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Longline permits and alia fishing questions raised at Sanctuary meeting

Local businessman Omar Shalhout raised the issue regarding longline permits and alia fishing during a public meeting hosted by the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa (NMSAS) and the Department of Commerce this past Monday, to discuss issues involving the expansion of the NMSAS. Read more here

From the Deckboss

Trawler hit with $325,442 enforcement action, Arrest made in Coast Guard double homicide, Dear Mr. President, Crewman aboard Starbound needs medevac, Read more here

They tried to sneak it in as fresh, but I knew Ranson Myers was dead!

I dig hard to find the news you can use, looking in a lotta places everyday. I try to find the latest in my quest. I found this, and please note the post date. The tip off was the report was co authored  by Ransom Myers,  a world-renowned marine biologist and conservationist. But he died in 2007!

Friday, February 15, 2013 – A Global Assessment of Salmon Aquaculture Impacts on Wild Salmonids.Ford/ Myers. Read the report here

A king-sized divide – Upper Cook Inlet Task Force meetings end with suggestions, but very little consensus

After more than nine hours of discussion, the Upper Cook Inlet Task Force generated a proposal at their last meeting on Thursday that will be presented to the Board of Fisheries in March. Despite efforts to come to an agreement, only one item on the list gained a consensus vote among the members, while nearly every other issue addressed ended in a split vote. Read more here

TWRA recommendation would aid in Asian carp removal

The TWRA Fisheries Division is now officially recommending that 4½-inch mesh gill nets be legal for commercial .fishing to allow the anglers to remove more Asian carp from state waters. Read more here

Record filed in observer lawsuit, new association may intervene

The administrative record was filed today in the lawsuit over the observer  program implemented by National Marine Fisheries Service in January. Read more here

Wicked Good! Maine Shrimp Rounds – The Yankee Chef

untitledAlthough I enjoy larger shrimp as often as possible, there truly is no shrimp like Maine shrimp. Some chefs compare it to Gulf of Mexico shrimp, but as a Yankee, a Yankee Chef no less, the beautiful pink(and sometimes red) color is just simply more inviting than the drab grayish color of our friends down in the other Gulf. It is the cold Atlantic Ocean that our shrimp is caught wild and the sweet delicate taste shines through. Read more, and recipe here

American Samoa – Center for Biological Diversity criticized

In addition to voicing objections against the NOAA Fisheries for the proposal to list American Samoa corals under the Endangered Species Act, residents also complained about the organization that initiated the listing. Read more here

Tele Aadsen – Readings, Women in Fisheries, & Frankenfish, Oh My!

Last week was a good time, sweeties. I spent five days up in Sitka, which – for me – guar­an­tees a good time. I wouldn’t usu­ally get to be there in Feb­ru­ary, and owe the Sitka Mar­itime Her­itage Soci­ety a big thank you for pro­vid­ing the excuse, by way of an invi­ta­tion to join their panel dis­cus­sion, “Women in the Fish­eries.” I waf­fled for about a day – just long enough to check that I had enough Alaska Air­lines miles for a ticket – before con­firm­ing. Who was I kid­ding? Time in Sitka when we weren’t fish­ing? Of course I’d go!  Read more here

Rhode Island Fishermen’s Alliance Weekly Update FEBRUARY 17, 2013

“The Rhode Island Fishermen’s Alliance is dedicated to its mission of continuing to help create sustainable fisheries without putting licensed fishermen out of business.” Read the update hererifa

“Towards professionalizing the Louisiana commercial fishing industry.” summit to aid commercial fishing, seafood industry

Louisiana Fisheries 2013, a summit for the Louisiana commercial fishing and seafood industry, is scheduled for Feb. 27 and 28 at the Houma-Terrebonne Civic Center, 346 Civic Center Blvd. Commercial fishermen, seafood dealers and others can learn about the latest updates, technologies and programs concerning the Louisiana commercial fishing and seafood industry. Read more here

Rival measures would restore alewives into the St. Croix

The future of spawning alewife runs in the St. Croix River will likely be decided by state lawmakers next month as they evaluate rival bills aimed at allowing the fish back into the watershed. Alewives, or “river herring,” are a small schooling fish that spend most of their life in the oceans but travel up freshwater rivers in spring to spawn. Read more here

Coast Guard seizes two lanchas illegally fishing in U.S. waters

uscg logoSOUTH PADRE ISLAND, Texas — Law enforcement crews from Coast Guard Station South Padre Island intercepted two Mexican lanchas fishing illegally in U.S. waters, Friday. Read more here