Stacey Marshall Tabor to head out fishing after human rights complaint win

A Nova Scotia woman who won a human rights complaint against her home community for denying her a fishing licence because of her gender is heading out to sea after all. Stacey Marshall Tabor says the Millbrook First Nation informed her on Tuesday that she would be sailing as a deckhand on a snow crab boat. The assignment came after years of infighting that culminated in a discrimination finding by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. Read the rest here 20:25

Florida Net ban turns 20 on July 1, but was it a success?

Twenty years ago Wednesday, , one of the most controversial conservation measures in the state’s history. The ban devastated livelihoods and what remained of a once-vibrant commercial fishing culture in small coastal towns throughout Florida. Two decades later, opinions align along the same battle lines that fueled a bitter campaign surrounding the ban. And since the data are either incomplete or a mixed bag, scientists still can’t offer much insight into which side was right. Read the rest here 18:12

A Bogus Rerun Oceana Article by Daily Mail “Journalist” Tom Wyke!

liars-all-aroundsWe posted an article yesterday that originally ran in February, 2013. It seemed familiar, but, the photos used in yesterdays rewrite by Daily Mail’s Tom Wyke were not the same as the original. We might’ve even posted it! Someone at picked up on it. Author Tom Wyke  demonstrates how lazy reporting, paired with zero editorial oversight, can trick readers into viewing an outdated and fundamentally inaccurate story. After realizing the Daily Mail’s error, those sites have taken down the article.  Read the rest here  Not us though, we’ll leave it up in tribute to Tom Wyke! 17:29

Feds investigating Casey’s Seafood on mixing Atlantic blue crab with imports

New court documents filed in U.S. District Court in Norfolk indicate that federal investigators believe that Casey’s  Seafood Inc. mislabeled crab meat at its processing facility in the Newport News Small Boat Harbor — then passed it on to Farm Fresh, Harris Teeter and other retailers in Virginia and out of state.  Agents removed many items from the seafood house, including purchasing records, billing records, and several “crab meat containers,” including 17 bags labeled “Product of Vietnam.” Read the rest here 14:38

FISHING leaders in Shetland, Orkney and the Western Isles move to protect fishing communities

Prolific_LK986-742x476Commercial fishing is economically and culturally vital to island communities with around a quarter of the industry based in Shetland, Orkney and the western isles. Secretary of the Orkney Fisheries Association, Fiona Matheson, said: “As everyone in the islands knows, fishing is an absolutely essential part of economic life and it’s time this was reflected in devolved powers for the industry. The move follows the example of the Our Islands Our Future initiative, which is seeking for more political decision-making powers to be devolved to the islands. Read the rest here 14:08