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Attorney: Alaska Native fishermen should get first go at kings

An attorney for Alaska Natives cited for illegal fishing is renewing his religious protection defense, saying the state could conserve king salmon runs on the Kuskokwim River while granting Yup’ik Eskimos a subsistence fishing priority to accommodate their long-held spiritual views. Read more here

Alaska – National Marine Fisheries Service rejects Center for Biological Diversity petition to list cold-water corals

A federal agency has rejected a petition seeking to list 44 cold water corals off Alaska as threatened or endangered. An environmental group says the corals are threatened by commercial fishing, ocean warming, acidification and oil spills. Read more here

NORTHEAST MULTISPECI​ES Announceme​nt of approved dockside and at-sea monitoring providers for 2013. Effective Date: May 1, 2013

NOAA Fisheries has approved four companies to provide at-sea monitoring services and three companies to provide dockside monitoring services in the 2013 Fishing Year, which begins on May 1. Read more here

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NOAA reviews new management measues aimed at allowing young scallops to mature

sct logoThe move — which reduces quotas by a third — is something local fishermen are on board with, although they hope the cuts prove to be only a temporary thorn in their side, said Jim Kendall of New Bedford Seafood Consulting. “They knew about this already,” Kendall said Monday night. “They figure if they make two-thirds of what they were making then they’ll still get by.” Read more here

Phase II – Feds enter new phase of fishery rules probe

Inspector General Todd Zinnser

In a memo Monday, that office notified the top manager at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that it was beginning its review of ‘‘controls and processes’’ in a management system installed in 2010. The system established strict catch quotas for each species of bottom-dwelling groundfish in New England, and gave fishermen individual shares of those quotas. Fishermen then pooled their shares together in groups called sectors. Read more here

Sausalito restaurateur championing local herring

Herring season is in full swing, and the small fish have returned to San Francisco Bay en masse this year, making pelicans and sea lions happy. But the majority of what’s caught is shipped to Japan, where its roe is considered a delicacy. That’s a travesty to people like Belov and Kirk Lombard, a San Francisco fisherman who tries to educate people about environmentally sustainable low-tide fishing through his company, Sea Forager, and is working to get a commercial permit to catch herring. Read more here

Louisiana prepared to ignore federal snapper regulations

While the federal government reaffirmed its control of recreational red snapper management this past week, Louisiana fisheries officials also doubled down on a threat to claim three marine leagues of ocean on behalf of the state in an effort to wrestle away oversight of the species from the Gulf of Mexico Fisheries Management Council. Read more here

Three Part Series – Under The Label: Sustainable Seafood – Is Sustainable-Labeled Seafood Really Sustainable?

Industry demand for the “sustainable seafood” label, issued by the Marine Stewardship Council, is increasing. But some environmentalists fear fisheries are being certified despite evidence showing that the fish population is in trouble — or when there’s not enough information to know the impact on the oceans. Read more here

Hawai‘i fishermen in uproar about cascade of environmental protections

HONOLULU — Hawai‘i fishermen say they are being pushed to the limit by a barrage of proposed federal and state laws that threaten their livelihood. “It stresses me out. It stresses a lot of fishermen out, because how many other people have to fight to maintain their way of life?” Monk seal and coral proposals. Read more here

Cortez Commercial Fishing Festival arrives Feb. 16-17

An estimated 25,000 people are expected to converge on the historic village of Cortez the weekend of Feb. 16-17 for the annual Cortez Commercial Fishing Festival. Read more here

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife – Public meeting on salmon forecast kicks off season-setting process

Kicking  off the annual salmon season-setting process, the Washington Department  of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) will present initial forecasts – compiled  by state and tribal biologists – of 2013  salmon returns. Read more here

PORTLAND, Ore. – Appeals court stays new gillnet fishing rules

flagandscalesResponding to a challenge from commercial fishermen, the Oregon Court of Appeals has ordered that state to hold up on enforcing new gillnet fishing rules. Read more here  KIRO 7 Eyewitness News

Insight: Comeback cod lessens gloom over emptying oceans

Just over six years ago, an article in the U.S. journal Science projected that all fish and seafood species, on current trends, would collapse by 2048. Read more here

Congressman John Tierney and eleven other NE delegates urge NOAA to continue a full subsidy of at-sea monitoring costs

manatthewheelCongressman John Tierney, six of his colleagues in the Massachusetts congressional delegation, and five more from Maine and New Hampshire have written to the acting commerce secretary, formally urging the government to find a way to continue a full subsidy of at-sea monitoring costs while the industry absorbs drastic cuts in catch limits. Read more here