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NCFA Weekly Update for Nov. 30, 2014

NCFAWeekly Update for Nov. 30, 2014 as a PDF 23:25

Off the Hook: Florida fisherman lands in U.S. Supreme Court case weighing government overreach

JohnYates_10163339_ver1_0_640_480John Yates doesn’t make his living as a commercial fisherman anymore. The federal conviction he is fighting all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court took care of that. Instead, he scraped together everything he had, opened a boutique furniture store and called it Off the Hook. Read the rest here 19:32

Rhode Island Fishermen’s Alliance Weekly Update, November 30, 2014

rifa2The Rhode Island Fishermen’s Alliance is dedicated to its mission of continuing to help create sustainable fisheries without putting licensed fishermen out of business.” Read the update here  To read all the updates, click here  19:05

South Atlantic Fishery Management Council Meeting December 1-5, 2014 – New Bern, NC Attend via Webinar

SAFMC SidebarClick here for  Meeting Agenda  Click here for Briefing Book Materials  Webinar Registration: Watch the meeting LIVE as it happens – Sign up for daily Webinars here 17:24

What Wrecks Reveal

plotter wreck kathryn janeFrom the paper by Penny McCall, – Amidst the hope required to going out fishing day after day, Findus was a portent, a ghost of the devastated future that any small fishing boat could easily become. During the time I knew Alasdair and worked on his small fishing trawler, he told me Findus’ story again and again.  The first time was after a month of patiently tolerating my questions about environmental relations and fishing practices. Alasdair pointed out that I had never asked him about friends he had  lost at sea: ‘wouldn’t that be quite an obvious question?’ he asked. And then Alasdair  told me about Findus and the wreck of his small fishing boat, the  Kathryn Jane Read the rest here, 22 pages 15:01

Crew okay, rescued after lobster boat sinks off Wedgeport

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2While day one of the LFA 34 lobster fishing season got off to a smooth start with relatively few problems, day two of the season saw the sinking off a fishing vessel off of Wedgeport. All four men aboard the vessel, the Lady Wallace, were reported to be okay. They were picked up in a life raft by another nearby fishing boat.  Read the rest here 14:03

Bristol Bay’s big run may hurt prices in Cook Inlet

Bristol Bay is expecting a sockeye salmon harvest topping 40 million fish next year, including the southern Alaska Peninsula. That’s bound to challenge harvesters and processors in ensuring quality, and have a chilling effect on prices for Upper Cook Inlet sockeyes. Read the rest here 13:34

As The Boat Grows – F/V Miss Berdie

Miss Berdie

Newport, Oregon-based Miss Berdie was built by Rodriguez Boat Builders of Bayou LaBatre, Alabama in 1987. When the owner approached Fred Wahl Shipyard and the naval architect Hockema & Whalen Associates (HWA) about increasing the vessel’s capacity,,, Read the rest here 11:52

Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA) Opposed to 55-square-mile closure area of Stellwagen Bank

Could a closure of Stellwagen possibly lead to other state closures in the future, if the “showroom environmentalists,” as Donofrio calls them, get their foot in the door? Will Buzzards Bay be next? Or Vineyard Sound? Area anglers and businesses supported by recreational fishing are strongly urged to attend on the 16th and oppose the closure. Read the rest here 10:21

Possible rule changes for hogfish overfishing

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Life Research Institute recently completed a stock assessment of hogfish and found the ones in Atlantic Ocean waters off Florida are currently undergoing overfishing, which means the fish mortality rate is at a level that is too high and not sustainable, according to research institute fisheries biologist Mike Murphy. Read the rest here 09:02

The Lie’s and Deciept of the Florida Propaganda Machine – Did 1994 gill-net vote mislead?

The question now is whether the people were duped into voting for the ban in November 1994 by a sophisticated propaganda campaign that included misrepresentation and reporters for major newspapers who were paid employees of the man behind the ban — two decades later, net-ban proponents continue to use questionable tactics to counter any challenges to the net ban. Unbelievable! Read the rest here 22:05

Greenpeace – Just 97 of the ‘world’s cutest’ sea mammals remain – Are these people for real?!?!

One of the world’s “cutest” sea mammals is at risk of extinction unless a ruling is passed to protect the vaquita porpoise. Mexico has one last chance to save the creature – a small, shy porpoise, described by one scientist as looking like “they’re wearing lipstick and mascara”. It is only found in a 4,000sq km region of the Gulf of Mexico  Read the rest here  20:25

Fisherman Joseph Landry found guilty of manslaughter in Phillip Boudreau ‘murder for lobster’ trial

Phillipe BoudreuA Cape Breton lobster fisherman has been found Guilty of manslaughter in the death of a man at sea. Joseph James Landry, 67, of Little Anse, pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder in the death last year of Phillip Boudreau. Landry’s wife wiped her eyes, crying, after Saturday’s verdict but Landry showed no visible reaction. Read the rest here 16:31

’Tis the season for flying Christmas crustaceans – Airport gears up for lobster season

Holiday shipments of live lobster begin this weekend at Halifax Stanfield International Airport and will continue for about a month. Several carriers have cargo jets slated to transport hundreds of tonnes of the fresh seafood around the globe in the coming weeks, the Halifax International Airport Authority said Friday. Read the rest here 15:44

LONG ISLAND, Maine – “Steve “Mike” Hanson was larger than life out here,” “He wasn’t just a lobsterman.”

This isn’t just a loss for one family’: Lobsterman’s death unites Maine island town in grief, efforts to help family – A lobster fisherman, known to his friends as “Wild Bill,” Hickok is mourning the passing of his fellow islander Steve “Mike” Hanson, who died Nov. 19 from a head injury after falling at his home. Hanson, 59, lived on Long Island with his wife and their 14-year-old son.  Read the rest here 14:29

EXTREMELY important meeting re offshore windmills – Notice from the Long Island Commercial Fishing Association

This Monday, Dec 1 at Inlet Seafood from 6-8 p.m., an EXTREMELY important meeting re offshore windmills, run by Cornell with funding from BOEM, the fed agency in charge of determining how and where to site these things in federal waters. I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH THE IMPORTANCE OF ATTENDING IF,,, Read the rest here 13:08

F/V Blazer Goes Down – Five Fishermen Safe – Coast Guard MH-65 Dolphin picks 3 from the raft, 2 pulled onto Motor Life Boat

fv blazer crew 3 with rescue crew“The preparedness of the crew of Blazer was exceptional,” said Petty Officer 1st Class Matthew Blanchard, search and rescue coordinator at Coast Guard Sector North Bend, Oregon. “They recognized when they needed help and took the steps necessary to put themselves in a position where we could quickly and safely bring them home to their families. Read the rest here 12:33  An MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew from Coast Guard Air Facility Newport, Ore., poses for a photo at the facility with three crew members of the fishing vessel Blazer Video 23:47

South Atlantic Fishery Council credibility is at stake

council_fishing_headerLast year, the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council made a big splash,,,  The phrase “catch shares” is nowhere to be found in the document. Instead creative code-speak is used to describe the strategy throughout the document: “sector share management system,” “individual quota management system,” We’re shocked and disappointed to see the SAFMC depart so dramatically from the stakeholder-driven,,,  Read the rest here 11:41

Tuna showdown looms at Samoa conference

Small Pacific island states and powerful foreign fishing nations are heading for a showdown next week over management of the world’s largest tuna fishery. The islands want the annual meeting of the influential  in Samoa to limit fishing for bigeye, a tuna prized by sashimi markets in Asia, America and Europe. Read the rest here 08:45

Critical Offshore Weather Stations Dead for Six Months – Seafarers push for fix, citing heightened risks in storm-wracked BC waters.

Environment Canada lacks the resources to keep critical weather monitoring stations up and running throughout the year off the B.C. central coast, putting commercial and recreational mariners at risk as they enter one of the B.C. coast’s most dangerous stretches of open water. Read the rest here 08:32:10

Rhode Island Seafood Scene: Make room calamari, crabs are moving in

Another ocean-dwelling species, crab, has scuttled into a prominent position in the Rhode Island seafood scene, providing a welcome boost for beleaguered southern New England lobstermen. Brownish, with large, often black-tipped claws, Jonah crab are most abundant between Georges Bank off of Cape Cod to the North Carolina Outer Banks. They are caught mostly by lobstermen in the same traps used for lobster. Read the rest here 08:23

Phillip Boudreau ‘murder for lobster’ case now in jury’s hands

Phillipe BoudreuThe jury in the “murder for lobster” trial in Port Hawkesbury, N.S., has been sequestered for the night after beginning deliberations Friday afternoon.  Supreme Court Chief Justice Joseph Kennedy spent the morning giving jurors directions and outlining their duties. Kennedy said there are three possible verdicts: guilty of second-degree murder, guilty of manslaughter; or not guilty. Read the rest here 20:38  ‘Murder for lobster’ rocks Acadian village of Petit-de-Grat Read it here 22:08

Lobster wars: discount stores slug it out on the UK high street with £5 shellfish

Lobster, once associated with only the swankiest restaurants, is now on the frontline of the supermarket price war. Discount stores fighting to lure Christmas shoppers are importing hundreds of thousands of £5 crustaceans from Canada. Read the rest here 20:16

Expanded powers for conservation officers in Manitoba

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2Don’t call them natural resource officers anymore. The Manitoba government introduced legislation today that would formally recognize conservation officers as  with the powers of peace officers. Read the rest here 19:54

UPDATED: Video – F/V Hornet sends May Day, F/V Exodus, USCG respond.

hornetSEATTLE — Coast Guard crews assisted three people after their vessel began taking on water three miles west of the Columbia River entrance, Friday. Following dewatering efforts, a 47-foot Motor Life Boat crew took the 46-foot fishing vessel Hornet into tow and safely delivered it and the crew to a marina in Ilwaco, Washington.  Read the rest here 18:45 Video here 21:36

Welcome to Butt Hole Road – Please rethink shellfish farming in bays – Bob Maddex, Fenwick Island

For many of us who enjoy kayaking and other water sports on Little Assawoman Bay, the proposal by the State of Delaware to use oysters and clams to help clean up the bay seemed, at first, like a good idea. But now we have learned that the shellfish will be a part of an experiment involving a huge commercial operation,, Read the rest here 17:18

Low haul, rough waves expected for North Coast commercial crab season

While last year’s crab season got off to a rocky start due to contentious price negotiations, North Coast fishermen this year will instead have to worry about rough seas and another year of low hauls. The commercial Dungeness crab season north of the Sonoma-Mendocino county border starts on Dec. 1, with crabbers getting a head start to lay down their pots today. Read the rest here 17:01

And they’re off; lobster boats hitting the water in LFA 33

LFA 33 openerSHELBURNE – Harbours along the South Shore twinkled with the lights of lobster boats Friday morning as the fall season got underway for LFA 33, which includes eastern parts of Shelburne County. Read the rest here 12:07

Regulations changed on AJs, black sea bass in South Atlantic

SAFMC SidebarThe date change also aligns the beginning of the commercial harvest season for black sea bass with the commercial season for vermilion snapper, which are commonly caught together with hook-and-line gear.,, The trip-limit changes will all be on the commercial side and include reducing the trip limit for black sea bass, Read the rest here 09:45

Maryland: Commissioners ask state to roll back rockfish limit

 A former waterman, Fithian described the proposed reduction of the bag limit as a direct attack on commercial fishing. Fithian said after reading the letter at the commissioners meeting that he recently saw a rockfish cut open to reveal a large number of immature crabs in its stomach.,, might be partly responsible for recent downturns in the crab population. Read the rest here 09:35

Princeton Professor Emeritus of Geosciences Defends Marine Seismic Surveys for Study of Earth

R/V Maurice Ewing – The vessel was also slated for use in summer 2014 for a Rutgers University-led near-shore seismic study – opposed by many on the Jersey Shore, including fishermen, lawmakers and the nonprofit Clean Ocean Action, because of potential harm to sea life and fisheries commerce. Read the rest here 08:29

Know Your Supplier: FDA Refusing Record Amounts of Shrimp Contaminated with Banned Antibiotics

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) recently reported that in October 2014 the agency refused a total of 101 entry lines of seafood. Of these refusals, 35 of the refusals were of entry lines of shrimp due to antibiotic contamination. Read the rest here 23:34

Cod prohobition imperils deep-sea fishing charter businesses

Gibson said the ban on cod possession probably will remain for two years and could last a generation if cod stocks don’t recover. In recent years, a ban on cod possession lasted only a few months. During those months, business dropped by half, said Tim Tower, who runs Bunny Clark Deep Sea Fishing in Ogunquit. “They said, ‘We won’t be going out fishing again until we can keep cod,’” Tower said. Read more here 22:52

Updated :James Landry ‘murder for lobster’ trial hears closing arguments

Phillipe Boudreu‘Cripple’ and ‘destroy’ – But Crown prosecutor Shane Russell told the jury that James Landry was directly involved in the killing. He said Landry told police he had been pushed to the limit and wanted to “cripple” and “destroy” Boudreau if he got the chance and “let the crabs eat him.” When Landry saw Boudreau that morning and suspected him of cutting traps, that was the opportunity to get rid of him, the prosecutor said. Read the rest here 21:57

We wish you a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

We wish you a Wonderful Thanksgiving with family, friends, and loved ones. We also want those that have lost power due to the Nor’easter, and have been inconvenienced that you will be in our thought’s today.  09:40

It’s Thanksgiving in St.Johns for these Sailors, a Community Outpouring! – Ship has arrived in heaven

A couple of weeks ago, a news conference was held at the Fish, Food and Allied Workers (FFAW) office to let people know the crew members are in hard shape. “They said they feel like their boat has docked in heaven,” says Geanine Mulrooney. “I couldn’t get over that there were 11 men next door to where I grew up and they were literally starting to starve,” says Mulrooney. Read the rest here 07:36

World Wide Phenomenon – Fishermen in the South West braced for damaging cut in EU quotas

EU Quota cuts, UKJim Portus, chief executive of South Western Fish Producer Organisation, said “things were looking pretty bad” and blamed Government cuts to the number of research voyages which he claimed had not correctly assessed fish stocks. European fisheries policy sets quotas to achieve what it calls Maximum Sustainable Yield – essentially the point at which fishing would not affect whether a species could thrive.  Read more here 06:35

NOAA Draws Criticism Over Revised Steller Sea Lion Measures

warrenchukOceanic senior scientist and campaign manager Jon Warrenchuk, in Juneau is critical of NOAA’s decision. “We had hoped that the Fisheries Service would show the leadership needed to find long term and sustainable solutions to management in the Aleutians,” he said. “Instead of giving protection measures a chance to work, the Fisheries Service has opened the floodgates. Read the rest here  21:45

James Landry admits to police he shot Phillip Boudreau

imagePhillipe BoudreuThe 67-year-old Cape Breton fisherman accused of murdering Phillip Boudreau admitted to police that he shot the man, according to a taped statement played Wednesday to a Nova Scotia Supreme Court jury in Port Hawkesbury. Police interviewed Joseph James Landry a week after Boudreau disappeared. Read the rest here 19:27

Japan vows to resume Antarctic whale hunt for ‘science’ next year – Critics guilty of “eco-imperialism”

Critics of Japan’s whaling practices are guilty of “eco-imperialism” for trying to impose their beliefs on countries that hunt and eat whales, Japan’s pointman on the issue said Wednesday. Critics of whaling needed to drop their “zero tolerance” stance and recognize that different countries have “different codes,”  Read the rest here 16:10

Fishermen vent about proposal to close Stellwagen Bank, other areas for research. “playground for scientists,”

PLYMOUTH – A charter boat captain who makes a living chasing tuna, Johnny Johnson finds it infuriating that regulators may close stretches of ocean in the name of research, but he doesn’t know when, exactly where or for how long “You’re telling me I can’t go feed my family. That’s what you’re telling me.  “Our kids are hungry every single day, and we can’t have these people making these decisions about how we will survive.” Read the rest here 13:33

New smelt regulations: quiet hearing, strong feelings

Maine’s smelt fishery is far from the largest in volume and very, very far from the top in value, but the silvery little fish stir strong feelings within a cluster of Mainers who ascribe an almost mythic quality to the toothy delicacy that run up many of the state’s coastal brooks from the sea each spring to spawn. Read the rest here 13:11

Athearn Marine Agency Boat of the Week: 43′ Fiberglass Lobster/Crab/Gillnet – 300HP, John Deere 6081


Specifications, and information and 14 photos click here  To see all the boats in this series, Click here

Aquaculture debated in Delaware, booming in Maryland

Looking into Tar Bay, the man at the helm of the Chesapeake Gold confidently clicks the mud-splattered throttle forward. The morning is too cold, he says; temperatures have dipped to the 20s. Water freezes in place as it splashes the deck. Those are January temperatures, not mid-November. The wind stings the face of everyone on board. Read more here 11:30

Massachusetts: At Large Seat on NEFMC- Needs to be filled – Applications due Dcember 1

NEFMC SidebarInterested in serving on the New England Fishery Management Council? Applications are due 12/1:  09:34

Southwestern Nova Scotia: Lobster season opening set for Friday morning

UPDATED: Unless there is a drastic change over the next couple of days, the opening of the lobster fishing season off southwestern Nova Scotia is set for Friday, Nov. 28, with the LFA 34 district opening at 6 a.m. and the LFA 33 district opening at 7 a.m. Read the rest here 09:03

Greenpeace whines about John Sackton’s pollock redlisting comment while kissing undercurrents fanny

After numerous suggestions to’s John Sackton that his stories about Greenpeace might be more accurate if he took the time to check in with us, we finally concluded that if his biases were obvious to us, they were probably obvious to others as well. Read the rest here 08:31

UPDATED: Search suspended – Coast Guard searches for overdue crabber near Anacortes, Wash.

USCGMissing is Dean Harvey, 48, of Bremerton. Robert Romero, Harvey’s brother, reported that they both left Anacortes around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday on separate, 18-foot fishing vessels to go crabbing and agreed to return to Anacortes at 3:30 p.m. Romero returned to Anacortes at 3:30 p.m. and waited for his brother to return until 4:30 p.m., when he called Skagit County 911 operators to report him overdue. Read the rest here. 07:30 Update here 22:22

Philip Boudreau ‘murder for lobster’ trial Continues: Crown witness was so frightened, he soiled himself.

Phillipe BoudreuOn Monday, Craig Landry told court, it was James Landry who fired the shots at Boudreau’s boat, who dragged Boudreau out to sea with a gaff and who helped tie Boudreau to an anchor. Early Tuesday, the defence drilled Craig Landry on his testimony from the day before, asking him why he didn’t say anything when Landry allegedly fired shots at Boudreau’s boat. Read more here 22:12

Swimmers could be attacked in British waters by killer grey seals, warns a new report.

Killer SealsBritain’s largest carnivorous mammal has been blamed for a spate of mysterious mutilations of harbour porpoises in the North Sea. Many of the carcasses were washed up on Dutch shores frequented by human bathers who may also be endangered by attacks from the vicious predators. Read the rest here

A Rosie Report! Observer program gets ‘sea legs’ as fisheries recover

observer sean sullivanThis summer, the alleged assault of a federal fisheries observer by a deck boss of a groundfish trawler from Astoria,,, Brad Pettinger, director of the Oregon Trawl Commission, called it a “renewal of the social contract that we have with the public.” Now, NOAA is juggling new questions ,, And observers, once viewed with distrust and even hostility, say their jobs have gotten easier. Read the rest here 18:00

Fishermen Are Going To Rename Dogfish (Sand Sharks) So We Will Eat Them – Hippies Top 5 Names! Can you beat them?

Real Cape HippieFeeney and his colleagues, along with the Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance and the National Oceanic,,,Orrrr… maybe the reason for dogfish’s popularity in the UK might be the fact that they are used to eating grey meat that had all the flavor sucked out of it by boiling water? Or,,, Video, Read the rest here 16:30

Comparing the Pacific Coast’s Commercial Fisheries

Salmon-fishing-BoatsSince these Fish Reports focused exclusively on salmon and striped bass fishing in California, we wanted to share an expanded review of fisheries harvests and their economic value in other Pacific Coast states, based on a report from the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS 2014), and in a nod to the recent World Fisheries Day. Read the rest here 15:55

Squid Fishermen save Six Kayakers off the Coast of Malibu

Six kayakers off the coast of Malibu were unexpectedly blown out to sea today as the Santa Ana winds returned to the region on Sunday morning, but thankfully a squid-fishing fleet came to their rescue. Read the rest here 13:16

Tradex:It’s a Buyers Market for Pacific Cod; 2015 Alaska Salmon Fisheries

It certainly is a buyers market right now for Pacific Cod out of the Gulf of Alaska; Processors are holding high levels of inventory, especially in fillets. The 2015 Bristol Bay Sockeye fishery is predicted to be the largest harvest in the past 20 years Click Full Screen, lower right 11:52

Controversial Bristol Bay salmon permit buyback support falters

Bristol Bay salmon fishermen’s 81% support of studying the economic impact of a drift gillnet buyback program in Bristol Bay broke down into a general sense of opposition during a Pacific Marine Expo discussion on the program last week. Fishermen and regulators criticized the potential program’s cost, whether it is even necessary and the uncertainty of its ability to improve the fishery. Read the rest here 11:37

BOEM OCEAN GRABBING – To Auction of 742,000 more acres of Fishing Grounds for commercial wind scam energy production

obama beenie 3US BuffaloOffshore wind energy generation always seems to be a distant reality, for the United States at least. But the development pace could pick up with the planned auction of over 742,000 acres off Massachusetts that could produce enough electricity to power half of the homes in that state, said the U.S. Department of Interior on Monday. Read the rest here 11:17

Fisherman Racism? Cape Breton aboriginal man blames boat damage on non-native fishermen

Kenny Basque says he knew he would suffer racism when he was getting into the native fishery five years ago, but he didn’t expect it would lead to serious vandalism. His boat sustained more than $9,000 in damage after it was untied from its mooring at the St. Peter’s Canal on Nov. 3. Read the rest here 08:54

Overwhelmed with turtles, aquarium even uses airlift

This year, nearly 1,000 endangered sea turtles have been recovered from Cape Cod Bay beaches, and the turtle pipeline is full. The New England Aquarium, the regional destination for injured and cold-stunned turtles, has already treated nearly 400 animals, almost double the record for a full year. Read the rest here 08:07

November 2014 PFMC Decision Summary Document Online

PFMC SidebarThe Pacific Fishery Management Council met November 14-19, 2014 in Costa Mesa, California. The November 2014 Council Meeting Decision Summary Document summarizes the decisions made during that meeting.  Read it here 19:46