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F/V Endurance scallop trip to Closed Area 1 (Great South Channel) Fri Aug 19, 2011

Some excellent photo journalism that should not be buried on newsvine.com

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This is my first photo post. Let’s see how it comes out. ISH2DANT


Who in the Hell is Richard Gaines?!!

I posted this to newvine.com on Wed May 25, 2011. It’s worth another look, for those that may have missed it. Who the Hell is Richard Gaines? My hero.

I can guarantee, that the members of the New England Fishery Management Council know him. Everyone at NMFS surely know of him. I know Dr. Jane Lubchenco of EDF/NOAA fame knows who Richard Gaines is! Hell! even US Commerce Secretary Gary Locke knows who he is. I’d bet even President Obama  knows of him. These are some  that wished they hadn’t. I would dare say that for the last two years, or so, thanks to Richard we should all be very grateful to know of him, for if  not for Richards determination to bring this information to the public, there is a real chance that things would be the same as they were. Disgustingly dysfunctional. This journalist has single-handedly brought these fishery issues to the attention of the citizens of the United States, and the world! There has been a noticeable lack of media coverage of the major networks, and print media, but thankfully for the sake of justice for all, the determined Richard Gaines, with his editors support, Ray Lamond, the misdeeds and injustices of two very powerful government agency’s, NOAA/NMFS, and US COMMERCE have been exposed.



The Yankee Fisherman’s Cooperative – Check it out before NOAA WIPES IT OUT!

The Yankee Fisherman’s Cooperative was founded in 1990 to meet the needs of the local NH fishing community. The Co-op’s sixty plus members consist of ground-fishermen (catching cod, Pollock, haddock, flounder, etc.), lobstermen, lobstermen, and shrimpers.

YFC will be offering shares for the upcoming Northern Shrimp season. As a participant in the community supported fishery, you will support ecologically minded New Hampshire commercial fishermen and sustainably wild caught shrimp. Your shrimp will also carry the NH Fresh and Local brand which ensures that it was landed in NH and is the freshest available.


Rumor about ending commercial fishing addressed; hundreds show up – More than 100 fisherman showed up

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – More than 100 fisherman showed up Wednesday at the Division of Marine Fisheries over a misleading message…..

They all thought the board was going to vote to end commercial fishing,

but that was not the case….Shrimpers also felt the issue of ending commercial fishing was something that would soon be brought up and when it does, they are all going to fight it.


Fishtown slides as a top port – Catch landed in Gloucester declines 63 percent in 2 years – Richard Gaines GDT

Once the world’s preeminent fishing port, even today Gloucester is arguably its best known, heralded in literature, cinema and lore……But Gloucester’s fishing industry is in steep decline, the epicenter of a regional disaster

declared days ago by the federal government. In a nation that imports 91 percent of its seafood, Gloucester has dropped nearly out of the top 20 ports in the U.S. based on landings volume, its fleet now barely 75 boats, according to a spokesman for the Gloucester Fishing Community Preservation Fund, the charitable nonprofit permit bank that leases quota from acquired rights…..In only two years, according to the government’s annual report of domestic and global fisheries, released Wednesday, landings have declined by 63 percent, from 122.3 million pounds landed in 2009 to 77 million landed in 2011….The precipitous decline was at odds with national trends, whose indicators, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, are mostly pointing upward, and shoved Gloucester from 10th place in landings volume to 19th place. http://www.gloucestertimes.com/local/x964639688/Fishtown-slides-as-a-top-port

Oyster prices rising as oysters dying in Gulf of Mexico off Florida

CEDAR KEY, FLA. — Officials say an oyster collapse in the Gulf of Mexico along Florida’s Big Bend and Panhandle will just have to run its course.


Historical photo: Hefty halibut – JUNEAU EMPIRE

William R. Norton,Alaska State Library Historical Collections,ASL-PCA-226

Two men pose with a a 300-pound halibut on the Juneau docks on Dec. 20, 1910. During this time, fishermen fished for halibut from open dories, often in the Gulf of Alaska.

More news at the JUNEAU EMPIRE  http://juneauempire.com/