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Golden king crab harvests are slightly down this season but prices for the shellfish are well above average.

According to Alaska Department of Fish and Game data, the current golden crab price average is $10.10 per pound. That’s more than $2 more per pound compared to last season and nearly double the previous five-year average. This season’s preliminary golden crab harvest is 510,743 pounds compared to last season’s 599,234 pounds. [email protected] 21:26

Oh Canada! One department says cod is endangered while another recommends more be caught

msFish harvesters and DFO representatives met in Clarenville on Tuesday for a groundfish advisory committee meeting; a chance for fisheries scientists to give their findings and hear from fish harvesters about the state of the resource. The scientists told the 25 to 30 assembled fish harvesters that the Atlantic cod population in 3Ps, an area that includes Placentia Bay, is growing and they’ll recommend the department raise the total allowable catch (TAC) by 15 per cent. Their recommendations come shortly after a report by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COESWIC) recommending Atlantic cod be placed on a list of endangered species. [email protected] 19:39

Louisiana Seafood Board’s Legislative Committee Recommends Keeping Current Quota for Gulf Red Snapper

GSI-LogoThe legislative committee of the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board implored members of the Gulf of Mexico Fisheries Management Council to consider those that do not have access to the Gulf of Mexico but wish to enjoy the Red Snapper natural resource. [email protected] 18:22

IFQ holders pay for the cost of their fisheries. Bills are in the mail. Cost fees for IFQ halibut, sablefish, crab fisheries – 2013

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch –  IFQ  holders pay for the cost of their fisheries. Bills are in the mail – Near the end of each year, bills are sent out to Alaska fishermen who hold IFQs for o  halibut and  sablefish.  They pay an annual fee to the federal government to cover the costs for managing and enforcing those fisheries.  The fee, which is capped at three percent, is based on dock prices and averaged across the state. [email protected] 16:08

There is some market for cod on the south coast, after months with none – The Fisheries Broadcast

Did the Europeans ask Canada to relax restrictions around ownership of harvesting licences as part of CETA? [email protected]  16:04

Yukon First Nations want Alaska salmon fishing closed

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2Yukon First Nations have repeated their call for Alaskans to stop fishing Chinook salmon until stocks can recover in the Yukon River. Teslin Tlingit Chief Carl Sidney made the plea this week at salmon management talks in Whitehorse. The international Yukon River Salmon panel will wrap up a week of meetings this afternoon with a closed door planning session to determine a management plan for the 2014 Chinook salmon run. [email protected]  15:56

Lees used Shahin as ‘pawn against Mar-Lees’

wogangsterumdieeckeknallen-hauptfotoUS scallop supplier Mar-Lees Seafood claims its current president and CEO was used as a pawn against the company by John Lees, co-founder and twice former top executive, who is now being accused of racketeering. In a Dec. 4 response to Lees’ Nov. 20 call for the federal lawsuit brought under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) on Oct. 26 to be dismissed, or, at the very least, stayed, Mar-Lees legal council states this should be denied. Mar-Lees council also states the allegations in the RICO case are different to the other state case, which has been partially stayed for arbitration. [email protected] 15:51

XtraTuf Says Their Boots Are Better

Two years ago, parent-company Honeywell transferred production of iconic Alaskan footwear brand XtraTufs from Rock Island, Illinois, to a factory in China, and the product that rolled off the line was nowhere near what Alaskans had come to expect. XtraTuf says the quality is back to normal and they want to replace any pairs purchased that didn’t hold up, no questions asked. KDLG’s Dave Bendinger has more:@kdlg  15:08

Bristol Bay Set Netter Takes “Fisherman of the Year” at Pac Marine Expo

Each year at the Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle, a contest is held determine the “Fisherman of the Year”, based on one’s prowess is some basic skills of the trade. This year the honors were once again conferred on a Bristol Bay fisherman. For the second time (not in a row), Portland’s Reid Ten Kley took top honors in the event. Ten Kley, whose family fishes the east side of Bristol Bay, tied knots and donned a survival suit faster than his fellow competitors. KDLG’s Dave Bendinger has more:@kdlg  14:59

Kyle Murdock, Sea Hag Seafood – A Word With the Boss: Family’s question inspires Maine lobster processor

Kyle Murdock, 24, attended Worcester Polytechnic Institute before dropping out to start Sea Hag Seafood in 2010, a lobster processing company in St. George. In October, Murdock was named one of eight international winners of the Hitachi Foundation’s Yoshiyama Young Entrepreneur’s Program, which provides a $40,000 grant and business development and mentoring assistance. Sea Hag Seafood has about 65 employees during the height of processing season in August. Murdock said his company ships roughly 1 million pounds of lobster a year, with revenues of about $10 million annually. His annual salary is about $40,000. [email protected] 10:12

Nova Scotia Lobster season off to rough start, weather delays – Prices up!

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2Nova Scotia fishermen who take part in the world’s biggest lobster season have been delayed by wind and hampered by storms. “Somebody has to speak with Mother Nature. She is not doing us any favours,” said lobster fisherman Stewart Lamont. [email protected] 09:39

Optimism for deal to lower Pacific tuna catches

Eight Pacific island nations, members of the Parties to the Nauru Agreement, along with Japan and the Philippines, want to reduce the catch of bigeye and yellow fin tuna over the next four years. But objections from the “distant water” fleets meant a modified proposal was now being worked on, said Brian Hallman, executive director of the American Tunaboat Association, which represents about 40 US-flagged purse seine fishing vessels. “At this stage, there is not a clear consensus on a solution which would be acceptable to all members,” Hallman said. [email protected] 08:45