoods and Membertou First Nation are pleased to announce that they have reached an agreement for the sale of two of Clearwater’s eight offshore lobster licenses to Membertou First Nation. Membertou is investing $25 Million to purchase the licenses, significantly increasing their presence in the commercial fishery in Atlantic Canada. >click to read< 15:28

Clearwater gives up piece of offshore lobster monopoly to N.S. First Nation for $25M – Clearwater currently holds all eight Canadian offshore licences that are fished with a single vessel, the F/V Randell Dominaux, out of Shelburne, N.S. It is the only year-round lobster fishery in Canada and the only one with a quota. Paul said Membertou’s two licences will continue to be fished by the Clearwater vessel. Membertou has gone to the First Nations Finance Authority for the money for the purchase. >click to read<18:26

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