Louis A. Spencer of South Dartmouth Ma., Commercial Fisherman, Businessman, Innovator, has passed away

Born in New Bedford, the son of the late Louis and Ruth (Bernard) Spencer, he lived most of his life in Dartmouth and on the waterfront of New Bedford.  Louis came from a long line of whalemen and commercial fisherman based out of Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, and New Bedford. He also fished on various Spencer family draggers and quahog skiffs with his father in high school as well as through college. After graduation, Louis used his love of the sea and his mechanical abilities to secure a job working as chief engineer on several offshore crab processing vessels,,, In the late 90’s he cofounded his own company, Advanced Marine Technologies with his brother-in-law,,, Lou was well known on the New Bedford waterfront and loved by everyone.  His employees were especially fond of him and his generosity and kindness.  He was the President of the company up until his death. >click to read< 13:05

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