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Silver Bay Seafoods expands into squid with deal to buy California plant

The Sitka-based company’s managing director Rob Zuanich told the newspaper the company has closed on a deal to buy a 4.6 acre lot in Ventura, California. The company paid $2 million for the lot and plans to spend $20m on the facility, said Zuanich. Read more here  19:47

Plastic floated as commercial catch for fishing industry

The plastics industry has introduced a trawling net specially fitted to fish plastic waste out of the sea into in the fight against debris in Danish waters. In the North Sea alone it is estimated that over 20,000 tonnes of waste winds up in the sea each year. Much of it is plastic, and members of the Danish plastics industry felt they had a responsibility to help clean up the mess. Read more here 18:13

Council convenes in Nome, familiar bycatch topics on tap

23523_354387901211_7651997_aBering Sea fishery issues will top the agenda when the North Pacific Fishery Management Council meets in Nome this month. Several agenda items revolve around incidental catches of halibut, chum and king salmon in the Bering Sea. The council will also discuss the Norton Sound red king crab fishery, a potential new Pacific cod fishery for the Community Development Quota organizations, and,,, Read more here  17:21

SURETTE: Sharks in fishing waters, no lifeguard

What is it about the Harper government’s special kink about fisheries — and the media’s failure to hold it to account for its unrelenting assault on it and everything related to it (including environment, foreign affairs and the abuse of Parliament) — which, more than anything, reveals the government’s nasty streak? Read more here  12:46

Coast Guard medevacs ailing fisherman at Prince of Wales Island, Alaska

uscg-logoKODIAK, Alaska — A Coast Guard Air Station Sitka MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew medevaced a 68-year-old man who fell ill aboard the 35-foot fishing vessel  docked in Point Baker on Prince of Wales Island, Thursday. Read more here  11:49

North Carolina: Less seafood harvested in 2013

MOREHEAD CITY | A variety of factors contributed to an overall decrease in seafood harvested in North Carolina in 2013, but the dockside value showed an increase. But the value of the catch jumped to $79 million, a 9-percent increase over the $73 million in 2012. Read more here  09:37

Nearly naked PETA activist covered with BBQ sauce in Vancouver – Video!

Amy Balcome, an almost naked PETA activist, was drizzled with barbecue sauce on a giant plate in downtown Vancouver Friday, asking people to “Try to Relate to Who is on Your Plate.” “PETA is challenging people to think about what ‘meat’ really is: the corpse of an abused animal who did not want to die,” Read more here 09:08

UNE seal rescue facility closes, says animals no longer endangered – (They never were!)

It was heading into the traditionally busy Memorial Day weekend that Lynda Doughty, executive director of Marine Mammals of Maine, said she received a press release that the MARC facility was closing. The news, she said, was “devastating.”  (I just don’t feel devastated) Read more here 08:40

Elver season falls short of statewide quota – Feds suspect significant illegal activity, though.

ELLSWORTH, Maine — The 2014 elver fishing season is expected to come to a close Saturday, without the statewide catch quota being reached, according to state officials. Read more here 08:25

Open invitation issued for Parade of Boats to welcome the Charles W. Morgan

sct logoNEW BEDFORD — Almost anything that floats, that is at least 15 feet long and is fast enough is welcome in the Charles W. Morgan Homecoming Parade of Boats set for Sunday, June 29. Captains are being encouraged to “dress ship” with signal flags or other decorations. Russell said that a scalloper and a dragger will be near the front of the parade, “to honor the fact that the Morgan was a commercial fishing boat.” Read more here 08:08

Lots of salmon out in the ocean pasture means good fishing likely in months ahead

The commercial troll fishery off the southern coast at Ilwaco has been on fire in recent days, and that should bode well when the hatchery-marked selective chinook fishery opens coastwide on Saturday (May 31). Read more here 20:52

Veteran Alaska Journalist Tkacz Found Dead

Veteran-Alaska-Journalist-Tkacz-Found-Dead-1-“Bob was dogged,” said Gregg Erickson, editor-at-large of the Alaska Budget Report. “If you didn’t answer his question to his satisfaction, he didn’t mind who cared, he was going to do his best to get the truth out of you.” Tkacz covered the Legislature and specialized in writing about the commercial fishing and seafood industries. Besides writing for other outlets, he had his own publication, Laws for the SEA. Read more here 17:00

The Corporate Take-Over of Fisheries Policy Making – Click Here

In the past couple of years a number of international conferences and gatherings of key policy makers, corporate representatives and international NGOs have taken huge strides in setting the global agenda in fisheries policy. A worrying pattern has begun to emerge: the interests of small-scale fisheries peoples are consistently sidelined as representative organisations are rarely invited and, if so, are barely listened to. This article will run through some of the most recent events, and documents how a corporate take-over of fisheries policy is taking place. Read more here 16:08

DeFazio-Huffman-Herrera Beutler Amendment Saves West Coast Fishermen $2.4 million

 Their amendment would suspend for a year, the collection of a cost recovery fee in the West Coast Trawl Rationalization Program and provide some relief to groundfish fishermen who are facing mounting costs at a time when they are already struggling to make ends meet. Read more here 15:39

Study finds whale waste could save declining fisheries. Alrighty then.

New research has revealed that Far from being a threat to fisheries, whales may in fact play a key role in sustaining fish stocks. Read more here  The ridiculous is that which is highly incongruous or inferior, sometimes deliberately so to make people laugh or get their attention, and sometimes unintended so as ,,,,14:20

As brown shrimp season opens, several cited for trawling in BP oil spill closure area

Soon after the spring brown shrimp season opened Monday for inshore waters, eight fishers were cited for trawling in a 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill closure zone. The shrimpers, mainly from Jefferson Parish, were fishing in the area of Bay Jimmy in Plaquemines Parish, according to the state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Read more here 11:11

EDITORIAL – Fish Protection Rules In Jeopardy

Every few years, the law is amended and reauthorized. In 1996 and 2006, it was changed to add greater protection for dwindling fish populations. Those changes might be undone in part by proposals put forth by U.S. Rep. Richard “Doc” Hastings, R-Washington, chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee. Read more here 10:12

New Hampshire’s beleaguered commercial fishing industry – $2M in federal funds

yNew Hampshire’s 400-year-old commercial fishing fleet, made up of small boats, has worked under increasing federal regulations and restrictions since the Magnuson-Stevens Act was passed in 1976. It limits the catch and species of fish that can be caught, as well as when and where fisherman can fish. A 2010 amendment to the act introduced the “catch share” limit system for groundfish that hit small independent boat fishermen, like those in New Hampshire, the hardest. Read more here 08:52

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Landings and poundage and values, oh my! What a difference a word makes

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522For years Fish Radio claimed that over 84 percent of Alaska’s seafood landings hail from federal waters, or from three to 200 miles from shore. But that’s not correct. That high percentage applies to the volume or poundage taken, not the landings. When it comes to fish deliveries, the state takes it hands down. Read more here  08:32

National Park Service Biscayne Park Fishery Management Plan ruffles fishermen

The head of the Florida Keys Commercial Fishermen’s Association says he’ll take the fight to Congress if need be to fend off the implementation of a series of fishing restrictions proposed this week by Biscayne National Park officials. Read more here  08:12

REFI Act will support West Coast fishing jobs

t’s no secret that the health of our coastal communities is dependent of the success of local fishermen and the jobs they create. In my district of Southwest Washington and all along the West Coast, the groundfish fleet and the 3,000 jobs it supports are centrally important. But fishermen off the coasts of Washington, Oregon and California are struggling to sustain their businesses, due in large part to unnecessary regulatory and financial burdens. Read more here  07:01

Rhode Island: Federal funding of $1.9M to help state’s fishermen

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) – Rhode Island officials say the state will receive $1.9 million in federal funding to help fishermen. Read more here 22:21

Obituary, Jerry P. Wollen 58 Petersburg, Alaska

Gerald “Jerry” Patrick Wollen, 58, was born in Aberdeen, Washington on June 14th, 1957 to parents James and Ruth. Jerry’s final resting place will be on the beach in front of his home he shared with Glorianne in Alaska. There was a whole lot of living between the beginning and the end. Read it here 21:57

Japanese all in on Newfoundland’s $4.95 crab price after huge struggle

Japanese buyers finally accepted en masse an FOB snow crab price of $4.95 (US dollars) from Newfoundland in Canada. At the end of last week, buyers who had resisted accepting that price came around and signed contracts. Read more here  21:00

Dogfish Don’t Eat As Much As You Think They Do

First off, why do we care how much a spiny dogfish, or any fish for that matter, is eating?  Aside from the fact that predator-prey interactions are interesting, the populations of the fish that we eat don’t exist in a vacuum with us as the only predators.  Read more here  19:32

Managers meet, tackle state waters Gulf issues

23523_354387901211_7651997_aCurrently, the council is considering a rationalization program for trawlers targeting pollock, Pacific cod, and several other target and secondary species in the central Gulf of Alaska, western Gulf of Alaska and west Yakutat management areas. The most recent council motion asked for a discussion paper that looks at using cooperatives to help manage the fisheries, by allocating the quota to cooperatives, rather than individuals, with an option for fishers to remain outside of the cooperative structure, but not receive a direct allocation of quota. Read more here 19:20

Harbor improvement grant lacks fishermen support: Frustration boiling over about Pillar Point Harbor control, district decision-making

While seeking funds to update one of the most productive commercial fishing ports in the state, the San Mateo County Harbor District is receiving pushback from a group of fishermen who say they no longer trust the district has their best intentions at heart. Read more here 16:55

Waters to re-open to gill net fishermen

The N.C. Marine Fisheries Commission took action Thursday that re-opens waters in certain exempted areas to allow anchored large-mesh gill net operations beginning June 1. However, no possession of red drum will be allowed. Read more here  16:26

Fishing disaster aid – direct assistance to keep the industry going has been minimized and replaced with permit buybacks

Frank Mirarchi, a retired commercial fisherman from Scituate, said the direct assistance will go to fishermen who have a 5,000-pound qualifying history. He said it will work out to about $32,000 per commercial boat. Ed Barrett of Marshfield, president of the Massachusetts Fishermen’s Partnership, said he feels the direct assistance to keep the industry going has been minimized and replaced with permit buybacks. “That’s suicide. Here’s your disaster relief: a firing squad,” he said. “We’re communities with 400 years of fishing tradition, and I don’t think that because we didn’t have the quotas, because we were struggling, that we shouldn’t give help to those who need it most.” Read more here 16:14

Committee Approves Strengthening Fishing Communities and Increasing Flexibility in Fisheries Management Act

Today the House Natural Resources Committee approved H.R. 4742, the Strengthening Fishing Communities and Increasing Flexibility in Fisheries Management Act by a bipartisan vote of 24-17. This legislation would renew and amend the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (last reauthorized in 2006 and expired in 2013) to ensure that this  fundamentally sound legislation works in the best interest of both fish and fishermen. Read more here 14:56

Gloucester Fishermen to get direct aid

gdt iconThe plan to deliver the long-awaited federal fishery disaster money to Gloucester fishermen and others in the Northeast multispecies groundfishery is largely in place, but recipients probably won’t see any of it until early fall. Read more here (the new paywall allows 5 page views, not articles) 14:24

Speedy surgery puts transmitters into Hudson River fish

The biologist wore an orange slicker rather than hospital scrubs, and his operating room was a small fishing boat in the middle of the Hudson River. But Wednesday’s operation was serious work as Burnett used a scalpel to make a 3-inch incision in the belly of a gasping shortnose sturgeon, inserted an electronic tracking device and quickly stitched up the wound. Read more here 11:33

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Seafreeze_eMail_HeaderContact our sales team today @ 401 295 2585 or 800 732 273 Click here for the complete price list from Seafreeze Ltd. where The Only Thing They Treat YOUR Fish is With Respect ! Visit our website  11:00

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Monomoy wildlife refuge plan fuels anger in Chatham

The plan contains a blanket prohibition on harvesting mussels, which are considered an important food source for migrating ducks such as eiders. It also prohibited the use of a brine solution that forces fast-digging razor clams to the surface making them easier to catch. Any type of gear that was dragged along the bottom, like a scallop dredge, is also not allowed in those waters as a new measure intended to help restore sea-floor habitat like eelgrass. Read more here  08:56

70-year-old Sussex County Del. man pleads guilty to 10 crabbing violations

Ronald T. Cagle Sr. of Selbyville was cited Saturday for two counts of commercial crabbing for blue crabs without the required state commercial crabbing license, two counts of possession of undersized crabs, three counts of exceeding the limit of crab pots and three counts of failure to properly mark crab pots, said Senior Cpl. Carl Winckoski of the state . Read more here  07:37

Salmon markets show steady seasonal variations at wholesale

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch …. Salmon prices vary according to the seasons. Salmon prices at wholesale show very marked seasonal variations for both wild and farmed fish. It’s a pattern that’s been tracked by Urner Barry- the nation’s oldest commodity market watcher since 1895. Read more here 07:08

Mass. fishermen land $14.5 million in disaster relief

sct logoThe funds announced by NOAA Wednesday are short of ideal, according to Jim Kendall of New Bedford Seafood Consulting. “It’s only $14.5 million?” Kendall said. “Jesus.” “The question is how it’s going to be utilized and who’s going to be the ones receiving it and how it’s going to be distributed”¦. There’s an awful lot of unknowns.” Kendall said with the discussion of relief allocation, the “average crewman or the regular deckhand” are left behind. In addition, he pointed to the businesses that support groundfishing that also suffer from the disaster. Read more here  06:49

$1.6 million in disaster aid split among 50 Maine fishermen

“The fishermen have been regulated so tightly they can’t earn a livelihood anymore,” he said. Maine fishermen have stayed within their catch limits for years but have suffered the consequences of “inflexible federal regulations,” Gov. Paul LePage said in a prepared statement. “I am glad that this economic relief will give Maine fishermen the flexibility to make an investment in their future, because our fishermen want a hand up, not a handout,” LePage said. Read more here 21:10

Tomorrow at 10AM, the House Committee on Natural Resources is marking up 6 bills including legislation by Chairman Doc Hastings to reauthorize the Magnuson-Stevens Act.

The legislation would renew and amend the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act – which governs the recreational and commercial harvest of fisheries in Federal waters – to implement common sense reforms that will promote increased flexibility and transparency, improve data collection, create jobs, and give predictability and certainty to the coastal communities that depend on stable fishing activities. Watch LIVE! Click here 18:32

NOAA Marches to the Beat of Multiple Drummers on Habitat Protection

duncey peteSometimes it is hard to understand why agencies do the things they do. Are they just marching to an inaudible tune that somehow makes sense of the sum of their actions? Peter Shelley whines about the CLFs on again, off again partner, NOAA. Kinda like the old Hells Angel tag. When we do good, no one remembers, but when we do bad, no one forgets. More sniveling here  18:18

Half of Hawaii’s Bottomfishing Restricted Areas Opening Up

A long-simmering dispute over the state’s Bottomfishing Restricted Areas (BRFA’s) between Hawaii’s fishing community and the state’s  and fisheries scientists has resulted in a move by the state to open six BRFAs and keep six BRFAs closed. Read more here 17:45

Canada sole holdout on United Nations fisheries guidelines

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2HALIFAX – Canadian scientists are appealing to the federal government not to hold up a unique set of United Nations-sponsored guidelines that would  around the world. Read more here 16:20

Court won’t stop BP oil spill claims payments

bp projectsafeNEW ORLEANS (AP) — BP PLC must resume paying claims while it asks the U.S. Supreme Court to review its settlement with businesses over the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, a federal appeals court panel said Wednesday. Read more here  16:08

Breaking – New England States reach consensus on plans to distribute groundfish disaster funds

The state fishery directors from Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York, in partnership with NOAA, today announced a proposed framework for the distribution of $32.8 million in federal disaster monies to the New England groundfish industry. Read more here 15:47

Wanted: Port of New Bedford – Harbormaster

Harbor Development Commission  Harbormaster/HDC Operations Officer (this is not a City of New Bedford job) 13:36

Nation’s ocean scientists meeting at Bigelow Lab on role of plankton

Fifty of the most prominent ocean scientists in the country will come to the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences in Maine for a research event about the response of marine plankton to changing ocean conditions. Read more here 13:14

Athearn Marine Agency Boat of the Week – 42′ Provincial Lobster, Fresh 430HP, 6 Cylinder Cummins

lb3465_03Specifications, and information Click here  12:55

Halifax trawler faces arrest over broken Greenland cable – accuses owners and crew of CF/V Acadienne Gale II of negligence

An arrest warrant has been issued for a Halifax-registered shrimp trawler that Greenland’s largest telecommunications company accuses of twice breaking its subsea fibre optic cable. Tele Greenland alleges in documents filed in the Federal Court of Canada that the crew, the master and owners of the Acadienne Gale II were negligent when the trawler’s fishing gear allegedly caused $2 million worth of damage last year. Read more here 09:47

Fishery resource state at Newfoundlands Grand Bank assessed

Researchers at Vigo Oceanographic Centre of the  are evaluating the state of exploitation of the fishery resources of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland. The research tasks are performed from 25 May aboard the vessel Vizconde de Eza under the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (MAGRAMA). Read more here 09:17

Cortez Fishing for Freedom members attend protest, appellate hearing

Coarsey said 50-60 people attended the demonstration outside of the FWC building, most wearing their FFF T-shirts. The shirts, on the back, state, “Biology versus Politics.” Following the protest, FFF members filled the courtroom for the hearing. “We represented Manatee County. Is it important we went up there? Yes,” said Coarsey. “They’re taking out a species of fisherman.” Read more here 08:23

Mashpee oyster farmer gets legal boost

Richard Cook, a Mashpee shellfisherman, has been fighting for three years with homeowners who have called his plans for a 1.9-acre oyster farm a nuisance and safety hazard. Cook has won local and state regulatory approval for his proposed farm but has been stymied by the lawsuits filed by homeowners. They also attempted to use a lobbying firm to put a provision into the state budget that would have killed the project. Read more here 08:11

Alaska: Commercial fishing groups, feds, testify on salmon management

Alaska has managed its own salmon since statehood, and neither party is questioning that. But the United Cook Inlet Drift Association and Cook Inlet Fishermen’s Fund, who brought the lawsuit forward in February 2013, want federal oversight of salmon management — and believes that is what congress has intended in its regulations of fish in federal waters. The National Marine Fisheries Service, however,, Read more here  08:02

Doing away with fruit, vegetable middlemen

Its minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, said by eliminating middlemen, farmers’ income will increase, after launching the “fight against middlemen in fruits and vegetables sub-sector” programme at RTC Gopeng.  This is the third such programme launched by Ismail, after the fisheries and padi sector. Read more here  21:19

Mystery bidder offers $5,000 minimum for Maine island lighthouse

YORK, Maine — A $5,000 bid has been placed to buy Boon Island Light Station, according to information online from the , the real estate arm of the federal government.  In December 1710, prior to the construction of the light tower or other buildings, the Nottingham Galley was shipwrecked at Boon Island. The crew survived by resorting to cannibalism  Read more here  19:48


More salmon get truck rides due to drought

Nearly 1 million juvenile Chinook salmon this week will get a truck ride from Red Bluff to San Pablo Bay as a detour around harmful Sacramento River conditions caused by drought. The fish are the last of 12 million fall-run Chinook salmon produced this year at Coleman National Hatchery near Red Bluff. Normally, all those fish are released into Battle Creek, a tributary of the Sacramento, to journey downstream to the Pacific Ocean on their own. Read more here  18:25

Read more here:


A Climate of Change video series: Ocean Acidification in Alaska

In the second chapter of our series of videos on the effects of climate change on fisheries, Island Institute media specialist Scott Sell explores the effects of ocean acidification on the shellfish industry in Alaska — and what that might mean for Maine: Watch, and Read more here   17:19

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Labels for Frankenfish get a bipartisan nod in DC

If  gets a green light by the FDA, it will be labeled as such if US Senators have their way. The Senate Appropriations Committee passed the Murkowski-Begich amendment last week requiring that consumers be advised of what they are buying. Senator Murkowski – Listen, and read more here  16:37


Healthy parents provide clues to survival of young haddock on Georges Bank

In 2003, haddock on Georges Bank experienced the largest baby boom ever documented for the stock, with an estimated 800 million new young fish entering the population. With typical annual averages of 50 to 100 million new fish in the last few decades, fisheries biologists have been puzzled by the huge increase and its ramifications for stock management. They have been looking for answers and may have found one – healthy adults. Read more here  16:18

Fishermen ‘rotted’ N.L.-owned halibut harvested, landed in N.S.

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2Fishermen on the south coast of Newfoundland say they are frustrated and angry that a significant halibut quota owned by the provincial government is being harvested by a Nova Scotia company and landed in Nova Scotia. But CBC Investigates and the Fisheries Broadcast recently revealed that Icewater has instead been subleasing it to an unnamed harvesting entity outside the province.  Read more here  14:57

National Park Service seeks to ease tensions with Point Reyes farmers

stoogeFed in part by a vitriolic dispute between the federal government and a rancher who also runs an oyster farm, the ill will here directed at the park is the worst anyone can remember. “There is a level of intensity here that I’ve not seen before,” said park Supt. Cicely Muldoon, 48, a longtime resident of Marin County who this month launched a “truth and reconciliation” campaign to try to ease tensions. Read more here 14:49