North Carolina Fisheries Association sends aid to Louisiana fishermen, seafood dealers

The N.C. Fisheries Association, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting the state seafood industry, announced in a press release Tuesday it recently sent several pallets of seafood and bulk ice to Louisiana to assist in relief efforts from Hurricane Laura, which made landfall in that state in late August. In an email to the NCFA from Louisiana Fine Food Companies President and CEO Jim Gossen, Mr. Gossen thanked the association and its partners for their assistance. “Thanks for everything your fishermen have done to help us here,” Mr. Gossen said. “Make sure you let them know how much help they’ve been on the western side of the state (of Louisiana).” According to the NCFA release, Mr. Cross called NCFA Executive Director Glenn Skinner and suggested the organization get involved with the relief effort. >click to read< 08:17

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