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Tholepin Blog has NMFS on the Defensive! – They say you’re not credible, when even they can’t get it right?

“Tholepin is not a credible source,” she wrote. The blogger was, at the time, quoting the federal agency’s own figures for numbers on bycatch. (Julie)Speegle NOAA, subsequently warned “I usually urge (use of) our standard statement ‘Catch numbers may change as more information becomes available’ because the data will likely change.” And in subsequent emails with Speegle, it did turn out that Tholepin’s report of “228,800 pounds of halibut wasted by draggers just last week” was wrong. It was under-reported by 478 pounds. The actual quantity was 229,278 pounds. [email protected] 22:45

Paul Cohan: This is in response to John Bullard in the Myopic View Column in the GDT

I don’t know where to start. This is one of those instances where “to  keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool is better than opening it up  and removing all doubt”, something you should’ve considered before you  submitted this deceptive drool. Your self serving revisionist history  would be right up there with “intelligent design” if not for the fact  that there is nothing intelligent designed into “Your View:  Read more here     – John Bullard, My View: Fisheries hold challenges, opportunities   20:41

Charter captain: Pew Charitable Trusts and Audubon Florida forage fish report is not based on the reality

Thus, Pew and Audubon are striking up fear of something that isn’t there, Eller says. “I can guarantee if the oxygen leaves the room, we’re all going to die,” Eller told The Log. “But they are looking for regulation on something that’s not happening.” [email protected]  18:46

366 days in prison and more than $105,000 in penalties – Fisherman Charles Wertz Jr. sentenced for falsifying fish records

clip_image002_001Charles Wertz Jr., who had operated the Freeport-based commercial trawler the Norseman, pleaded guilty in August to one count of wire fraud and two counts of falsification of federal records. [email protected]  18:15

We’re from the government  and we’re here to shake you downImagine a federal enforcement agency with a “slush fund” accumulated from fines that the agency personnel levied on the owners of small businesses for making administrative errors and spent by employees of that same agency with inadequate or non-existent controls. http://www.fishnet-usa.com/NOAA_OLE_GCEL%20Shakedown.htm

WTO panel to report on EU seal products ban Monday

ST. JOHN’S, N.L. – Advocates both for and against Canada’s commercial seal hunt will be watching Monday as the World Trade Organization rules on the European Union’s ban on imported seal products. The ban is hailed by animal welfare activists and has drawn Hollywood star power from the likes of actors Jude Law and Pamela Anderson who want it upheld. [email protected]  12:40

Salmon return to San Jose, thrilling long-time ‘river watchdog’ Roger Castillo

SAN JOSE — Amid the din and concrete of downtown San Jose, one man rejoiced over the autumnal return of a species as wild and old as the hills — and even more mysterious. [email protected] 11:43

Tom Dempsey Fails to Shut down the Mid Water Fleet – Cape fishermen fail to get emergency haddock rules in place

“This is about haddock,” said Tom Dempsey, a member of the New England Fishery Management Council who is also the policy director for the Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance in Chatham. (No it ain’t) [email protected]   Meet Tom Dempsey“I think the Cape and Islands has a very different perspective on a lot of  issues.”  10:49

Fisheries council balks at ban on herring trawling [email protected]

Rhode Island Fishermen’s Alliance Weekly Update NOVEMBER 24, 2013

rifa“The Rhode Island Fishermen’s Alliance is dedicated to its mission of continuing to help create sustainable fisheries without putting licensed fishermen out of business.” Read the UPDATE  09:59


Commercial stone crab fishing is off to a horrendous start this year – Fewer crabs, higher prices for claws

“It has been a disastrous start,” Key Fisheries owner Gary Graves said. “It is the highest prices on record. But the catch has been horrible. I am not very confident that this going to be a good year.” [email protected] 06:18