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F/V Fate Hunter successfully refloated, towed to Cordova, Alaska

450x338_q75VALDEZ, Alaska — After almost three months underwater, the fishing vessel Fate Hunter was successfully lifted, refloated and towed to Cordova Tuesday. [email protected]  Related posts – Coast Guard and State of Alaska personnel are monitoring 65foot fishing tender F/V Fate Hunter grounded near Shoup Bay August 11, 2013 – Coast Guard, State of Alaska monitors defueling of fishing tender F/V Fate Hunter near Shoup Bay, Alaska August 17, 2013 21:17

Maine agrees to reduce lucrative elver landings

BDNFederal regulators have agreed to delay taking action on possible new management rules for the American eel fishery [email protected] 20:49

The Cohen Report, One Year Later – Advocates wonder if pricy probe into 2009 Fraser River salmon collapse has been washed out.

On Oct. 31, 2012, Mr. Justice Bruce Cohen issued his long-awaited report on the disastrous Fraser sockeye run of 2009. It runs to three extensive volumes, including a 70-page chapter with 75 carefully argued recommendations. [email protected]  18:01

Fisheries of the US report – 13 AK ports make Top 50 list; Report includes species, fish prices This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522For the 16th year in a row, Dutch Harbor ranked as the nation’s top fishing port with 752 million pounds crossing those docks last year. That’s according to the annual Fisheries of the US report by NOAA Fisheries   NMFS [email protected] 17:24

NOAA’s Fisheries of the United States report spotlights revenue losses

gdt iconThe results of NOAA’s Fisheries of the United States report released Wednesday show what Gloucester fishermen have been saying repeatedly for the past two years: They now have to work much harder to make less money than ever before. The report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which serves as an annual appraisal of American fisheries, shows a national decline in the volume and value of seafood landed by U.S. commercial fishermen in 2012 when compared to the previous year. [email protected] 16:53

Just in: Longliner burning in Glovertown harbour

CBC_News_logoCBC News has learned that a longliner is burning near Glovertown.  The vessel caught fire near the shipyard in the community. A witness said that a fisherman towed the boat away from shore, and the burning boat is now drifting out to sea CBC’s David Zelcer is on the scene, and CBC News will have updates as they become available. cbcnews 12:40

A giant in fisheries science steps aside (and into the forefront!)

Some 200 friends, colleagues and well-wishers gathered  at the Century House in Acushnet, MA, on Friday, October 18, to celebrate the remarkable career of distinguished fishery scientist and lifelong friend of the fishing industry, Dr. Brian Rothschild . [email protected] 12:01

November 1 thru 6, 2013 Pacific Fishery Management Council Meeting Internet Live Audio Stream

The November 1-6, 2013 meeting of the Pacific Fishery Management Council will be streamed live in “listen-only mode” (audio) on the internet.  The live audio will be broadcast starting on Friday, November 1 at 8 a.m. Pacific time.  Get the November meeting agenda. Join the meeting by visiting this link:  Enter the Webinar ID – The November 1-6, 2013 Webinar ID is: 153-873-807 Please enter your email address (required) 11:51

Georgia shrimpers planning to petition for disaster status – Black gill disease – up to 90 percent of the shrimp have been infected.

And they’re looking for answers to what’s devastating the catch from Charleston to Jacksonville, a shrimp disease called black gill. The condition, in which shrimp develop black spots on their gills, first showed up in Georgia shrimp in the 1990s. Since then it’s waxed and waned, but the last several years have been bad ones, shrimpers say. This year up to 90 percent of the shrimp in some trawls have been infected. [email protected]  09:22

Feds keep ban on aquaculture development in northwest B.C

CBC_News_logoFederal Fisheries Minister Gail Shea says she will not lift the moratorium on aquaculture development in B.C.’s Discovery Islands for the foreseeable future. [email protected] 00:30

Canadian chefs fight against Chefs for Seals boycott

CBC_News_logoSome chefs are taking exception to the Chefs for Seals campaign, that is asking for a boycott of Canadian seafood in protest of the seal hunt. The Humane Society of the United States says it has signed up about 40 American chefs. The boycott demands the seal hunt be stopped. [email protected] 00:23

Feds accused of ignoring Cohen’s steps to save sockeye

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2“What was hailed by many as a blueprint to sustain sockeye into the future is starting to look a lot more like a government retreat.” Cohen focused in large part on the potential risk to wild salmon from net pen fish farms and urged transparent sharing of disease data by the farms. [email protected] 23:15

Leon Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford reaffirmed: Enforcement of ‘net ban’ back off for now

Fulford granted a request by attorneys for the Wakulla Commercial Fisherman’s Association, Panacea bait-and-tackle shop owner Ronald Fred Crum and mullet fishermen Jonas Porter and Keith Ward that she lift an automatic stay of her order triggered when FWC appealed it hours after being issued to the First District Court of Appeals. [email protected] 22:15

Progress of Electronic Monitoring Program Scrutinized

‘Conman’ Shahin, buyer’s remorse at center of Mar-Lees legal battle, claims Lees

The legal dispute between the shareholders of US scallop supplier  is a case of “buyer’s remorse”, states a legal document from John Lees, who co-founded the company in 1986 and sold 80% to interests controlled by a Lithuanian businessman in September 2010. [email protected] 20:07

Wow, man! Crazy, or just plain foolish! – Coast Guard crew terminates unsafe fishing vessel voyage in Navy live fire zone!

uscg-logoA Coast Guard Cutter Petrel boarding team terminated the voyage after they arrived on scene to assist the 28-foot lobster boat High Life that had been disabled for two days due to an electrical problem and discovered the vessel lacked required life-saving and safety equipment. The High Life was inside a safety zone where the U.S. Navy performs live fire exercises, did not have a life raft or a throwable floatation device aboard and was missing a fire extinguisher. The boat also had no working means of communication. [email protected]  19:31

NC Division of Marine Fisheries looks to public for funding ideas

One of three Division of Marine Fisheries meetings was held at the New Hanover County Northeast Regional Library to ask the public for ideas for funding its sea turtle monitoring program. The meetings were a requirement mandated by Senate Bill 402, passed earlier in 2013, which provided the division $1.1 million to fund its At-Sea Observer Program. [email protected] 19:16

Dutch leads in Poundage, New Bedford leads in Dollars – NOAA: 2012 U.S. seafood landings remain near high 2011 levels

U.S. commercial fishermen landed 9.6 billion pounds of fish and shellfish in 2012, valued at $5.1 billion, according to Fisheries of the United States 2012, an annual report released by NOAA today. The value and pounds of fish and shellfish caught remain higher than the average for the previous ten years of 9.2 billion pounds and $4.1 billion, although this represents a small decrease from the high level of landings and value in 2011. [email protected] 18:54

Scary sea stories for Halloween – This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522Once again it’s Halloween. Kodiak fishermen shared some of their real life scary stories with Fish Radio. [email protected] 15:31

It’s 2:17 – 1430 and I’m waiting for the public stakeholders “webinar” hosted by the NEFMC to begin promptly at 1:00 – 1300!

nefmc logoThe NEFMC has contracted an economic analysis of the Northeast multispecies (groundfish) fishery with the economic consulting firm Compass Lexecon. The purpose is to provide the NEFMC with an analysis that would help determine whether there are excessive shares of fishery access privileges in the multispecies fishery, and if so, what form those excessive shares take. Now, this might not interest everyone, but I’m interested n listening to the webinar that has kept me waiting! I can’t wait to hear why this well publicized webinar about this important issue is not being broadcast! BH Link 14:25

New Global Policy Effort to Tackle Crisis of Plastic Litter in Oceans Urged

Plastic litter is one of the most significant problems facing the world’s marine environments. Yet in the absence of a coordinated global strategy, an estimated 20 million tons of plastic litter enter the ocean each year. [email protected] 13:47

UPDATED: Maine’s elver-fishing industry could be affected by new regulations – harvest to be cut by 25% in 2014

The American Eel Management Board of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission is meeting Wednesday in Georgia to discuss and possibly vote on new regulations. Options range from maintaining the status quo to imposing quotas to closing the fishery. [email protected] 12:12  new info here

Boat of the Week from TriNav Marine Brokerage Inc. – 50′ Kustom Fiberglass Industries Crab/Shrimp Vessel


Specifications here  11:49

Fisherman medevaced from F/V Jeanette near Kiribati

uscg-logoHONOLULU — The Coast Guard medically evacuated a crewmember from a fishing vessel located approximately 280 miles southwest of Kanton Island, Kiribati, Tuesday. [email protected] 07:03

Sea Squirt Invasion in Bay of Fundy being investigated

Biologists Benedikte Vercaemer and Dawn Sephton, with Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s Aquatic Invasive Species program, are looking for creatures that can clog a harbour or shut down a business. The scientists have been gathering the invasive species in plastic collector plates that have been hanging under wharves at 18 sites around southwest New Brunswick since the spring. [email protected] 06:47

Owners of Mar-Lees Seafood suing founder and former owner, John Lees Jr – alleging racketeering and kickback scheme

The owning company, Delaware-based Seafood Development, published detailed accounts of its allegations in a civil suit in U.S. District Court in Massachusetts on 25 October. In it, the suit named Lees, Mar-Lees Rhode-Island based attorney, Michael Sweeney, Massachusetts-based seafood company NorAtlantic 21 and New Jersey-based Blue Sea Products as co-conspirators. [email protected]  06:36

Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey take different tacks on fishing aid

gdt iconWarren sees the road to Saltonstall-Kennedy reform going through the ongoing reauthorization process for the over-arching Magnuson-Stevens Act that governs and regulates the nation’s fisheries and fishing industry. Markey’s preference is to pursue Saltonstall-Kennedy reform through the appropriations process for the Department of Commerce, rather than through filing a bill. [email protected] 00:26

Atlantic cod pushing out Arctic relatives?

When I visited the AWI Biological Institute on the German North Sea island of Helgoland last year for a story on how climate change is affecting marine life, the Institute’s Director Karen Wiltshire mentioned to me that cod was disappearing from the waters around the island. The Atlantic cod, it seems, are moving north, [email protected] 20:03

Treat Yourself! This is a Fisherman Production – ‘Lily jean’ U CANT TOUCH THIS


Conservation groups want to halt sardine fishing

GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) – Concerned that the sardine industry is collapsing, conservation groups are calling on federal fisheries managers to halt West Coast commercial fishing to give the fish a better chance to rebound. [email protected] 18:36

Alaska pollock fishery closes Nov. 1; Lots of fall fishing action in Gulf and Bering Sea – This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522Several closures are coming up on Friday.  That’s when Alaska’s biggest fishery – pollock in the Bering Sea – will close for the year. Roughly three billion pounds will come out of that fishery.  The Gulf pollock fishery,,[email protected] 16:00

American “celebrity” chefs signing up to boycott Canadian seafood because of the seal hunt are clearly misinformed

CBC_News_logoThe Humane Society of the United States says it has signed up about 40 celebrity chefs to its Chefs for Seals campaign as part of its efforts to end the seal hunt. “If you look at the scientific numbers of the seals, the herd is way out of control. So we have these people coming up with these ideas without actually looking at the information to realize that there is an explosion in the seal population.” [email protected] 15:29

N.L. trade-off on processing rules results in federal cash infusion of $400M to boost fishing industry

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2“This unprecedented level of investment in the provincial fishery will help us achieve previously unimagined economic gains from our renewable fish resources, which will support economic prosperity in rural communities for generations to come,” Premier Kathy Dunderdale said in announcing the fund. [email protected]  15:17

The Toxic Legacy Of California’s Gold Rush

The Gold Rush of the 1800s may seem a distant historical phenomenon at this point, but its effects are still being felt in California. According to a new study, the mercury used to extract gold from the foothills is now slowly trickling towards California’s Central Valley where fisheries, rice fields and wineries abound. [email protected] 15:02

David S. Oakes has set sail for his final port.

1394468_656424637735296_964145650_nSouth Thomaston — David S. “Oakesey” Oakes, 46, a true captain and hero, died doing what he loved, off the shores of Cape Ann in Massachusetts, after saving his son-in-law Jason’s life, Friday Oct. 25, 2013. Born in Rockland, Aug. 31, 1967, he was the son of Bernard “Sonny” Jr. and Elizabeth Scott Oakes. Educated locally, he was a 1986 graduate of Rockland District High School. David has set sail for his final port, and his passing leaves those he loved battered by the waves, but hopeful for the calm waters of peaceful memories. more here, calling hours and service information. 12:11

Just how badly are we overfishing the oceans?

So just how badly are we overfishing the oceans? Are fish populations going to keep shrinking each year — or could they recover? Those are surprisingly contentious questions, and there seem to be a couple of schools of thought here. [email protected] 11:55

Barbara Durkin – Offshore Wind Nothing But Hot Air

The fishing industry representatives with whom I collaborate with and hear at public hearings are outraged about the loss of fishing grounds and essential fish habitat to wind developers. Neither the feds nor state worked with fishing industry reps, they steamrolled them.* Politics drive the wind initiative. [email protected] 10:51

Big Projects, Money at Offshore Wind Conference – Plenty of wind shills, political puppet opportunists, bureaucrats, and self-described stake holders in the ocean zoning gold rush. link

Letter: Cape Wind not worth the price – The total capacity of land-based wind power coming under contract in 2013 is  nearly twice what was promised by Cape Wind. The price per kWh is less than half  the price from Cape Wind. If Cape Wind had built its offshore wind farm at the  cost projected in 2001, it too could sell renewable energy at a fair price. link 14:55

Rescued fisherman succumbs – Men were taking Terra Nova to be scuttled

gdt iconAn experienced fisherman is dead after a boat he and another crewman were taking from Gloucester to Maine, reportedly to dismantle because it was no longer seaworthy, sank this weekend. [email protected] 07:50

Just Now! UConn R/V Conneticut steams into Gloucester. Possibly to research why the fish port is so idle.(Fishing where the fish are is against the law…….that was easy).


Great white shark tracked to waters off Newfoundland – Shark tagged off coast of Florida now in Placentia Bay – Video

Researchers are tracking the movements of a great white shark that has made its way to Placentia Bay, Nfld. A group called Ocearch first caught and tagged the shark off the coast of Florida, naming it Lydia. [email protected] 22:51

Five Poaching Virginia Charter Fishing Boat Captains Sentenced for Lacey Act Violations

clip_image002_001October 28, 2013. Nolan L. Agner, the last of five Virginia Beach charter fishing boat captains convicted of poaching Atlantic striped bass was sentenced today in federal court in Norfolk, Va.  All five captains – including Agner, Jeffery S. Adams, Raymond Carroll Webb, David Dwayne Scott, and William W. “Duby” Lowery IV – were sentenced for violating the Lacey Act by selling illegally-harvested striped bass, the Justice Department announced. [email protected]  22:28

Huge Thanks To The Captains Of Wicked Tuna- Dave Carraro and Dave Marciano – Who the Hell is Dave Carraro?!!!! LOL

I’m not sure people around here outside of the restaurateurs and shop owners realize the impact that these guys have had on local business. These hard working fishermen and real life men of character have captured the hearts of America from their legions of fans who watch Wicked Tuna. [email protected]  20:48

Fisherman reported to have fallen overboard from the F/V Fleeton – Coast Guard searches

The master of the Fleeton contacted Coast Guard Sector Hampton Roads Command Center watchstanders at approximately 9 a.m. reporting a crewmember was last seen as the vessel was transiting the Chesapeake Bay, and the crewmember hadn’t been seen or heard from in a few hours. [email protected] 20:11

Rockland survivor of fishing boat sinking says father-in-law saved his life

1379498_656693397708420_670800009_nA Rockland fisherman credits his father-in-law with saving his life when the commercial fishing vessel the two were on sank three miles off the coast of Rockport, Mass., on Friday night. David Oakes, 46, of South Thomaston died, Knox County Sheriff Donna Dennison confirmed Monday. Later on Monday, Oakes’ son-in-law Jason Randall credited his father-in-law with saving his life. [email protected] 18:59

F/V Iron Lady Returns Home to the Boston Waterfront with approximately 30,000 pounds of fresh swordfish and tuna

She was gone for sixteen days, dock-to-dock, making twelve longline sets in the deep waters offshore the canyons south of Nantucket. The 30,000 pound catch consists of a fairly even split between swordfish and tuna. The majority of tuna reeled-in were yellowfin, with about 20% of them being large, high-value bigeye tuna.  [email protected] 16:39

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch….Alaska clams can be deadly all year round.

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522Two cases of paralytic shellfish poisoning were reported at Sitka last week, proving that the deadly toxin occurs in any season [email protected] 16:19

Maryland Department of Natural Resources responds to watermen lawsuit

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has responded to a lawsuit filed against it on Oct. 18, alleging that menhaden limits were set illegally after not following proper implementation procedure. [email protected]

Always Top Quality! Your Seafreeze Ltd. PRICE LIST for OCTOBER 28, 2013 has arrived

relentlessContact our sales team today @ 401 295 2585 or 800 732 273 Click here for the complete price list from Seafreeze Ltd. where The Only Thing They Treat YOUR Fish is With Respect !  12:17 

Senator Vitter Draws NOAA Line for Red Snapper Allocation

Senator David Vitter (R-La.) announced yesterday that he would “hold” the nominee to lead the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) until he received a commitment that NOAA Fisheries would address the ongoing failure of the Agency to implement its own allocation policies and to provide some leadership and direction to the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council. [email protected]

A record herring run at Stony Brook

The question is, is the bounce due to the reworked (in fall 2010) culvert under  Route 6A, which is now 18-feet wide instead of 4 feet, or does it reflect a  general rebound of herring around the state?  [email protected]  11:29

Still LOST? Ottawa, N.L. unsure who will pay UN tax on new oil finds – United Nations pact provides cash to developing countries from production beyond 200 miles

Neither Ottawa nor the Newfoundland and Labrador government can say who is on the hook for fees payable to the United Nations for new oil finds pumped beyond Canada’s 200-mile exclusive economic zone. [email protected] 10:06

A “Golden Opportunity” Don’t take NOAA for an answer – Video

sct logoWhat we have here is a golden opportunity. This report ( National Academy of Sciences report) about how NOAA manages fish has been percolating for what, three or four years? Former NOAA administrator Jane Lubchenco ordered up this study to deflect the hailstorm of criticism she endured following the catch shares and sector management scheme started strangling the Northeast groundfishery. [email protected] 09:31

NOAA seeks more electronic fish reports

gdt iconNOAA has opened up electronic vessel trip reporting to all Northeast region fisheries, potentially offering a more efficient means for fishermen to submit trip information on catch, gear, discards, areas fished and a host of other details required by the National Marine Fisheries Service. 07:44

In loving memory of David Oakes


New group to fight for SouthCoast’s fishing industry

viewer call to action!NEW BEDFORD — With success nowhere near guaranteed, but with a star scientist and a star politician to lead them, a fledgling organization called the Center for Sustainable Fisheries was officially launched last week to fight back against what the group believes are hostile regulators and environmental organizations.     [email protected]  18:48

Rhode Island Fishermen’s Alliance Weekly Update October 27, 2013

rifa“The Rhode Island Fishermen’s Alliance is dedicated to its mission of continuing to help create sustainable fisheries without putting licensed fishermen out of business.” Read the Update 11:30

Edited: With Sadness and Regret. Fisherman David Oakes of South Thomaston Maine

1394468_656424637735296_964145650_nIt has been noted that Fisherman David Oakes of South Thomaston Maine has passed. It appears he had acquired the F/V Terra Nova, and was excited to be bringing her home. David “Oakesey”  Oakes was living a dream. The father of five, grandfather, son, uncle and friend of many many people was bound for Rockland Me on his big dragger F/V Terra Nova with son in law Jason Randall.

An entry on David’s Facebook page on Oct 24th said, “on my way to glouster to get my big dragger whooooo” . Excited he was! The published report at uscgnews told some of the story, but didn’t tell the whole story.

Sadly, the rest of the story is one of tragedy.
They had departed Gloucester with no indication of anything of concern out of the ordinary.
Around 20:30, the Coast Guard received a call on Channel 16 that the vessel was taking on water when they discovered six feet of it in the flooding forecastle. They relayed that the pumps would not keep up with the flooding.
David Oakes and Jason Randall donned their survival suits and abandoned the sinking vessel. As they were getting ready to go over the side, Jason lost his footing and David Oakes grabbed him, and tossed him towards and over the rail before he jumped.
It is believed he was pulled under as Terra Nova slipped under the waves and into the darkness of the Atlantic, three miles East of Cape Ann.
It was mentioned that he had a head injury, possibly receiving it when he was sucked under as the vessel went down.
David is being credited for saving his son in law, Jason Randall.
He is survived by his mother, four daughters, a son, and three adoring nieces
More information when available.  A Fisherman’s Song for David Oakes. 21:43 edited 10/27/2013 21:24

Pew: Flooky’s got all the answers on Marine reserves and running the Bermudan government.

Marine reserve: Why don’t we just use current legislation to fine illegal fishing operations? The 1972 Fisheries Act already states that $1 million fines can be handed out to foreign vessels fishing illegally in our EEZ and their boats seized. So what difference does it make to create a marine reserve and close off future potential commercial opportunities for Bermudians to benefit from?  Mr Flook believes that current legislation doesn’t have teeth nor does it align with the global legal framework of creating marine reserves in local territories and on the high seas. [email protected] 17:53

Marine reserve: How can we enforce such a huge area?  There is a discrepancy between what the Pew Charitable Trust says it will cost and what the Government of Bermuda says it will cost. Flooky’ll figure it out.  link  18:14

Can the ‘butterfly effect’ inform fisheries management?

Dr. Les Kaufman, a marine ecologist at Boston University, has been deploying his considerable talents in the service of fisheries science and management for over three decades, but it is in the last year that he has developed an approach that very well may elevate our ability to manage fisheries onto a new level. [email protected] 17:31

Operation aims to chase the last drift nets out of the North Pacific

Once the domain of environmental-conservation groups like Sea Shepherd, the campaign against drift nets has become an increasingly high-tech effort. Operation High Seas Driftnet is run by enforcement agencies in five countries – Canada, the United States, Russia, Japan and South Korea. [email protected] 17:12