Skipper David Marr found guilty of not keeping lookout

The captain of a trawler which swamped a small boat causing it to sink, and three men to drown, has been found guilty of not keeping a proper lookout. Mircea “Mitch” Ilie, 40, Irinel Popovici, 41, and Treaiam Dumitrache, 50, died on an overnight fishing trip on the James 2 in August 2017. Marr,  55, of Peterhead, will be sentenced later. He was found guilty at a Lewes Crown Court trial, which was sitting at Brighton Magistrate’s Court. >click to read<   David Marr did not see men in fishing boat – Their fiberglass boat was designed for inland waters only and did not have adequate lights or Radar reflectors. >click to read< 10:42

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