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National Marine Fisheries Service deny petition from radical environmentalists to ban cod fishing

A group of radical environmental groups including the Center for Biological Diversity and Greenpeace petitioned the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Marine Fisheries Service to shut down the fishery until it shows rebuilding progress. The agency said in a denial published in the Federal Register on July 10 that the current restrictions on cod fishing will “provide sufficient protection” to rebuild the stock. The denial also states that the fisheries service intends to monitor updated information about the cod stock,,, Read the rest here 18:02

Meghan Lapp’s response to Oceana Gib Brogan’s NY Times Article “A Knockout Blow for Fish Stocks”

Unfortunately for NY Times readers, this article is full of false and misleading information. It has caused quite a stir not based on fact, but based on deliberately inaccurate statements.  The article begins with a woeful tale of Atlantic cod. What it does not tell you is that just a few years ago, a 2008 assessment for Gulf of Maine cod showed that the stock was healthy, and would attain desired levels within all specified timeframes. During this time, fishermen stayed within the allowable catch levels, and even below these levels- From Seals, to Closed area’s, and the Observer Program, She lay’s it all out. Read the rest here 16:14

The Seal – A clever fellow! A seal enters a trawl on 400 meters depth for a free meal.


Northeast lobster fishery observer coverage has fallen off dramatically

holland 38 botwThe number of scheduled observer trips aboard Cape Ann lobster boats and others throughout Massachusetts have fallen off dramatically since the contentious Gloucester meeting last month where NOAA outlined plans to increase observer coverage for the Northeast lobster fishery. The June 4 meeting at NOAA’s regional headquarters in the Blackburn Industrial Park provided the first glimpse of the rabid opposition among lobstermen to expanding the Northeast Fisheries Observer Program throughout the and as far down the East Coast as Maryland. Read the rest here 13:07

Athearn Marine Agency Boat of the Week: 45′ 2001 Guimond Lobster/Gillnetter, 330HP Lugger Diesel

lb3931_01Specifications, information and 17 photo’s click here  To see all the boats in this series, Click here 11:47

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Recovery of Marine Mammal predators causes unexpected conservation challenges

In the paper, published in the journal Conservation Letters, scientists explored the effects of these recovering predator populations on their home ecosystems, outlining three major unintended conflicts that have resulted. In the Pacific Northwest the comeback of California sea lions and killer whales, as well as Pacific harbor seals (Phoca vitulina), all protected under the MMPA, has increased the animals’ competition with humans for fish. Furthermore, all three predators feed on the ESA-protected Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha), whose populations are declining. And competition for fish among the predators could adversely affect them all. Read the rest here 10:40

Algae bloom threatens Prince Rupert’s gill net fleet

Prince Rupert gill net fleet has been hit hard by a massive algae bloomThe Prince Rupert gill net fleet has been hit hard by a massive algae bloom and may be forced off the water. “It’s crippling me as far as catching fish goes. Everything on the boat is dirty from [algae] including me and you can’t catch any fish because they can see the net, it’s like a blanket out there,” said Claude McDonald, 76, a gill net fisherman based in Prince Rupert. A sticky, thick algae is being singled out as the reason for extremely dismal salmon catches so far this season. Mud is the name given to the plankton by fisherman due to its thick viscosity and muddy colour. Read the rest here 10:18

“Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks”. New Name, Same Game, with new twist!

Tami Gray captains the Reel Action on ‘Wicked Tuna’This season comes with a new title that has a distinctly local flavor. The name has been changed from Wicked Tuna: North vs. South, to Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks. And it comes with new twist. One of the local boats—the Reel Action—features the show’s first female crew. Being one of the few female captains out there is something Captain Tami Gray has gotten used to, having worked in this male-dominated industry for most of her life. One of her reasons for doing the show was to demonstrate that women are just as capable of hauling in a catch as men are. Read the rest here 09:45

Center for Sustainable Fisheries Don Cuddy Rips and Gut’s Oceana’s ‘A Knockout Blow for American Fish Stocks’

CSF BOOMAnyone knowledgeable about the commercial fisheries of the United States will find nothing original in the op-ed piece recently submitted to the New York Times by the environmental organization Oceana. Even its title ‘A Knockout Blow for American Fish Stocks’ is misleading.,, If the recent Oceana opinion piece is a fair reflection of the environmentalist mindset, it reveals the apparent contempt with which commercial fishing, America’s oldest industry, is regarded by such groups. The scallop industry stands accused by Oceana of being “dissatisfied with its current profits.” This is wrong? Cast them into the pit! Perhaps Oceana might test reaction to that proposition on Wall St. or at Wal-Mart. Read the rest here 08:08