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Timeline | Tragedy at Sea

The search for five young Nova Scotia fishermen, believed to have perished when their fishing boat overturned in rough waters about 12-hours steam off Nova Scotia, gripped the country and threw a small Nova Scotia commufishing vessel miss allynity’s grief into the spotlight.
A week of exhaustive aerial and underwater searches found no sign of the young men’s bodies. The search came to an end on Sunday — one week after the men went missing — after a dive team search the capsized vessel, the Miss Ally, and turned up nothing.  Timeline here  Video

Northeast Region Bulletin: ATLANTIC HERRING FISHERY Reduction in Area 1A Quota

Effective Date: March 27, 2013 Due to an overage in herring management Area 1A in 2011, we have adjusted the 2013 sub-ACL (annual catch limit/quota) in Area 1A. These sub-ACLs will be revised later in the year with the new 2013 sub-ACLs currently being developed by the New England Fishery Management Council. Read the Bulletin here

I’ve been getting lots of emails asking about that Close the NMFS Regional Office Petition!

My mail box is loaded with emails from people looking for the link to sign the petition! Here it is.

Dear Chairwoman Mikulski and members of the Senate Committee on Appropriations:


Disclaimer! Fisherynation.com neither supports, nor opposes this petiton.
We are providing information that is publicly available

Sea stories beckon large audience as Fishers hook the crowd with talent (they can very taleted!)

Wet Dog Cafe was full to the brim with diners Friday night; there was a waiting list to snag a table. Waiters weaved in between patrons, carrying trays laden with burgers and beverages. But Tele Aadsen’s soft voice rang clear as a bell above the low buzz of laughter and clink of dishes. It was the 16th annual FisherPoets Gathering soft voice rang clear as a bell above the low buzz of laughter and clink of dishes. It was the 16th annual FisherPoets Gathering, a weekend that saw about 70 commercial fishermen and women assemble from across the country in Astoria to read poetry, tell stories and sing songs about their occupations. Read more

John Bullard – No guarantees that fish stocks will come back

The big question is: Why has this happened? Over the years, quotas have been gradually reduced, but still the fish aren’t coming back as expected. It isn’t simply a case of overfishing. There are environmental forces at play such as predation from recovered populations of dogfish and seals, changes in ocean water temperature and increases in ocean acidity. So, while it may not be totally on the fishermen’s shoulders, it will be the fishermen who will have to pay the price. Read more

Please let NOAA know how you feel about them expanding their power and sanctuaries. Its not all rainbows and unicorns!

To provide public comment (must be received by March 1, 2013)

There are three ways to provide public comment: 1. Attend a Public Scoping Meeting (see below)  all these have already occurred

2. Electronic Submission: Submit all electronic public comments via the Federal e-Rulemaking Portal. Go to

www.regulations.gov/#!docketDetail;D=NOAA-NOS-2012-0228external link, click the “Comment Now!” icon, complete the required fields, and enter or attach your comments. Note: this site will be down for maintenance Feb 16-18, 2013

3. Mail: Maria Brown, Sanctuary Superintendent, Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, 991 Marine Drive, The Presidio, San Francisco, CA 94129

or  http://www.regulations.gov/#!submitComment;D=NOAA-NOS-2012-0228-0001  (this link seems easier to upload documents)

Peter Redmayne,Sea Trade : NGOs can’t define sustainability amongst themselves

The seafood industry has become frustrated with the amount of confusion surrounding NGOs and eco-labels, Peter Redmayne, president and founder of marketing group Sea Trade, told Undercurrent News. “There’s always been the big objection, the frustration that the industry has with the NGO community – that they can’t even define amongst themselves what sustainable seafood is,” he said. “So when you have all these labels, one says one thing, another says another, the industry says ‘oh my god, can’t you guys decide what sustainability is?’”  Read more

In Woods Harbour, the healing begins

WOODS HARBOUR — THE COMMUNITY GATHERED in churches Sunday to remember the five young men lost one week ago in a horrific winter storm at sea. “The shortest verse in all the Bible is, “Jesus wept,” ’ Williams told the hundreds gathered, including family members seated in the first few rows of the church. And Jesus weeps with everyone gathered, he said  Read more

Fishing community gathers to mourn crew of Foxy Lady II

STONINGTON, Maine — As snow fell outside, tears were falling inside the Island Community Center on Sunday as the tight-knit fishing community of Stonington-Deer Isle gathered to remember two local fishermen lost at sea in December.

Arriving in the snow long before the 2 p.m. memorial service began, Joyce Gray, a grandmother of Wallace “Chubby” Gray II, the young captain of The Foxy Lady II, chose her steps carefully as she made her way down a slippery hill to the community center’s front door. She clutched husband Maynard’s arm with one hand to keep both from falling. In her other hand she clutched a pink box of tissues. Read more


Fisherfolk: Conservation Refugees Reloaded – Environmental Marine Biology Blog

Conservationsists love the word SCIENCE. Brockington and Igoe point out that generally organisations claim this word when they are striving to acquire power and prestige and to suppress opposition.  The public find it hard to question “scientific facts” and a variety of techniques are employed by conservation organisations – selective choice of facts to use, using irrelevant but impressive sounding facts and ignoring inconvenient truths.

Fishermen are a bit like indigenous folk.  They live, quite literally, at the margins of society, they work irregular hours, have their own social codes, can occasionally be viewed as uncouth,,,,,,,,Read more

Maritime Gloucester hosts fleet diversity forum – the “Who Fishes Matters Tour;”

gdt icon For the workshop series, a team of fisheries experts from British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and France will join the region’s fishermen and fishing communities to develop alternatives that will ensure a diverse fishing fleet and protect the fish and the fishermen, NAMA and the resource center said in a prepared statement. The groups have titled the workshops the “Who Fishes Matters Tour;” in addition to Gloucester, there will be workshops in Rockport, Maine, Portsmouth, N.H., on Cape Cod and at Point Judith, R.I. Read more

Water Temps & Fish Forum

Not being a scientist, I’m not sure what it means (not that a scientist necessarily would), but a quick check of data collected over the past year by three NERACOOS buoys in the Gulf of Maine – B01, F01 and I01 – show that coastal Maine water temperatures aren’t too different from what they were one year ago. Read more

American Samoa – DMWR moves on abandoned boats

The Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources is on a mission to remove vessels which have been sitting idle at the docks for some time. The only response to the misfortune of the longliners? Audio, Read more

Letter: Federal fishing actions an outrage to all, not just the fisherman – Sam Frontiero, Gloucester

paul vitaleListening to Peter Shelley of the Conservation Law Foundation in a recently recorded interview shows the mentality of conservationists and rule makers within our federal government. He states he can understand why fisherman get mad sometimes. He essentially said that, yes, policies make fishermen lose their jobs _ but who cares as long as I still have my paycheck. Everyone should be outraged, not just the fisherman. Read more

N.C. Marine Fisheries Commission give final amendment approval

The MFC also has on their meeting agenda adoption of the draft amendment to the Estuarine Striped Bass Fishery Management Plan and accompanying rules. Among the proposed changes is a proposal to remove the prohibition on the sale and purchase of striped bass taken by hook-and-line gear.  Other items on the MFC’s meeting agenda include approval of the goals and objectives for the DMF to development amendments to the Bay Scallop and River Herring FMP’s and a review of the timeline, goal and objectives for development of an amendment to the Shrimp FMP. The commission will also take public comment on any fisheries issue at 6 p.m. Wednesday and 9 a.m. Thursday. Read more

Louisiana Fisheries 2013, will take place at the Houma-Terrebonne Civic Center, 346 Civic Center Blvd. focuses on commercial fishing

HOUMA, La. (AP) – A program on seafood promotion and marketing for commercial  fishermen will be held Wednesday and Thursday in Houma. Sponsors include the LSU AgCenter and Louisiana Sea Grant. Read more

NOAA eases monkfish limits as ‘alternative’

gdt iconNOAA Fisheries has announced proposed measures that would loosen controls in the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank on monkfish, which is seen as a lucrative alternative to groundfish and is often caught by Gloucester groundfishermen and other New England grondfishermen. Read more