Hokkaido fishing villages face tough decision over nuclear disposal sites

A frosty wind was blowing in from the Sea of Japan at the Suttsu fishing port in Hokkaido in late November. There, catching anglerfish with a grim look on his face was 77-year-old fisherman Kyozo Kimura.,, In 1977, Kimura, a native of the town of Matsumae,,, Longline fishing of trout prospered at the time, and he reminisced about the time when he got a new 29-ton ship,,, But that dream did not last long.,, Kimura ventured into scallop farming. In August, local residents saw shocking headlines that Suttsu was considering applying for preliminary research into being a final disposal site for high-level radioactive waste produced from nuclear power plants. Hearing the news, Kimura,, >click to read< 13:51

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