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Resources for All Alaskans – New fisheries group plots strategy

Resources for All Alaskans was formed by several local and statewide commercial fishing representatives including Jim Butler, a longtime Cook Inlet setnetter and lawyer, Jim Garner, executive vice president of Trident Seafood, and Jerry McCune, president of United Fishermen of Alaska and Cordova District Fishermen United.  Read more here  22:28

Togiak Herring Update: Herring Harvested Tuesday and Wednesday

Fishermen participating in the ongoing Togiak sac-roe herring fishery have finally started harvesting herring. KDLG’s Mike Mason has this update. here  21:40

As the world waits for the Trout River whale to explode, the town grapples with the attention

Doris Sheppard runs Sheppard’s B and B in Trout River, Nfld., with her husband, Tom. Their dream home, with the wraparound white porch, sits on a hill overlooking the picturesque town which, in recent days, has been the focus of international media attention because of the very large, very dead and potentially very explosive blue whale that has washed ashore on Trout River’s beach.  nationalpost Read more here 20:57

Stonington woman wants to help ‘Chix Who Fish’

chicks fishing wearSTONINGTON — It was one of those cold, miserable days out on the water shortly before Christmas, and Genevieve Kurilec McDonald was fed up with her fishing rain gear. “I was wet and cold,” she remembers, “and I was tired of being wet and cold.” Read more here  20:29

This year’s California salmon catch could be the last good one for a while

The 2014 California king salmon season that begins May 1 is predicted to be one of the better years recently, despite this winter’s drought. But we’d better enjoy it while we can. latimes Read more here  20:14

Take part in annual Blaine Washington Blessing of the Fleet

The Blaine seafarers memorial committee and Blaine commercial fishing members will host the annual Blessing of the Fleet on Sunday, May 4, at 1:30 p.m. in the Blaine Harbor meeting room. Blaine’s fishing fleet travels sometimes thousands of miles during their yearly harvest of the sea. The commercial catch areas may include Washington state inland and Pacific coastal waters, as well as the Gulf of Alaska, Bristol Bay, Bering Sea, southeast Alaska, and the Oregon and California coastlines. Read more here  19:20

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch — Big price increases for halibut and black cod –

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522Halibut prices are up by more than a dollar a pound compared to the same time last year. Fresh fish have been moving smoothly and demand is steady, said one major buyer at Kodiak. Dock prices at Kodiak were reported,,Listen and  Read more here  19:11

Athearn Marine Agency Boat of the Week: 55′ RI Marine Longliner/Lobster,1983, Lobster,Longliner Steel, Detroit

ll3613_01Specifications, and information Click here  14:23

Liberal backbencher Charlie McGeoghegan calls for lobster holding facility

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2McGeoghegan is suggesting government take a lead role in developing a live lobster holding facility. The idea has been tossed around for years. McGeoghegan said holding onto premium, hard-shell live lobster until the season is over would fetch better prices than sending everything to be processed. Read more here  13:59

Lobster only major seafood to lose value over 10-year period, report says

It’s a tale well known in Maine: Lobster prices have tanked over the past decade as the harvest has surged. Among 10 key species that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration examined, only American lobster dropped in price from 2003 through 2012, according to a report released Tuesday. Read more here  10:18

Atlantic salmon can be farmed on land, B.C. project shows

CBC_News_logoA British Columbia First Nation is using a workshop this week in St. Andrews to explain how it is growing Atlantic salmon without the fish ever seeing the ocean. The Namgis closed-containment facility on Vancouver Island is the first salmon farm in North America to grow Atlantic salmon on a commercial scale in a completely land-based aquaculture system. Read more here  09:53

NOAA Reports: New England groundfisheries still struggling

sct logo“The report puts every region together with the whole country and calls it a big success, but in New England the groundfishery really isn’t doing well,” said Brian Rothschild, former dean of the School of Marine Science and Technology at UMass Dartmouth. “We still have some real problems in New England straightening out our management picture.” Read more here  08:49

New England: Federal fish reports show grim picture – Gulf of Maine thorny skate???

gdt iconIf you’re looking for an accurate barometer of the dire state of the Northeast groundfish fishery, you need look no further than the two reports NOAA released Tuesday afternoon — one on the overall state of U.S. fish stocks and another on national fisheries economics. Read more here  07:59

$357,000 payment in a damage claim from the 2010 BP oil spill must be repaid because the claim was fraudulent.

The claim had been made by Casey Thonn for seafood losses. An investigation by former FBI director Louis Freeh determined it was made based on phony tax returns. Messages left for Thonn’s and Sutton’s lawyers were not immediately returned. Read more here  23:34

Ottawa paid multinational fish farms $4.1 million for diseased fish

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2OTTAWA — The federal government quietly paid $4.1 million in compensation to two Norway-headquartered aquaculture companies operating in B.C. that had to destroy fish hit by a deadly virus in 2012. The payments came from a program that has paid out $94 million since 2011 — mostly to East Coast fish farmers — to cover losses from exposure to disease. Read more here  23:15

Louisiana commercial fishery tops Gulf of Mexico in total catch and revenue

nola logoLouisiana commercial fishers in 2012 had the largest amount of commercial seafood landed in the Gulf of Mexico and garnered the most revenue from that catch in the region, according to a National Marine Fisheries Service report released on Tuesday. Read more here  22:50

Some Deepwater Resistance to Deepwater Wind

PEACE DALE — Both sides of a recent debate held at the Lily Pads Professional Center agreed on one thing: climate change is being caused by human activity. However, they disagreed whether industrial wind, specifically the proposed wind farms off the coast of Rhode Island, is a solution to curbing greenhouse gas emissions. ecori  Read more here  16:15

The Ted Stevens Memorial

ted stevens fan clubWith the crab quotas that Ted Stevens pushed through congress leasing to fishing vessels at 80 percent of the value of the catch and the crews of those vessels being paid a sharecropper’s wage without any of the, “Safety,” that was a stated premise of the plan. It is a good moment to look back and remember the people responsible for this travesty and the greed and douchebaggery that they represent. Read more here  12:19

You know, like Nature Conservancy and the JP Morgan marriage! Here

NOAA Reports Show Strong Economic Gains from Fishing, Continued Improvement in Fish Stocks (While Destroying New England)

nmfs_logoU.S. commercial and recreational saltwater fishing generated more than $199 billion in sales in 2012, a gain of seven percent over the previous year, with the economic impact of fishing jobs increasing three percent from 2011 to 2012, according to a new NOAA Fisheries NOAA/NMFS economics report.This annual report provides a ‘snapshot’ in time of the status of U.S. fisheries at the end of 2013. Read more here  11:43

Cortez’s fishy case makes its way to Supreme Court

The entire investigation is based on the testimony of a single Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission officer. Yates was acquitted of a third charge of lying to a federal investigator. A.P. Bell Fish Co. owner Karen Bell remembers the day Yates returned from grouper fishing. “John was very argumentative with the investigators,” said Bell. “The last thing you want to do is be argumentative with federal investigators.” ,,”They raided this place, and I mean full-blown SWAT teams on the roof and everything,”  Read more here  11:19

Proposal targets herring trawlers

nefmc logoHerring trawlers will have to stop fishing and end the fishing trip if they lower their nets and dump bycatch, such as a haddock and alewife, according to new rules being recommended by the New England Fishery Management Council. portlandpress  Read more here  11:07

Wall St Wolf Nature Conservancy Teams With Bailout Queen JPMorgan Chase & Co. To Buy Our Resources

wolf-in-sheeps-clothing-scaled500-e1371562470325The Nature Conservancy and JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM) announced today the establishment of NatureVest,,, NatureVest will convene investors; develop and execute innovative financial transactions; and continue to build an investment pipeline across multiple sectors, including agriculture, fisheries and environmental markets. JPMorgan Chase is the founding sponsor of NatureVest and has committed to provide multi-year support for its launch and development. Read more predatory info here!

Carino CEO sells seal outside Bryan Adams concert – video

CBC_News_logo“There’s big problems in our fishery, quota cuts, and seals are playing a big part into that. It’s the highest [seal population] we’ve seen since we’ve been managing fisheries that we’ve had a seal population this high and we’d just like due respect to have conversations with these people.” Read more here  09:00

Bay of Fundy starting to see fewer young lobster

CBC_News_logoScientists are reporting a sharp decline in the number of young lobsters settling off the coast of Maine and in the waters southwest of Nova Scotia. Fisheries and Oceans Canada scientist John Tremblay says landings off of Nova Scotia will be impacted. Read more here 08:46

Phillip Boudreau murder charge dropped – Craig Claude Landry now charged with accessory after the fact

CBC_News_logoThe Crown has withdrawn a charge of second-degree murder against one of the four people charged with the death of Cape Breton fisherman Phillip Boudreau. Read more here  08:40

The Blessing of the Fleet mixes celebration, anticipation, nostalgia, along Bayou Little Caillou

blessingResidents gathered along Bayou Little Caillou on Sunday to bless the shrimp fleet and celebrate another season on Louisiana’s fading delta. “It’s an honor just to be on the bayou with the people,” said third-generation shrimp boat captain Kimothy Guy, whose 55-foot green and white trawler, the T-Kim and James, led dozens of floating parties aboard fishing skiffs and pleasure boats parading down the bayou. Read more here  08:04

A Wonderful Regulatory By Catch Solution! Environmental Police donate voluntarily confiscated fish to the hungry

sct logoNEW BEDFORD — They were “beautiful fish.” One hundred pounds of fluke fillets — enough to make 250 meals — donated to the Veterans Transition House on Friday with a surprising but welcome knock at the door. The story of these fillets’ “unusual circumstances” began on April 22. That’s when the fluke fishery’s usual 500-pound trip limit decreased to 100 pounds. Read more here  06:47

NL: Fish, Food and Allied Workers’ stance on shrimp allocations criticized

[ST. JOHN’S, NL] – The Fish, Food and Allied Workers’ (FFAW) union is putting a spin on northern shrimp quota allocations for its own benefit, according to the executive director of the Canada Association of Prawn Producers. Bruce Chapman (man with a paper asshole) says that the FFAW’s contention that DFO is unfairly favouring the offshore sector when it comes to northern shrimp stocks isn’t true. dailybizbuzz  Read more here  21:47

Boundary Line Confusion in Bristol Bay

Commercial fishing vessels in Bristol Bay have different requirements to meet depending on whether or not they are used inside or outside of a particular line on the map. The so-called “Boundary Line” can be confusing to fishermen. KDLG’s Mike Mason spoke with the Coast Guard to clear up the confusion.By Mike Mason  kdlg  Listen to the report here  21:29

LDWF Adopts Seafood Certification Program Rule Changes

Based on feedback from the seafood industry, The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has adopted program rule changes to their Louisiana Wild Seafood Certification Program (LWSCP). The Louisiana Wild Seafood Certification Program (LWSCP) is a voluntary program for Louisiana wild seafood that was passed by the Louisiana Legislature,,, Read more here 20:23

Experienced Long Line Captain for Hire for East Coast Fishery

The Only People Making Money Off the Seal Hunt Are Anti-Sealing Campaigners – Terry Audla

supereco manI understand that PETA brings in about $30 million annually, the Humane Society of the U.S. collects more than $100 million and their executives make six-figure salaries. They and other groups like the International Fund for Animal Welfare are clamouring for this easy target. Who could blame them? After all, it is good money in a competitive charitable market. huffpo  Read more here  17:29

Study finds trace levels of Fukushima radiation in albacore

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Albacore tuna caught off the Oregon shore after the Fukushima Daiichi power station in Japan was destroyed in a 2011 earthquake had slightly elevated levels of radioactivity but the increase has been minute, according to a newly published study. In fact, you would have to consume more than 700,000 pounds of the fish with the highest radioactive level – just to match the amount of radiation the average person is annually exposed to in everyday life through cosmic rays, the air, the ground, X-rays and other sources, the authors say. Read more here  15:35

Worried about the Cape’s striped bass? Look in the mirror. – A call for anglers’ self-regulation

Once again this summer, a striped bass honey hole off the coast of Chatham will make it difficult for Capegoers to appreciate the severity of the species’ overall decline. Since 2009, the Eastern Seaboard’s most prized game fish has arrived to these waters in droves. No doubt, recreational fishermen, myself included, have taken advantage. capecodtimes  Read more here  10:26

Letter: Safety at Pillar Point Harbor should come first

The new hoist location on Johnson Pier at Pillar Point Harbor (“New fish hoist raises concerns at Pillar Point” in the April 18 edition of the Daily Journal) will harm small business owners by causing unnecessary delays in commercial fishing operations, creates a workplace hazard and jeopardizes public safety.  Read more here  10:08

Guest Column: A bleak future for fishing in Greenport, Sidney Smith Captain/owner F/V Merit

I am a commercial fisherman, and to be honest, it raises my blood pressure and turns my stomach that Greenport claims the fame as a fishing port. Unfortunately, it seems the village is more interested in being called a fishing village than actually being one. The fact of the matter is, village government has never made it easy for a commercial fishing boat to actually work out of the village. They have a commercial dock but don’t allow fish boxes there. Get that? No unloading. No fueling. No gear on the dock.  Read more here  09:55

Campbell River woman helps others cope after her husband’s fishing death

Sean Dorsett knew something was wrong when he dropped anchor off his commercial fishing boat in a sheltered bay by Langara Island. Something just didn’t feel right. Dorsett, 40, who had pulled in to weather a storm, knew he’d have to dive down to unhook the anchor in the morning. For the certified diver, it was all part of a day’s work. But on September 8, 2004, Sean Dorsett didn’t resurface.  Read more here  09:39

Different states with different rules sting SouthCoast fluke fishermen

sct logoPOINT JUDITH, R.I. — April 9 was a good day for Tony Borges, captain of the Sao Paulo. He only had to throw 100 pounds of fish overboard. That’s 100 pounds of fluke, roughly 33 individual fish, most of which were already dead. Read more here  08:55

The 2014 Togiak Sac Roe Herring Fishery Opens Up Sunday Night at 6

The largest herring fishery in Alaska opens up Sunday night but serious fishing could be on hold for a day or 2. The Togiak sac-roe herring fishery will open at 6-pm after biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game spotted enough herring in the district to warrant a commercial fishery.  kdlg  Read more here  20:31

“I believe BP is winning.” – How a Gulf Settlement That BP Once Hailed Became Its Target

“In the beginning they was all real nice,” said Barry Labruzzo, a 35-year-old shrimper from Slidell, La. Mr. Labruzzo received an emergency payment from Mr. Feinberg’s operation in the early days of the spill, while also putting in a claim for lost business revenue. He was confident he would be paid quickly. “They would tell us we don’t even need a lawyer,” he said.  Read more here  17:46


Canada – changing its laws to fit salmon farming , Alexandra Morton

The salmon farming industry in BC is on the verge of a major expansion and the federal government is changing Canada’s laws to make sure it happens.,,   While there are many forms of aquaculture, the committee seems preoccupied with net pen salmon farming.  Farming salmon in net pens is the problem child of aquaculture in Canada, the sqeaky wheel, with lobby presence in Ottawa. Read more here  16:27

Stand behind a sustainable commercial fishery – oppose Oceana and Turtle Island Restoration Network sponsored AB2019

California’s AB2019, The Swordfish Fishery Sustainability and Marine Wildlife Conservation Act, represents the latest attack on a sustainable, highly regulated, commercial fishery.  California drift gill net fishermen are the latest targets.  This bill will make the use of drift gill nets illegal.  On Tuesday, April 29 the Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee of the California State Assembly will hold a hearing on AB-2019.  The bill’s sponsors are Oceana and Turtle Island Restoration Network. Read more here 11:47

Confessions from the Lone Shark Conservationist Who Supports California’s Drift Gillnet Fishery Read more here

Valuable fishery – Whitefish prices rise, Great Lakes commercial anglers benefit

MARQUETTE – A 30 percent rise in wholesale whitefish prices helped keep the value of Great Lakes fish harvested by licensed commercial anglers above the previous year, according to statistics reported recently by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Division.  Read more here  10:20

Connecticut: River herring returning to state waterways

Two factors have contributed to the local river herring boom: a new culvert built at Rocky Neck in 2009 reopened a previously constricted channel; and beaver dams upstream of Latimer Brook that had cut the fish off from ponds where they mate and spawn have been removed,, theday  Read more here  10:03

PETA will go nuts over this video! Hunting king crabs on an ice-fishing safari in Norway

Tour guide Michael demonstrates how to trap the cold-water red king crab, or Kamchatka crab, in Norway’s Finmark region.  The King Crab Safari thetelegraph  Read more here.  09:40

Rhode Island Fishermen’s Alliance Weekly Update April 27, 2014

rifa“The Rhode Island Fishermen’s Alliance is dedicated to its mission of continuing to help create sustainable fisheries without putting licensed fishermen out of business.” Read the update here  09:19

New clues but no closure in mystery of missing Pompano Beach Fisherman Peter Stilwell

peter stillwellLate on a January afternoon last year, 400 miles out in the Atlantic, Peter Stilwell remained by himself on the aft deck of the Fine Tuna fishing boat. Seas were rolling but not stormy. The captain and two crewmen were in the boat’s pilothouse, talking about fishing. Then the unexplained happened: Stilwell vanished.  Read more here  07:05

Fishing was his life…and his death. Fisherman Peter Stilwell, Pompano Beach, Fla  Read more here  January 29, 2013

Coast Guard releases illegally caught fish

uscg-logoCORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The crew of a Coast Guard Cutter, working with Operation Sea Serpent, recovered fish and shark caught illegally on longline gear by a Mexican lancha Friday in the Gulf of Mexico. The cutter’s crew located a Mexican lancha suspected of illegally fishing in the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone. They pursued the lancha, but were unable to intercept it. After returning to the lancha’s original location, the cutter’s crew located and retrieved 500 yards of abandoned longline gear with 17 sharks, four Red Snapper and two eels. Approximately 75 percent of the catch was still alive and was released. – Read more here  19:39

Lower river spring Chinook fishing on hold until run update; Bonneville Dam counts building

With catch limits near, planned commercial fisheries targeting spring Chinook salmon in so-called “select areas” in the lower Columbia River estuary were rescinded and/or trimmed back in decisions made this week by Oregon and Washington.  Read more here  16:21

Ecosystem Based Management Proposed for the Magnuson Stevens Act

The latest draft version of the Magnuson Stevens Act reauthorization includes some substantial changes including a potential switch to “Ecosystem Based Management”. KDLG’s Mike Mason has the story.  16:05

Have We Lost Almost Everything in the Name of Science? Ret Talbot

“We have lost almost everything in the name of science. And so look at the big picture. Give us the freedom to fish.” Captain Matt McLeod.  It is critical that fisheries managers take fisher observations into account when deciding how to best manage stocks, but it is equally important to not allow those observations to overrun the data. To drown out the science. Put another way, the plural of anecdote is not data. goodcatchblog  Read more here 13:07

Video monitoring of Kenai’s dipnetters in the works

23523_354387901211_7651997_aKENAI — A camera installed to watch winter ice build-up in Cook Inlet could also be used to monitor the City of Kenai’s busy dipnet beaches.  Read more here  09:44

Elver penalties mount amid extra scrutiny in Maine – Up to 14 fishermen face license suspensions

Patrick Keliher, commissioner of the state Department of Marine Resources, sits at the head of a conference table in his office in Hallowell, flanked by three marine resources officers and an assistant attorney general. Across the table sits Sean Manning, an elver fisherman from Sullivan with red eyes, a runny nose and a devastated expression. Keliher slides a box of tissues in Manning’s direction and asks him if he wants to say anything before the state revokes his elver fishing license.  portlandpress Read more here  09:28

‘We feel like we have a voice’: Maine Lobstermen Union recognized

BDNLEWISTON, Maine — At the start of 2013, a group of lobstermen from up and down the coast got together and something that surprised many: They formed a union. Read more here  09:04

Like Enron, But With Fish – The Supreme Court Appeal of Fisherman John L. Yates

court-yates-09-07-lnConsider this one of the fishiest Sarbanes-Oxley suits in the history of the law: an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court is urging the justices to weigh in on whether shredding fish is comparable to shredding documents, as both were used to hide violations of federal law, according to Forbes. Read more here  One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish — Equals A Sarbox Felony?  Read the Forbes article here  08:29

Is there a sustainable future for America’s most popular seafood?

I stare at the beaker of cloudy water, trying to make sense of the slow swirl of particles inside — a mixture of small red specks and pale threads. “Those white squiggles,” Jim Sweeney says, pointing with just the edge of his fingernail to help orient me. “Those are the post-larvae.” He means, those are what I’ve come to see: shrimp. Specifically, they’re Litopenaeus vannamei, or Pacific White Shrimp,,, Read more here  17:26

Gillnetters critique off-channel plan

Southwest Washington’s regional manager of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife came to Cathlamet Monday to discuss the start of a salmon net pen rearing project, and commercial fishermen used the opportunity to express their displeasure with changes to the Columbia River gillnet fishery. Read more here  15:51

Gulf Reef Fish Data Reporting Proposed

In Florida state waters, a proposed rule from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission would give more definition to the numbers of reef species. The proposal, designed to provide more accurate catch and effort data for reef fishing, would require private recreational anglers to take part in the Gulf Reef Fish Data Reporting System.  Read more here  15:44

Bodega Bay honors fishing tradition at annual event

bodega blessingThe annual Bodega Bay Fisherman’s Festival is 41 years old this year, though its centerpiece — the Blessing of the Fleet — goes back 56 years, to a time the commercial fishing industry was at its height. Read more here 15:33