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Dear Greenpeace USA, We are in receipt of your petition, and are responding,,,

Wrecking the Planet, one campaign at a time!

We are in receipt of your petition, and are responding on behalf of member companies Bumble Bee, Chicken of the Sea, and StarKist. We’ve reviewed your petition and attached letter and have found several inaccurate aspects and outright misinformation that we would appreciate you address. While we always welcome feedback from consumers, it does concern us that some of the petition’s signatories appear to come from communities of questionable provenance like “Jerrabomberra, North Carolina”. It is our sincere hope that you have vetted and authenticated,,, Read the rest her  20:01

The Fishery – a dangerous place to work

 DFO imposes a host of arbitrary rules on fishing enterprises that inherently increase the risks that harvesters must take to pursue their livelihood. DFO limits the size and capability of the fishing vessels to the point that the vessels are incapable of providing adequate working space and stability relative to the conditions demanded by the environment and the workplace activity within which harvesters perform their daily tasks. Read the rest here 18:03

A Stern Look At Seafood Scare Stories

In 2012, well known radio and TV host Howard Stern announced he had become a pescetarian. Fish became the outspoken personality’s primary source of protein as he embarked on a new and healthier lifestyle. Three years later the baseless rhetoric spewed by groups bent on distorting seafood’s inherently healthy building blocks has Stern confused. On his show Stern recently noted his own mercury levels with concern. What he didn’t note is that there has never been a single case of mercury poisoning from the normal consumption of commercial seafood,,, Read the rest here 15:02

Pew calls for ban on international trade of Pacific Bluefin

The Pew Charitable Trusts is calling for a ban on international trade of Pacific bluefin, after what it terms as a failure to come up with new conservation measures at the 89th meeting of the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC), which just ended in Guayaquil, Ecuador. “The failure the IATTC to agree to reduce catch limits or adopt a long-term rebuilding plan for Pacific bluefin tuna leaves the species at risk of population collapse,” said Amanda Nickson, director of global tuna conservation for Pew. Read the rest here  WWF expressed concern about the lack of stricter measures to protect shark, and Pacific bluefin tuna stocks. Read the rest here 14:11

Jonah Crab Hearing – Portland, Me. tonight, 18:00 – Portsmouth, NH, 19:30, Tuesday

Interstate fishery regulators are holding hearings in Portland at Casco Bay Lines Conference Room, 56 Commercial Street, Portland, tonight, 18:00, and at the Urban Forestry Center in Portsmouth 19:30 p.m. on Tuesday. Regulators with the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission say the interstate management plan would regulate issues such as minimum size. 12:07

North Carolina Fisheries Association Weekly Update for July 3, 2015

NCFA11:30 AM (5 minutes ago) Click to read the Weekly Update for July s, 2015 as a PDF To read all the updates, click here 11:39

Fishermen Eagerly Await Pink Salmon Opener; Astonishingly Early Start to Alaska Chum Salmon

3-Minute Market Insight: This year is looking to be a good one for Pink salmon, both in Russia and here in North America. In the Prince William Sound, fishing will actually start a little later than first expected. Watch the Tradex 3 Minute Update here 10:06

In the Race to Control the Arctic, the U.S. Lags Behind

 It’s a new kind of geopolitical cold war, and the U.S. is in danger of losing. “We’re not even in the same league as Russia right now,” Coast Guard Commandant Paul F. Zukunft says. “We’re not playing in this game at all.”,,, Read the rest here 08:23