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Moms talk about their kids choosing a fishing career – This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522You’ve heard the song “Mommas, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys.” You’ll hear how Kodiak moms feel about their kids growing up to be commercial fishermen after this – Listen and [email protected]  23:10

These Dweebs never question the science unless its THEIR crusading issue. How many sharks in the sea? Enviros want feds to reconsider endangered status

kevinhearnMONTEREY — Environmental groups are appealing a federal finding that West Coast great white sharks aren’t teetering on the brink of extinction. With concerns that the numbers of white sharks was dangerously low, last year Monterey-based Oceana and the San Francisco-based Center for Biological Diversity asked the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to look into special protections for the species. Read [email protected]   22:59

Lobster gets lift despite ice storm – Weekend shipment involving four planes largest ever for Halifax airport

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2A massive airlift of lobster out of the Halifax airport was declared a success over the weekend. The lobster took flight despite an ice storm that stranded many travellers at the airport. “We completed our largest-ever weekend airlift of almost 280 tonnes in four aircraft under some very challenging weather conditions,” Doug McRae, a director of Gateway Facilities ULC, said Monday. Read [email protected]  11:54

Vancouver: Top story of ’13? Fish

For three days in late August, a series of unexpected visitors came calling on Squamish. The sight of commercial fishing vessels that dropped their nets near the mouth of the Squamish River was, in fact, so novel that more than one person phoned The Chief on Aug. 22 report an obvious breach of commercial fishing regulations. Read [email protected]  10:38

Company launching seafood processing business in Eastport Maine

BDNA company known as Campobello Holdings is investing a half million dollars to start a seafood processing business in Eastport, Gov. Paul LePage announced Monday.The company will process, freeze, package, store and export lobster and other seafood products to customers around the world, according to state officials. Read [email protected]  09:59

Boat of the Week from the Athearn Agency: Price Reduced, 44′ Fiberglass Trawler/Lobster, 6 Cylinder Lugger 6140 Diesel

dr3320_10Specification’s and information here  09:34

Cape Wind seals turbine deal – Trying to pass it off as “construction” Using your money to destroy Nantucket Sound.

Just days before an important deadline to qualify for crucial federal tax credits, Cape Wind has signed a deal with Siemens to build the project’s turbines and an electric service platform to convert its power for transmission. The contract formalizes an announcement three years ago that Siemens would build the 3.6-megawatt turbines for the proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm but does little to mollify critics of the project, who argue it’s a desperate attempt to qualify for the tax incentives. Read [email protected]  08:57

Northern Shrimp: first casualty of New England warming water? – Tragically, the answer is maybe

untitledThe Gulf of Maine is the southernmost extent of the range for this cold water species and the water in the Gulf has been getting warmer since the 1960s (see graph). Shrimp require specific water temperature and chemistry during spawning and for larval shrimp survival. In the past, shrimp success has been lower during warm water events in the Gulf of Maine. It is possible that the warming trend in the Gulf of Maine is causing spawning events to not occur or to have very low survival rates for larval shrimp. Read [email protected]  08:36

The fate of the $150 million in federal disaster aid still in limbo at year’s end

gdt iconThe Christmas season will come and go before fishermen and fishing communities discover the fate of the $150 million in federal disaster aid they seek in the final fiscal 2014 federal budget. Read more @GDT  08:25