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The Hamptons love green energy. But that wind farm?

This affluent enclave on the East End of Long Island is steeped in eco-conscious pride, with strict water quality and land preservation rules and an abundance of electric cars on the roads. So at first, many happily embraced a plan for an offshore wind farm that would help lead the way as New York State sets some of the most ambitious green energy goals in the country. But then came word that the project’s transmission cable was going to land in Wainscott, one of the most exclusive slices of the already exclusive Hamptons, where homeowners include the likes of the cosmetics billionaire Ronald Lauder and Marci Klein, a former longtime producer of “Saturday Night Live” and the daughter of Calvin Klein. >click to read< 08:21

Hurricane Dorian: Governor Cooper requests major disaster declaration for NC counties

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper requested a major disaster declaration from President Trump’s office Friday. The disaster declaration covers Brunswick, Carteret, Craven, Currituck, Dare, Duplin, Hyde, New Hanover, Pamlico, Pender, Sampson, Tyrrell and Washington counties and would trigger FEMA assistance. >click to read< 18:01 North Carolina’s Disaster Relief Fund approaches $6 million>click to read<

FISH-NL – Which Side Are You On?

Click the image to play the video! 14:18

LePage And The Whales

Fisheries managers from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are developing new rules that are likely to fall heavily on the lobster industry in New England, especially in Maine, where fishing activity is greatest.,,, Maine’s lobstermen and lobsterwomen found an ally in former Gov. Paul LePage, who recently wrote an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal decrying the proposed rules as misdirected and unnecessary. >click to read<  13:14

Bahamas: Hurricane Dorian impact a “big setback” for fishing industry

Bahamian fishermen fear that Hurricane Dorian’s destruction in the northern Bahamas will result in the fishing industry losing as much as 30 to 40 per cent in revenue, with the Bahamas Commercial Fishers Alliance (BCFA) vice-president saying “it’s going to be a big setback for the industry”. Keith Carroll told Eyewitness News that at least 95 per cent of fishermen in the northern Bahamas have lost their boats.  >click to read< 11:34

“We’re gonna bomb your bleeping ships”, You understand me? – Coast Guard seeks tips for threatening radio broadcast

The Coast Guard is seeking information regarding a person making threats and hoax calls on marine band radio off the gulf coast of Florida. Coast Guard Sector St. Petersburg command center received the latest threat on Aug. 13, 2019 via VHF channel 22A. In this call, the male caller makes threats against the Coast Guard personnel, aircrafts and vessels. The broadcast sounds like the same person who has made other radio broadcasts that start with MAYDAY three times and then talks about, “scrambling all jets we are under nuclear attack.” >click to read, listen< 13:43

Starkist Hit With $100M Fine in Seafood Price-Fixing Scheme

Starkist must pay a $100 million criminal fine for conspiring to fix packaged seafood prices, a federal judge ruled Wednesday, despite arguments it could bankrupt the company or cause its employees to lose jobs. “I think it’s in the interest of the economy not to bankrupt Starkist, but the court has the leverage to extend the payments out,”,,  Starkist general counsel and senior vice president Robert Scott Meece said the company has about 100 employees at its Pittsburgh headquarters and 2,100 working at a factory in American Samoa. “These employees have had this hanging over their heads for a long time,” >click to read< 12:00

Whale entanglments are down on the West Coast. The reason for the reduction is in question.

According to the NOAA, as of Aug. 23, the National Marine Fisheries Service reported 17 confirmed whale entanglements in 2019, compared to 40 for the same period a year prior.,,, The reason for the sharp reduction in entanglements is in question.,,, Pieter Folkens, a permitted whale disentangler for NOAA, said the Center for Biological Diversity’s claim of victory is premature. He said shortening the crab fishing season had little influence on the number of entanglements this year. >click to read< 11:01

Chief Engineer tells court of alleged knife attack in Highland Harbour

Andres Grana, from Spain, said he was asleep on board the Brisca when he was woken up and told of the alleged trouble between the skipper Adolfo Pego-Brion and the first mate Marcial Antonio Torres. He rushed from his cabin shortly before midnight on August 20 last year to find the two men grappling with each other in the wheelhouse of the 89ft longliner.,,, “When I went up (to the wheelhouse), I saw there was blood on the floor. The chief mate was grabbing the captain.” >click to read< 08:51

Researchers tracking fish to learn more about where they migrate and spawn

Northern cod are about to experience a much higher level of surveillance. The iconic fish — 1,260 of them — are having small transmitters implanted into their bellies. As the cod swim about, their transmitters will send information to 75 acoustic receivers moored to the ocean floor in 13 areas along the eastern continental shelf and in three areas closer to shore in cod fishery area 2J3KL.  >click to read< 19:10

Newport News scallop boat embarking on 800 mile voyage to Bahamas to deliver disaster relief

It’s literally all hands on deck aboard the Ocean Fox in Newport News.,,, “So we are gonna leave the bay, get down off the Cape Fear and go south to the Bahamas,” said Captain Buck Ford.,,, “We got a lot done, but we still have more to do, it’s pretty bad down there so it’s time to help,” said Ford from the wheelhouse.,,, Next week a second scallop boat called the Ocean Scout, also out of Newport News, will make a second trip. >click to read< 15:44

MLA Decision Disappoints, NOAA will continue to work with the Maine lobster industry

Although the Maine lobster industry formally withdrew its support of the near consensus agreement, members of the Maine caucus have stated a willingness to continue to work with the agency, the Take Reduction Team, the state of Maine, and their members to identify measures that address the risk that the Maine lobster fishery poses to right whales. We stand ready to continue to assist Maine in whatever way possible to achieve the necessary level of risk reduction to these critically endangered whales.,, >click to read< 13:27

Whale entanglements in NSW waters hits new record

Marine Wildlife Project Officer with NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, Andrew Marshall, said between May and September there were 35 reported whale entanglements off the NSW coast and only a handful of successful rescues.,,, Mr Marshall said it was a common misconception that whales were mainly getting tangled in shark nets or marine debris. “That just doesn’t stack up with our data; in the vast majority of cases, it’s not debris and less than 10 per cent is nets,” he said.   Mr Marshall said it was fantastic to see humpback whale numbers recovering and booming, but that also meant there would be an increasing number becoming entangled. >click to read<  10:52

September 11, 2001 – Land of the Free, Home of the Bravest.

Please God, Bless and Protect the First Responders, Please donate to the Charites you support to help these people. We must never forget.  09:00

Near Deepwater Horizon Spill Site, Sea Creatures Looking For Mates Find Death Instead

It’s been almost a decade since an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig caused nearly five million barrels of oil to leak into the Gulf of Mexico. It was a catastrophe for Gulf ecosystems and, even now, wildlife still tend to avoid the site. But there are a couple of notable exceptions,,, some deep-sea shrimp and red crab looking for potential mates are turning up at the site, only to find sickness and death, due to oil spill contamination. >click to read< 20:08

How Britain’s tiny fishing industry became the symbol for Brexit

Just one week before the UK’s June 2016 Brexit referendum, a flotilla of 30 fishing boats made its way up the Thames towards Parliament House in support of leaving the EU. Led by pro-Brexit group Fishing for Leave, they had a message that has since become a much-repeated slogan for Brexit: leaving the European Union would provide a boost so strong to the nation’s fisheries that the entire UK would feel the benefits. Three years later, that message has only become stronger as Brexit negotiations continue. >click to read< 16:59

Hurricane Dorian: Outer Banks rallies to recover after hit, Damaged Historic Structures, Changed the Coastline

Power is nearly restored to everyone on the Outer Banks after Hurricane Dorian, but there’s still a long road ahead before things are back to normal for residents. >click to read< 15:03

Hurricane Dorian Damaged Historic Structures and Changed the Coastline Along Parts of North Carolina’s Outer Banks>click to read<

“I’m not going to let you die:” Hurricane Dorian flood rose into Ocracoke like a tsunami>click to read<

Plan for fish farm off Florida’s Gulf Coast raises environmental concerns

A Hawaiian fish farming company wants to expand into the Gulf of Mexico near Sarasota, Fla., prompting opposition from some fishing associations and environmental groups.,,, Although it’s only proposed as a demonstration project, such a plan pits the company’s desire to increase the local seafood supply against commercial fishing interests and some environmental groups, which believe industrial fish farms do more harm than good in the long run.,, The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has green-lighted the Florida project,,, Other groups that oppose Kampachi’s project include the Louisiana Shrimp Association, Friends of the Earth and the Recirculating Farms Coalition >click to read< 10:44

Queensland’s commercial fishing industry ‘torn apart’ by government’s green agenda

After 100 years of involvement in all aspects of commercial fisheries management and consultation, QSIA president Keith Harris said they were now being excluded and ignored in matters that affect every part of their lives. He blamed an extreme green and anti-fishing ideology that the government was unable to walk away from and called for the removal of WWF Australia and the Australian Marine Conservation Society from government working groups. His statements were rejected by Fisheries Minister Mark Furner,,, >click to read< 09:14

Lobsterman John Olson has been on the water for nine decades, and he’s still working

If the definition of a true outdoorsman is spending more of your life braving the elements than seeking shelter from them, lobsterman John Olson may be the finest example alive.,,, “How do you know where to find them?”  “It’s all in here,” John says, pointing a yellow-gloved hand to his head, which, after 97 years, is still covered by a respectable amount of gray hair. “I been over this bottom so many times, it’s imprinted.”>click to read< 18:20

CITES lists Mako shark under Appendix 2 trade restrictions, By Jim Lovgren

Commercial fisherman Jim Lovgren was at the CITES Convention held from the 17th to the 28th of August, 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland. He has written a comprehensive report about it, and he asked us to share it with you. There is a lot to review and is worthy reading,,, From Mako’s to Dogfish, and beyond,,, the influence of green money on the CITES party delegates and what has been happening in U.S. fishery management.,,This is exactly what is happening to U.S. fishermen, as small owner operator vessels are being squeezed out of fishery after fishery by the manipulations of “Greenwashed” corporate sponsored Enviro groups, out to save the planet. The U.S. government offers no help to the fishing industry because they are simple pawns to the energy companies that are running the show. Fishermen are just a nuisance, in the way of their offshore energy development plans. >click to read< 11:52

What we know and don’t know about dive boat Conception’s demise – crew, ship and regulations are all under scrutiny

Amid anguish over 34 lives lost in the fire that consumed a recreational diving boat off the Channel Islands this week — one of the worst passenger boat accidents in modern history — a central question lingers: What could have caused such a swift, deadly catastrophe? Speculation has swirled from overheated lithium batteries in charging cell phones and laptops to enhanced oxygen to prolong dives and electrical wiring. But as investigators probe the Labor Day disaster, attention is focusing on three key areas: the crew’s actions and training, the boat’s design and construction, and the regulations governing the operation. >click to read< 14:06

Search warrants served in California boat fire investigation>click to read< 18:16

Restored Mayflower II makes historic return to the water

When the Mayflower II vessel first splashed into the sea some 62 years ago, it wasn’t a calm affair. “The Mayflower II was launched on April 1, 1957 during a thunderstorm,” Nathaniel Philbrick, a Mayflower historian and keynote speaker at the ship’s relaunch, said Saturday. “Soon after hitting the water, the hull almost rolled over and capsized due to a lack of ballast. It will be interesting to see what happens today.” >Click to read< 12:59

Queensland fisheries face tighter regulations? No, They face elimination, which contiues world wide.

New fishing regulations announced by the Queensland Government could seriously harm regional communities, limit the supply of fresh seafood and force long-term fishers out of the industry,,, But the commercial sector said the changes would cripple an industry already struggling under heavy regulation and increasing overhead costs. Queensland Seafood Industry Association (QSIA) senior vice president Allan Bobberman said the decision to cut 25 per cent of his allocation in the inshore net fishery was neither justified nor based on science. >click to read< 08:52

Hurricane Dorian: Crane toppled, buildings damaged, record number in Nova Scotia without power in storm’s wake

A record number of Nova Scotians — over 390,000 customers — woke up without power Sunday morning in the wake of destructive hurricane Dorian. The powerful storm took down a crane, ripped roofs off apartments and uprooted trees as it charged across Nova Scotia on Saturday and into Sunday morning. photo’s >click to read< 07:58

Nova Scotia: More than 306,000 without power as Hurricane Dorian closes in

Hurricane Dorian is a Category 2 storm with winds estimated at 160 km/h and gusts of up to 190 km/h, according to the National Hurricane Centre. Across the province, strong winds are uprooting trees and power lines are coming down. A crane on South Park Street — a busy roadway in downtown Halifax — snapped in several places from the power of the wind. A roof on a building on nearby Queen Street blew off and landed on several cars. In the water, some boats have been damaged as large waves push them against the rocky shore. >click to read< 17:03

For a bunch of video’s of cranes falling and waves crashing, and constant CBC updates >click here< Please stay safe!

Spanish fishing vessel rams into the Falklands FIPASS

The reefer trawler Pesca Vaqueiro suffered serious damages to its bow when it rammed while berthing at FIPASS, in Stanley, Falkland Islands.,, Apparently the collision happened when the vessel with a full cargo was berthing and it is not clear if it was the result of engine or steering failure. The vessel’s bow sustained breached and dents above the waterline. >click to read< more photo’s – Spanish trawler collided with dock at Stanley, Falklands, seriously damaged >click here<  – 12:35

As Dorian approaches, some N.S. communities fear for aging wharfs

With people across Atlantic Canada bracing for the impact of Hurricane Dorian, some communities in southwest Nova Scotia are concerned it could spell trouble for their aging wharfs. Fishermen and harbour managers are spending much of the time before Dorian’s arrival taking boats out of the water and securing lines. But in many cases, the most vulnerable infrastructure can’t be moved, and some harbour authorities are worried their wharfs will be no match for pounding surf and a storm surge. >click to read< 10:20

Hurricane Dorian Public Advisory, Sept. 07 2019

At 800 AM AST (1200 UTC), the center of Hurricane Dorian was located near latitude 40.9 North, longitude 67.0 West. Dorian is moving toward the northeast near 25 mph (41 km/h), and this general motion is expected through Sunday. On the forecast track, the center of Dorian should pass to the southeast of extreme southeastern New England this morning, and then move across Nova Scotia and Newfoundland later today and tonight. >click to read< 08:38

‘This is a big deal:’ Hurricane Dorian set to make landfall in N.S. today, do its dance in Newfoundland on Sunday

Some Maritimers woke up to a light breeze and the odd raindrop on Saturday morning, but residents are bracing for the impact of what is now a strong Category 1 hurricane. Hurricane Dorian is barrelling toward the region with winds of 140 km/h and gusts of up to 165 km/h. Most of the Maritimes is under a combination of weather warnings, including hurricane, tropical storm and rainfall warnings for much of Nova Scotia, rainfall warnings for New Brunswick and rainfall, wind, storm surge and tropical storm warnings for P.E.I. >click to read< 07:24

Dorian to do its dance in Newfoundland on Sunday>click to read< 07:55