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Four issues facing Louisiana shrimpers this season

After perhaps the most turbulent decade in recent memory for Louisiana’s seafood industry, Lance Nacio has not lost the eternal optimism that pervades shrimpers row each spring.  Read more here houmatoday  20:57

Netters to fish Tuesday for spring chinook in lower Columbia

Spring chinook numbers appear to be building in the lower Columbia River with a day of commercial fishing adopted for Tuesday and a hearing on Thursday to consider extending the sport season. Read more here 20:49

“How do you like this sealfie?” – “Sealfies” in support of the seal hunt!!

sealfieMany of you have embraced the “sealfie” movement started in Nunavut last week. It’s a way to show support for the seal hunt, and is directed towards television host Ellen DeGeneres who is opposed to the hunt. Melissa Petten asks, “How do you like this sealfie?” I LOVE IT!  See more here cbc   19:25

Too Many Salmon in the Sea, Pacific Study Hints – Burgeoning numbers of pink salmon may threaten the food supply of young seabirds.

Photograph by Paul Souders, Corbis

Photograph by Paul Souders, Corbis

Tied to rising ocean temperatures in the Bering Sea and North Pacific that spurred the growth of the prey of salmon and seabirds alike, the “much larger than previously known” impact of pink salmon is reported in a new Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences report. Read more here  17:32

This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. Sitka Herring prices could hurt the haul. Sitka’s Seiners Deliver Big, But at What Price?

As of Friday Sitka’s sac roe herring fishery  had just under 3 thousand tons left to deliver. Seiners have had no problem catching the nice 16,000 ton haul this year. The quick season has been  a good one with good quality fish and excellent roe counts.  The big  problem fishermen are facing is the roe market itself. Listen, and read more here  16:06

Danny Danny Danny. What the Hell ya doin’ boy? Maine elver fisherman guilty of reporting less than half of $700,000 income

Danny Deraps from Ellsworth has been sentenced to 90 days in jail for underreporting his 2012 landings, which earned him more than $700,000 that season. The attorney general says he only reported half that amount. Read more here portlandpress  14:46

Interesting stuff here! James Lovelock: Environmentalism Has Become A Religion

Bj9ykMuCAAMOoqwLots of interesting info – When the IPCC’s fifth assessment comes out in 2013 or 2014, there will be a major revival of interest in action that has to be taken. People are going to say, ‘My God, we are going to have to take action much faster than we had planned.’ —IPCC Chairman Rajendra  Pachauri, New York 23 September 2009   British officials were last night accused of ‘political interference’ in a crucial report on international climate change.  Read more here  12:34

The good and bad of seismic testing. (the good?)

The controversy over seismic testing has come to the Cape Fear region, with Kure Beach’s mayor writing a letter in support and the Carolina Beach Town Council voting recently to oppose it. Read more here  12:18

Japan must end its annual Antarctic whale hunt, UN orders in landmark ruling

United Nations judges have ordered Japan to end whale hunts in the Antarctic after dismissing Japanese arguments that the hunting was carried out for scientific research purposes. Read more here  10:53

Dogfish ‘everywhere’ (not just) in Gulf of Maine, but sales go nowhere

Regulators may raise catch limits on the voracious little shark, which competes with more valuable ocean species for food. And here’s the problem: Scientists say there are huge and growing numbers of dogfish in the Gulf of Maine competing for the same food as more commercially valuable species, such as cod and haddock. Read more here  08:10

Two Combined Gulf of St. Lawrence Shrimp Fisheries Achieve MSC Re-certification

Two Canadian MSC certified fisheries, the Gulf of St. Lawrence (GOSL) northern shrimp and the Gulf of St. Lawrence northern shrimp trawl Esquiman Channel fisheries, have joined in a cooperative effort into one combined shrimp fishery ,,, Read more here  07:38

Fish science on table in Pelagics series

gdt iconThey’ll be talking fish and fisheries at Maritime Gloucester on Thursday nights throughout the month of April during the speaker series presented by the Large Pelagics Research Center of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Read more here  07:20

UN top court to rule on Japan whale hunt in Antarctic

The UN’s top International Court of Justice will rule Monday whether Japan has the right to hunt whales in the Antarctic, in an emotive case activists say is make-or-break for the giant mammal’s future.  Read more here  05:59

New Bedford puts $100K toward fishing museum

sct logoMore than 100 people packed into the Whaling Museum for Sunday’s Taste of the Port event, which focused on creating a New Bedford Fishing Heritage Museum. Read more here  05:48

Fishermen tired of getting ‘pushed around’ – Want to be allowed to sell cod to buyers outside the province

“Every year on Feb. 28, the cod season ends. Right now it’s extended for a month to drag cod, so they (large companies) are out there fishing it during the spawning season and we don’t hear any uproar from the union, from scientists or the provincial government,” Leonard said. Collett added that the way things are going, history is repeating itself as the same mistakes are occurring as in pre-moratorium days. Read more here  21:42

After more than a century, NOAA’s Beaufort lab, a jewel of ocean research targeted for closure

baby fishermanTucked in President Barack Obama’s 218-page proposed budget for 2015 was a one-sentence mention of a plan to close one lab to save money. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration subsequently identified it as North Carolina’s historic research station. Rep. Walter Jones, a Republican who represents the coastal district that includes Beaufort, was building a coalition to oppose the closure, said his spokeswoman, Sarah Howard. “I am seriously troubled by the fact . President Barack Obama has proposed closing a research lab in eastern North Carolina while continuing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on infrastructure projects in Afghanistan,” Jones said in a statement. Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C., said she’d fight,, Read more here @journalgazette  16:06

March 30,1914 The Sealing Disaster: 100 years later

Sunday marks the 100 year anniversary of the 1914 sealing disaster, when 251 Newfoundland sealers perished in two separate but simultaneous disasters.  On March 30, 1914, 132 men left the SS Newfoundland to hunt seals and became caught in a sudden blizzard while out on the ice. Only 55 survived. During the same storm, the SS Southern Cross sank while returning to Newfoundland from the Gulf of St. Lawrence. All 173 men died. Read more here  13:07

Rhode Island Fishermen’s Alliance Weekly Update, March 30, 3014

rifa2rifa“The Rhode Island Fishermen’s Alliance is dedicated to its mission of continuing to help create sustainable fisheries without putting licensed fishermen out of business.” Read the update here  11:27

The “Silver Wave” – Herring run tied to the salmon cycle

sookeherringeggsThe milky blue water comes alive as a massive ball of silvery herring mass together to prevent predators from feeding on them. The protective sphere, or bio mass ”herring ball,” is smashed apart constantly as sea lions, seals, salmon and killer whales drive their way through with their mouths open to catch the fish. Read more here  sookennewsmirror 01:06

The End of the U.S. Shrimping Industry – Execution by Electrocution? Public comments end 3/31/14

In 2010, WildEarth Guardians petitioned the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) to list the lesser electric ray (also commonly called the Caribbean electric ray) under the ESA, but that petition was denied in a 90-day finding in March 2011. If the lesser electric ray is listed under the ESA, it could mean the end of shrimp fishing as we know it throughout the ray’s range, which includes all the Gulf states, as well as states along the east coast from Florida to North Carolina. Read more here thegoodcatchblog  23:17

With the seal population increased to about 8 million, protestors of the hunt should spend time considering the impact on the ecosystem.

If indeed the sceptics have lessened their stance on the cruelty of the seal hunt, then it is on to the sustainability argument, says the provincial fisheries minister. Keith Hutchings was reacting to recent comments made by Sheryl Fink, the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s wildlife campaign director, as she made a visit to Corner Brook this week. Read more here @westernstar  21:48

Boost in B.C. Mining has Alaska Fishermen Nervous

British Columbia now has more than 20 major mines and expansions moving through the permitting process. The largest, known as the KSM mine, would be about 45 miles from Hyder, Alaska. Brian Lynch of the Petersburg Vessels Owners Association says his group isn’t anti-mine, but they’re wary of the KSM mine and at least four other proposed projects in B.C. that are upstream from Alaskan waters. Listen. Read more here 18:01

Film takes new approach to sealing disaster – “54 Hours,” Video

One of the most iconic, tragic, complicated and studied events in this province’s history, Crummey realized the challenges creating a narrative from the disaster would include. Express the gravity and significance of the tragedy in film — a short film — done in animation? Every voice in Crummey’s head screamed for him to say no. “Tell me more,” he heard himself utter. Read more here thetelegram  13:29

Sea Hawk Boats works to recover after fire

Sea HawkSEBRING – When fire damaged items inside the building where boats are built at Sea Hawk Boats this week, it wasn’t the first setback for the 15-year-old commercial boat manufacturer, owner Mike Wyatt said Friday. Read more here  13:06

Virginian-Pilot Editorial: Real risks to Virginia coast

The April 2010 blowout at BP’s Macondo well gushed for 87 days, a total of 4.9 million barrels of oil, coating beaches from Louisiana to Florida. About 40 percent of the Gulf was closed to fishing. Petroleum industry advocates desperately hope people will forget such things. Virginia leaders, including Gov. Terry McAuliffe and his predecessors – including Sens. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine – have been pushing hard to open territory off Virginia Beach to drilling for oil and gas. Read more here 12:55

“Bullshit!” – Golden king crab fleet loses bid for quota increase

848645_lThe Aleutian Islands golden king crab fleet came away empty-handed last week, after the Alaska Board of Fisheries decided against a quota increase, rejecting both the initial request of 15 percent, and the compromise proposal of 5 percent. The vote was loudly greeted with a barnyard epithet from a veteran fisheries lobbyist seated near the front of the audience. “Bullshit!” exclaimed Clem Tillion. “You just screwed the fleet for no reason whatsoever.” He said the decision means a “surplus” of crab will go unharvested.  Read more here bristolbaytimes 12:24

How Asia’s abalone fever may drive gourmet mollusc extinct

HOUT BAY, South Africa – In broad daylight, groups of poachers hidden among the rocks of a South African marine conservation area wade slowly into the icy, shark-infested waters of the Atlantic Ocean in search of ‘white gold’. Read more here  10:48

The Poacher and the Dirty Dealer Caper – Cape Cod Oyster theft case unveiled

Joe'sA West Yarmouth man has been indicted in the theft of more than $40,000 worth of oysters and equipment from beds off Dennis and Barnstable last summer. And a well-known Sandwich fish market owner pleaded guilty Friday to a charge of receiving stolen property in connection with the case. Read more here 08:27

“If it comes in the bay, we’ve had it,” Port O’Connor Tx. Fishing community worries about oil spill (w/video)

It was late in the day, and nearly everyone had left Clark’s Shrimp House except Craig Lambright and the rest of the three-man shrimper crew. The sleepy fishing town, home to about 1,200 mostly retirement-age residents, anxiously watched as crews poured in from Corpus Christi and Lake Charles, La., setting the stage to clean up as much as 170,000 gallons of oil spilled after a ship collision in the Houston Ship Channel on Saturday. Read more here 07:52


RCMP to square off against aboriginals in a fight over an imminent commercial roe-herring fishery.

RCMP BCThe federal government has chosen a remote stretch of B.C. coastline to square off against aboriginals in a fight over an imminent commercial roe-herring fishery. The Heiltsuk have issued a statement saying, “We will exercise our authority to stop any commercial herring activity in our territories. We will protect our aboriginal rights to the fullest extent possible should commercial fishers not abide by the ban.” It’s real,” he said of the prospect for confrontation. Read more here  vancouversun 06:59

Gloucester Daily Times Editorial: Saltonstall-Kennedy grants should be just the beginning

gdt iconThe word that the Cape Ann Seafood Exchange has drawn NOAA’s recommendation to receive a grant of nearly $400,000 under Saltonstall-Kennedy Act certainly represents good news for the seafood auction — and, to an extent, for the city. Read more here 05:08

Its Crazy! I’m getting Talking Fish Eco Shyster Peter Shelley Comments! Acknowledge Your Posts, Dude.

duncey peteSeems as though CLF Eco Shyster Peter Shelley is selective about what comments he puts up at his Talking Fish blog. He’s a real Cherry Picker! Anyway, the stuff is coming here. It may be a bad connection, but Hell. I’ll post it! Read it here, cause ya can’t read it there! A Real Inconvenient Truth. 19:41

Army Corps to begin killing birds at Columbia River dam

CLARKSTON, Wash. (AP) – The Army Corps of Engineers this spring will begin killing birds at some Snake and Columbia river dams to help protect juvenile salmon and steelhead. The corps has long used non-lethal methods to scare away birds. The plan has critics. Kierán Suckling, executive director of the Center for Biological Diversity, said there are better ways to protect the fish, such as removing the dams. Read more here  17:44

Coast Guard halts engagements after Russian annexation

23523_354387901211_7651997_aJUNEAU — Political fallout from Russia’s military-backed annexation of the Crimean Peninsula has hit Alaska’s fisheries. The annual U.S. Coast Guard/Russian Border Service meeting to coordinate spring enforcement plans of the United Nations ban on high seas drift netting is on hold. Read more here 14:07

American Seafoods refutes quota sale reports – Total Speculation?

American Seafoods Group refutes it is looking to sell quota and lease it back, after media reports surfaced stating this was underway on March 26. A statement from the company dismissed a media report, from Intrafish, asserting that American Seafoods is pursuing a proposed deal where an “investor or investors would acquire only American’s quota holdings, then lease that quota back for American Seafoods to harvest”. Read more here  11:28

Lobster industry needs to stop infighting, fisheries minister says

Enough already. Knock it off!

Shea says the federal government wants to work with lobster fishermen to resolve challenges, but the industry needs to take the lead. Read more here 09:07

Lawmakers sink Passamaquoddy bid to exempt tribal fishermen from individual elver catch quotas

BDNDue to concerns about the impact on the population of American eels from Maine’s elver fishery — the only such fishery on the East Coast that nets any significant amount of the newborn eels — Maine, for the first time ever, has imposed individual quotas on elver fishermen. Read more here  08:45

Cape Ann Seafood to market redfish – Auction wins $391K to build fishery

GLOUCESTER — Cape Ann Seafood Exchange is the lone Gloucester-based applicant that NOAA is recommending to receive a grant under the long-awaited 2013 Saltonstall Kennedy Grant dispersal of funding. Read more here  08:22

Topless Shrimp Trawl project recommended for federal fisheries grant

sct logoA UMass Dartmouth project to design and test a topless shrimp trawl to reduce finfish bycatch in Pamlico Sound, N.C. is among 22 from New England and the Mid-Atlantic that have been recommended to receive nearly $5.6 million in federal funding, according to an announcement Thursday by NOAA Fisheries. Read more here   08:05

Louisiana shrimp harvest slightly down in 2014, and prices up

Consumers, however, should expect some relief later in the spring, when shrimp landings are typically much higher.  Larger Gulf shrimp — 15 or less shrimp per pound — sold for about $9.25 per pound in February, compared to $6.45 in the same month last year and $6.60 in February 2012, according to the federal data.  The price is also higher for smaller shrimp — 41 to 50 shrimp per pound. That shrimp sold at about $3.70 per pound in the Gulf in February, compared to $2.35 last year and $2.30 in February 2012. Read more here  07:41

Grachek – Seismic Blasting: More Dots

supereco manStay with me on this one. Press briefing on Atlantic seismic surveys, Erik Milito, API director upstream and industry operations Thursday, February 27, 2014 “The economic benefits of opening the Atlantic to offshore oil and natural gas development will be felt all across the country…” The oil companies are among the most powerful entities on the planet and they want the ocean.

They also want to know the “most efficient drilling locations” so they’re going to start seismic blasting along the East Coast and are busy sending out their initial public opinion cover-stories; what’s really interesting though, is how the agencies of the government, the academic institutions, and the environmental groups, all in a coordinated way, seem to fall in line to be the point men dutifully performing the marketing prevarications for these mammoth companies.  Read more here  04:40

Lobster industry claws out levy to promote Canadian crustaceans – $2.5-million annually

About 200 fishermen, processors, industry officials and politicians from the three Maritime provinces agreed at the two-day summit to introduce a two-cent levy – one cent from harvesters and one cent from processors – for each pound of lobster landed. The money – about $2.5-million annually – will go mostly towards marketing Canadian lobster as a premium product in North America, Europe and Asia. Read more here globeandmail 21:14

Fisheries Science Stewardship and Sustainability Board (FSSSB) Releases 2014 Atlantic Halibut Sustainability Plan

The Atlantic Halibut Sustainability Plan represents the first step in a long-term process to address ongoing conservation challenges associated with the fixed gear under 65’ halibut fishery. The plan provides fish harvesters with the flexibility to better utilize the limited, but highly valuable, halibut resource in Division 4RST and to contribute to improving their income levels and the economic viability of fishing enterprises. Read more here  20:50

NOAA NMFS and ASMFC Team Up to Help River Herring – and they opened with a half assed Webinar!

nmfs_logoMore than 80 experts from Canada to Florida participated in the first technical working group meeting for river herring (i.e., blueback herring and alewife) on March 27.  NOAA Fisheries NMFS and the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission organized this meeting to kick off a strategic effort to advance the restoration of river herring throughout its Atlantic coastal range. Read more here 20:34

The Webinar for todays four hour meeting required the use of a computer AND a telephone for sound! EPIC FAIL.

One a those things: Kodiak bookkeeper allegedly paid for plastic surgery with stolen fishery funds

A 57-year-old woman working as a bookkeeper at a fishing operation in Kodiak — a city on the Alaska island of the same name, where life largely revolves around the surrounding sea — stands accused of stealing money from her employer and using it for plastic surgery, among other expenses. Read more here  alaskadispatch 17:35

That Peter Shelley. He’s got all the answers! – Why can’t the US be more like the Canadians?

You don’t usually hear much Canada envy from New England’s fishing industry. But last week, commercial fishermen Vito Giacalone, Richie Canastra, and Jimmy Odlin wrote to the Boston Globe to praise Canada’s haddock regulations, which they say have allowed Canadian fishermen to catch a far larger portion of their haddock quota—93 percent between 2004 and 2011, compared to United States fishermen’s 11 percent over the same period. These fishermen say United States haddock fishery regulations,, Read more here talkingfish 17:19

National Marine Fisheries Service violated law – Federal Ruling on Allocation Favors Gulf Commercial Red Snapper Fishermen

GSI-LogoFederal Ruling on Allocation Favors Gulf Commercial Red Snapper Fishermen A federal ruling has been handed down that the U.S. government violated the law by failing to properly manage the Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper fishery. Read more here  16:16

NOAA Looted SK Money: Research projects in New England and the Mid-Atlantic are expected to receive nearly $5.6 million

nmfs_logo“Today’s announcement is great news for fishing communities in the Greater Atlantic Region,” said John Bullard, administrator, NOAA Fisheries NMFS Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office. “Many impressive proposals were submitted for these grants and the funds will support a wide-range of projects to help fishermen and the fishing industry. I’m pleased that so many of the selected projects were from partnerships of fishermen and scientists from this region.” Read more here  16:06

Cooke Aquaculture announces $203M Scottish purchase

New Brunswick-based Cooke Aquaculture is buying the Scottish subsidiary of Marine Harvest in the Orkney and Shetland Islands in a deal worth $203 million. The company operates several salmon farms and a feed mill in Nova Scotia.  Read more here 14:58

Maryland Seafood labeling legislation could pose problems for restaurants

ANNAPOLIS — Marylanders — lawmakers included — take their crabs very seriously, which prompted a legislative proposal that would let residents know when their “Maryland style” crabcakes aren’t the real deal. Some members of the seafood and restaurant industries fear that legislation introduced in the state House of Delegates proposing tighter regulations on seafood labeling could be impractical and costly for Maryland restaurants. Read more here 13:31

Oceana’s dirty tactics – Editor in Chief Jessica Hathaway, National Fisherman Magazine

jessica hathawayOceana made a big splash last week with its “Wasted Catch” paper touting details on the nine dirtiest American fisheries. Like many of Oceana’s campaigns, this “report” goes to great lengths to vilify U.S. fisheries for their bycatch rates without mentioning the efforts made on the industry side to reduce bycatch. (What better way to beat the drum for donations than to tell only half the story?) Read more here  11:48

Green crabs as lobster bait working in Nova Scotia

It’s a fishing version of the old “If life gives you lemons…” adage. Instead of passively watching invasive green crabs devour native species, fishermen and scientists in Nova Scotia have acted, turning the invader into an asset. At the Maine Green Crab Summit in Orono in December, Chris McCarthy, ecologist with the province’s Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site, explained how the commercial green crab fishery was established,,, Read more here  workingwaterfront 10:43

Eight Regional Fishery Management Council Nominations & Appointments Under Review

nmfs_logoIn accordance with Section 302 of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, the Secretary of Commerce (Secretary) is required to appoint the voting state specific, or obligatory, members and at-large members to the regional fishery management councils. On the Secretary’s behalf, the NOAA Fisheries Assistant Administrator for Fisheries NMFS solicits nominations from governors and facilitates the annual appointments process. The appointments process begins each year in mid-January with nominations due from governors by March 15.  Lots of links, and information here 10:27

NOAA and partners release first federal ocean acidification strategic research plan

Today, NOAA and its partners released the first federal strategic plan to guide research and monitoring investments that will improve our understanding of ocean acidification, its potential impacts on marine species and ecosystems, and adaptation and mitigation strategies. Read more here  10:04

Fink forecasts end of seal industry

Sheryl Fink is forecasting the demise of the seal industry, but how that happens should be determined by Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.  “It’s not for a group like (International Fund for Animal Welfare) or Pam Anderson or anybody else to sort of provide the solution,” the wildlife campaigns director for IFAW Canada said during an interview at The Western Star in Corner Brook Tuesday. Read more here westernstar  09:46

With Florida Keys lobster season closing Monday, fishermen say it’s been a good harvest.

One of the most successful Florida Keys lobster seasons in recent years comes to a close Monday. As the eight-month season winds down, the spring prices paid by buyers for live lobsters sold to the Asian market may hit $16 per pound or higher. “The Chinese have a live [lobster] market that can and will pay the higher price,” Cramer said. “The frozen market cannot compete with the prices for live lobster.” Read more here  19:24

Rhode Island company proposes wind farm 30 miles off Montauk

The queer minded notions of Deepwater chief executive Jeffrey Grybowski

The queer minded notions of Deepwater chief executive Jeffrey Grybowski

“It’s green energy for investors only,” said Bonnie Brady, executive director of the Long Island Commercial Fishing Assoc., a Montauk-based group that has opposed some of the projects because of impacts on sea bottom and reduced fishing access. Grybowski said the federal government and Deepwater have met with fishing interests and have agreed keep turbines off the most important fishing sectors. Read more here  19:07

Lobster levy gets boost at industry conference in Halifax

CBC_News_logoFishermen and processors attending an industry conference in Halifax appear to be on board with a levy to fund a campaign promoting Maritime lobster. Read more here  18:06

Maritime Storm: What can satellite images tell us? – CBC meteorologist Kalin Mitchell explains how this storm is different from a hurricane

CBC_News_logonasa-satellite-image-maritime-stormMeteorologists make use of many tools to assess the strength of powerful weather systems and one of the most useful — especially when dealing with a storm that is over the ocean and away from radar coverage — is satellite imagery. This is a satellite shot from this morning, examining the powerful nor’easter moving past the Maritimes. Read more here

Updated – Maritime storm: Worst still to come  Read more here  17:16

Groups oppose three universities and the National Science Foundation ocean blasting plan off N.J. coast

Environmental and fishing groups are opposing a plan by three universities and the National Science Foundation to carry out seismic blast tests on the ocean floor off the New Jersey coast this summer. The groups say the tests could harm or kill marine life including dolphins, whales and many types of fish. The National Marine Fisheries Service has,, Read more here  16:30