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I ain’t buyin’ it. Maine lobster caught, released at Farallon Islands

The first Maine lobster verified off the Bay Area coast was caught by accident last week in a crab trap set by Sean Hodges of the sport fishing boat Hog Heaven. After a photo to prove the event, Hodges released the lobster back to the sea. The lobster was found in a crab trap that had been set on the ocean floor 250 feet deep near the Farallon Islands. [email protected] 22:50

Letter: Fishermen well aware of enviro issues – Captain Paul Cohan, F/V Sasquatch, Gloucester

gdt iconI am writing in response to the letter from Mike Dyer (“Stories show need to focus on NOAA science,” the Times, Saturday, Nov. 23). You know, Mike, It wasn’t too long ago that your quip about fishermen in denial would have been plausible, if not factual. But over the last few decades fishermen have learned a lot about the marine environment, the food chain, and ultimately, our responsibilities — being, as we are, the “master link.” [email protected] 22:13

Environment Canada greases the AquaBounty skids – clears one hurdle but still waits for key OKs

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2What seemed like a step towards approving the world’s first genetically modified (GM) creature for human consumption a few days ago actually “doesn’t change anything,” according to a spokesman for AquaBounty Technologies, which has been trying to bring a transgenic salmon to market for years. Last week, the company got permission from Environment Canada to ramp up production of salmon eggs from research levels to greater commercial quantities. [email protected]

Revised Alaska Department of Fish and Game Bristol Bay Sockeye forecast/catch

Following the release of the original forecast, we discovered a database error that prompted a re-evaluation. This most recent forecast is approximately 620 thousand fish less than the initial release. more here 20:29

Murkowski Muscles GSA in Sustainability Fight – Gets Major Change in Guidelines

In a recent letter (attached) from a GSA Assistant Commissioner, the official writes to Senator Murkowski that the agency agrees, and that “American managed fisheries do not require third-party certification to demonstrate responsible and sustainable practices.” [email protected] 13:40

We Want Ours! Coastal Conservation Association – 500 recreational permits for the zone – Biscayne National Park

A move away from an initial proposal for a no-fishing area covering 16 square miles pleased board members of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission when they met Thursday in Weston in Broward County. [email protected]

Rolls-Royce Builds a Salmon Tanker

A boat built for fish would seem to be a technology whose time will never come. But Rolls-Royce is designing one. For salmon, to be specific. Bakkafrost is paying Rolls-Royce $9.4 million to design and equip the ship, which will be built at the Tersan shipyard in Turkey and delivered in May 2015. [email protected] 12:50

Ottawa introduces hovercraft to offset closure of busy Kitsilano Coast Guard base

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2A new hovercraft that was promised by the federal government to assuage anger over the closure of Vancouver’s coast guard station has arrived. Fisheries Minister Gail Shea announced the arrival of the rescue craft Wednesday with little fanfare. [email protected] 08:33

Fish Farts? Yes, Fish Farts! – Fish ‘soundscape’ tells where they are, what they are doing

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522 This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch — Fish sounds gives clues to where they are and what they’re doing. More after this – [email protected]

Experts worry whales may have contracted dolphin disease

Overall, more than 800 dolphins have stranded along the coast, although officials fear far more have died offshore and never been discovered. And now, officials have a new worry: The virus causing the dolphins’ deaths may be jumping species. Among five other species tested, the virus has been detected in three humpback whales and two pygmy sperm whales that stranded in Massachusetts, Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia. [email protected] 08:23