Obituary: Fred W. Bayley

Fred W. Bayley, 83, passed away on Feb. 26, 2021. Born on Nov. 17, 1937, Fred was the son of Russ and Bessie Bayley. Fred started clamming at the age of 7, lobstering by the age of 10. After lobstering, Fred went to Commercial Dragging for all types of fish and fished aboard the fishing vessels Kathleen M., Kathleen and Julie 11, and Kathleen and Julie 111. These were the state of the art high-liners on the East Coast. He owned various lobster boats, tuna boats and trawlers all of his life. Fred and Kathleen built and established the Bayley’s Campground in 1970, which became one of the largest camping resorts on the East Coast. Later on, they developed the Bayley Hill Deer and Elk Farm, with one of the finest herds in the country. >click to read< 08:55

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