Obituary: Jeffery Matthews – He was a hard-working, old-school fisherman.

Jeffery Matthews, 55, sank with his crew and went to heaven as a legend fisherman on Nov. 23, 2020, while he was at sea, doing what he loved. Jeff, above all things was a family man. He lived and breathed for his three children and grandkids. He was the definition of selfless, always giving, helping and doing for others. If he wasn’t at sea fishing, he was with his family, whether it was helping to fix a car, teaching his grandchildren how to ride a bike, or giving his time to anyone who needed help. Jeff spent over 35 years as a commercial fisherman. Some people might say he enjoyed being on the water more than he did being on land. Fishing was his life and soul. He was a hard-working, old-school fisherman. He was always there to help his crew no matter what the circumstances were. >click to read< 09:49

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