New Regionl NMFS fisheries leader hosted ‘listening session’ in Chatham Oct.2, 2012 – Hey Andy, herring eat too, ya know!

CHATHAM — At the town’s community center Thursday night, there was little animosity on display, as is often the case when fishermen square off in a room with an official from the National Marine Fisheries Service, the federal agency charged with overseeing the commercial fishery. Perhaps that was because of John Bullard, the newly minted fisheries service Northeast regional administrator, and his gentle manner as he listened to what Cape fishermen had to say about fisheries management. “You’re an even-tempered, soft-spoken man. You got that thing going on,” mused Provincetown fisherman Beau Gribbon………….Andy Baler, owner of the Nantucket Fish Company, said fishery managers needed to protect forage species such as herring that formed the basis of the marine food chain. “Herring feed everything,” he said. Baler advocated managing stocks not as single species but by placing importance on the relationships between species.

Andy Baylor has drunk the Pew Brew. He is blind to the FACT herring are now a predator specie, feeding voratiously on codling.

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