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Dr. Rothschild receives Lifetime Achievemen​t Award and Discusses CSF’s Proposed Rewritten National Standards

viewer-call-to-action-e1381518852468Dear Friends,  Today, Brian Rothschild, President and CEO of CSF received the Highliner’s  Lifetime Achievement Award at the Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle, Washington.
In his keynote  address, he discussed CSF’s proposed rewritten National Standards.  CSF is proposing to reduce the National Standards from 10 to 5 to properly balance the National Standards and the purposes of the MSA.  We  hope these National Standards are a starting point for much discussion  around the reauthorization of the MSA.
 To read Dr.  Rothschild’s speech and to review our proposed rewritten standards, please click here.  20:23

NH Lobster gear molester in possession of dead lobsterman Anthony “Tony” Rahn traps – Was Rahm looking for stolen gear?

bilde BasoukasA 21-year-old Bedford man faces multiple charges related to possession of stolen lobster gear, including traps from a lobsterman who died in an accident. New Hampshire Fish and Game Department officials reported today that Kyle Basoukas, of Bedford, was arrested on Nov. 11 following a three-month investigation by N.H. Fish and Game Law Enforcement. [email protected]  Answers sought in Portsmouth lobsterman’s death  –Rahn, a longtime lobsterman and diver, went missing while diving in the area of the Sarah Mildred Long Bridge at about 10:45 a.m. Friday, July 19. link  19:38

NEFMC Balks at Ban on Herring Trawling

nefmc logoThe council declined to endorse the ban at its meeting Wednesday in Newport. The proposal would have prohibited trawling until each vessel has an independent full-time observer on board to monitor the catch. The restriction would have required the approval of federal fisheries regulators. [email protected]  17:16

Tanner Crab Fishery Closed for 2014 Season

State officials announced this week that the tanner crab fishery would not open for the 2014 seasons in the eastern Aleutian Islands. But Unalaska’s small boat fishermen think they’ve found a way to expand the fishery — in an area that’s been closed for two decades. [email protected]  16:25

Boat of the Week from the Athearn Agency: Quality Marine 90′ Raised Foc’sle Stern Trawler with Permits

dr3372_01Specification’s and information here  16:03

Wearing the right gear to keep you warm and dry is non-negotiable – Clothing and Gear

“Proper layering is a necessity if you’re to get the best performance you can out of the clothing you’re wearing,” says Mike Jackson, President of Grundéns USA in Poulsbo, Washington. [email protected]  15:22

Coast Guard to intensify efforts to stop offshore poaching of Atlantic striped bass

uscg-logoIn an effort to ensure the health of the striped bass population, the Coast Guard is working to raise awareness of the federal regulations stating Atlantic striped bass may not be caught, harvested or possessed in the Exclusive Economic Zone. The EEZ begins three nautical miles from shore and extends out to 200 nautical miles. [email protected] 15:12

Nokomis Fishing Capt. Eddie Toomer is the second American to receive the Gladding Memorial Award for sustainable fishing.

Toomer, 68, a fourth-generation commercial fisherman, recently became only the second American to receive the Gladding Memorial Award for sustainable fishing. The annual award, started by The Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute in 2004, recognizes fishermen who work to preserve marine life. [email protected]  14:59

Vatican warns of growing trend of fishing industry exploiting workers

 It is renewing an appeal to governments to urgently ratify the Work in Fishing Convention 2007 (No. 188) to ensure the welfare of fishing crew are better protected. [email protected] 14:42

Royal Star in Tignish is working on a process – Pasteurized lobster could open new markets

CBC_News_logoP.E.I. is a step closer to marketing lobster that will last up to a month after it is cooked, and that could make it much easier to sell outside of the province. [email protected]  13:33

West Coast: Caught in the Sardine Shortage Net

A debate is on about whether the drop is cyclical or a sign of more dire shortages to come. But whatever the reason, commercial fishers, retailers, and even eco-tourist outfits could feel a ripple effect. [email protected] 13:06

New Yellowtail Flounder Survey Raises Questions Over Accuracy of Official Population Estimates

logoThe initial results of a new, independent survey of Georges Bank yellowtail flounder raises questions over whether federal assessments of yellowtail abundance have been systematically underestimating the size of the population. [email protected] 12:12

SAFMC Snapper Grouper Advisory Panel Meeting

Wednesday, November 20, 2013 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM EST (Sorry for the late post!) Webinar sign in here.  12:03

Today’s NEFMC Webinar

0001I was, again, invited to the dance, and my date showed up impaired.
Today’s webinar broadcast of the NEFMC meeting, (link posted at Fisherynation) is suffering the typical poor quality it is becoming renowned for.
It’s a conspiracy I tell ya! more here 10:05

Strong Catches, Low Prices – Lobster season is underway in the Bay of Fundy

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2A June report from Fisheries and Oceans Canada says Bay of Fundy records have been broken five years in a row. A spokesperson said it was too early to predict how this fall season will turn out. [email protected]  09:04

NRDC, Center for Biological Diversity file petitions – NMFS considers pinto abalone for endangered list

A 6-inch Pacific Ocean marine snail prized for its delicate flavor and colorful shell will be considered for endangered or threatened species status. The National Marine Fisheries Service announced last week that it will conduct a status review for pinto abalone, which are found from Alaska to Baja California. [email protected]  08:48

Greenpeace International: The behavior of the longline tuna fisheries industry is scandalous

Amsterdam, 20 November 2013 – A grave lack of regulations hinders sustainable management of the world’s oversized longline tuna fishery fleets, Greenpeace International warned as it released a new report today. [email protected] 08:29

Gulf Oystermen are Struggling.

The recent heavy rains are to blame for the DMR closing the Pass Christian oyster reefs Tuesday afternoon. [email protected],com

It’s 98 percent off this year. That’s the lowest I’ve ever seen it,” said George Barisich, president of the United Commercial Fisherman’s Association. Barisich believes seeing lingering effects of the BP oil disaster are impacting oyster landings. He said dispersed oil made it impossible for spat to catch on reefs, so few new oysters could grow. wwltv.com

Oystermen say crop in short supply ahead of Thanksgiving –  In just a few days, shoppers will head to stores to buy oysters to make dressing for Thanksgiving. But some local oystermen say they’re struggling to find enough crop and they only foresee the problem getting worse. [email protected]  08:14

John Bullard , NOAA NE Regional Administrator – My View: Fisheries hold challenges, opportunities

130307_GT_ABO_BULLARD_1gdt iconThe recent release of Fisheries of the United States 2012, a NOAA annual report, contains a lot of good information on revenues and landings for the nation’s fisheries. The majority of fish stocks in the Northeast are not overfished. As a result, we have some of the most valuable fisheries in the country. [email protected]