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Kodiak fishermen find extra work through halibut research amid stock concern

The Pacific halibut fishery may see a drop in stock over the next few years and the International Pacific Halibut Commission, which regulates the fishery, uses surveys in Kodiak waters to collect data.The surveys also give local fishermen another job to tackle during the winter season, especially with the recent announcement of the 80 percent cut to Pacific cod quota in 2018. click here to read the story 23:10

Trump administration backs off Florida drilling proposal

In the face of vocal bipartisan opposition, the Trump administration said Tuesday it would not allow offshore oil and gas drilling in Florida waters, partially rolling back a proposal it unveiled last week. “We are not drilling off the coast of Florida,” said Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke at a hastily called news conference in the Tallahassee airport after meeting with Gov. Rick Scott. click here to read the story 19:08 

Michelle Malkin Investigates – Preview: Fishing Wars | Drowning in Regulations

Commercial fishing boats in New England are going under at an alarming rate and hard-working families are being demonized by a multi-million-dollar environmental industry whose only product to sell is fear. In this edition, Michelle Malkin travels to the northeast to meet with those in the fishing industry to learn more about how they are drowning in government regulations. click here to watch the preview 16:47

Potting for cod in a Marlborough Sounds marine reserve

A while back we talked to Tom, a ranger in Akaroa who was working with MPI and NIWA to survey the marine reserves on Banks Peninsula. The survey looked at blue cod numbers in the two marine reserves, with the study allowing DOC to look at the effect those reserves are having on the wider Banks Peninsula fishery.,,, As the boat reached its first stop, the expert skipper flicked on his depth sounder to locate the band of rocky reef and rubble around the island where the crew would lower the first pot. Video, click here to read the story 14:58

Jersey UK: Foul weather hurts fishing industry’s peak period

Don Thompson said that although the weather was beginning to improve, fishermen would now need to spend days sorting out tangled fishing gear left in the sea during the storms. The poor weather also affected freight ships, which were unable to dock in the Island on a number of occasions, leading to a shortage of fresh food in supermarkets.  Mr Thompson added: ‘I would say the guys have been able to get out about two days out of 20, some on only one [day] – it has been really severe. click here to read the story 12:56

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Drilling plan may not change much locally but still worries fishermen

Last week the Trump administration proposed to drastically increase the amount of Alaska waters open for oil and gas leasing. Along with keeping Cook Inlet open, it would also make areas near Kodiak and the Gulf of Alaska available for drilling, both of which are currently closed. Yet, it’s unclear if companies will be interested in drilling there even if the plan is approved. Still, the move worries local environmentalists and fishermen. click here to read the story 10:54 

The Auction Block closes its doors as hope for sale dwindles

Fishermen in Homer will have one less fish buyer in town in 2018. The Auction Block announced via Facebook on Dec. 20 that it would officially be closing its doors. The fish buyer and processor entered bankruptcy back in September and has been working on selling the business to California-based Southwind Seafoods. But the deal may be in jeopardy after the City of Homer objected to the sale.  The Auction Block has been one of Homer’s larger fish buyers for about 20 years and the business may live on under the Southwind Seafoods banner,,, click here to read the story 10:01

Untouched salmon

The future of commercial salmon processing will go online in Norway later this year when the machines take over a plant just north of the Arctic Circle. If the operation proves successful – and there is every indication it will – Alaska should get ready to see yet another radical change in the labor-intensive business that helped shape the territory and fire the push for Statehood in the 1950s. click here to read the story 09:25

Commentary on Controling Agreements: DFO meddling destabilizes fishermen

I’ve held my own lobster licence since 1973 and it is nonsense to suggest I am anything but an “independent” fisherman. Yet the Department of Fisheries and Oceans is reviewing my licence under the “owner-operator policy.” Under this policy, the owner of a lobster licence is supposed to be independent (as I am) and to benefit most from his licence (as I do). DFO seems to suspect that I am in a so-called “controlling agreement” with Yarmouth Sea Products Ltd. click here to read the story 08:43