Just what we didn’t need now – Liz Warren

So the senator who has ignored the New Bedford fishing industry since being elected to the U.S. Senate in 2013 suddenly cares about seafood workers. What a joke. Elizabeth Warren cares about Elizabeth Warren. Period. Warren will exploit any opportunity that makes her look good. Gee, I wonder if our environmental queen will show up in an electric car? After all, New Bedford has become Green Acres under the Mitchell Administration. Warren was silent when Barack Obama declared fishing grounds off the New England coast a memorial, preventing local fishermen from earning a living there,,, >click to read< 10:05

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  1. Sam Parisi says:

    Even though I am a decorate ,and voted for her ,I am disapointed that she has not come out help our fisherman .I called on her regarding SKG money that NOAA has control over and not going to our fisherman ,I called on her to help us regarding cost to fisherman for monitoring and lost fishing grounds to oil ,and gas companies with no reply ,I only get emails asking for money ,we need help and she is not helping .Thank You Sam Parisi

    • Joel H says:

      Politicians like Liz Warren are at the root of the cancel culture that is destroying what has been the greatest nation the world has ever known.
      How people can support the policies of this radical socialist/communist party is beyond comprehension.
      John Kennedy’s Democratic Party is no longer. It has become the party of people the likes of Bill Aires and his socialist cohorts who seek to destroy our nation.
      This plan has been a long time in the making. Its roots took hold with the indoctrination of our children by radical teachers who pushed their destructive policies on the young and vulnerable. Add to that the cancellation of our Christian values and you have what we see today.
      Pray for our nation and God help us!

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