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3 crew members rescued as Search and Rescue mission underway for fishing boat captain off Canso

A search and rescue mission is underway about four kilometres southeast of Canso, N.S., to find the captain of a fishing vessel that ran aground on rocks. The military’s Joint Task Force Atlantic said it received a distress call from the vessel at 11 p.m. Tuesday. Three of the four crew members were rescued when another fishing boat came to help, but the fourth person — the captain — stayed on the stranded vessel. There has been no communication with the captain since. >click to read< 23:32

Skipper of grounded trawler faces charges

The skipper of a fishing boat that ran aground off Lake Ellesmere has been charged with failing to keep a proper look-out and breaching work safety regulations. Christopher Lee Jarman, 35, of Heathcote Valley, was due to appear at the Christchurch District Court on Thursday, but got a registrar’s remand before the case was called. Jarman is charged with breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act by exposing the The Lady Sarah’s crew to the risk of death or serious injury by failing to ensure a proper look-out was kept when he was the master of the vessel. >click to read< 21:41

Fisheries Act sea change aims for conservation, clarity but Bill C-68 includes plenty of work for regulatory lawyers

Proposed Fisheries Act amendments will roll back industry-driven reforms from 2012 that were condemned by marine scientists, restore the broad protection of fish and fish habitat sought by environmentalists, enhance Indigenous powers over fisheries and add more regulatory teeth and tools to enforce the law. Bill C-68 introduced by the Trudeau government Feb. 6 would also create a bit of a bonanza for lawyers who advise on environmental and other regulatory matters, particularly since it is to be followed on Feb. 8 by other environmental assessment legislation that will create a new Impact Assessment Act and Canadian Energy Regulator Act and amend the Navigation Protection Act. >click to read< 20:41

Fishing – what’s changed?

When Europe was inhabited by tribes of intelligent savages, fishing was one of the main sources of food. The associated seamanship and boat-building enabled the development of marine navigation and other sea trades. One of the oldest fishing centres called Sidon, which according to scholars of Semitic languages means ‘The Fishery,’ was populated by Phoenicians, who with their genius for navigation and commerce, specialised in trade in dried and salted fish and in collection of certain mollusks, of which they prepared the Tyrian purple that for the richness variety and stability of its hues, was prized higher than any other ancient dye. >click to read< 19:49

H.R. 2504 – House approves Poliquin’s proposal for swifter exports of Maine seafood

The U.S. House of Representatives on Monday passed a bipartisan bill introduced by U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin (R-ME) that aims to limit mandatory inspections and hasten exports of specific types of Maine seafood. H.R. 2504 would ensure fair treatment in licensing requirements for the export of certain echinoderms, namely sea urchins and sea cucumbers, a highly perishable product threatened by spoilage due to regulatory red tape around inspections, according to Poliquin’s office.>click to read< 19:21

Bad science journalism and the false dilemma of offshore wind and oil.

“If you’ve ever wondered why science journalism is so incredibly bad…” NPR Is Seeking A Science Editor. Science Education Not Required. The job ad is appalling. NPR, which to its credit at least attempts to cover science and health, is looking for a new Science Editor. Unfortunately, actually being trained in science is not required for the job.,,, Scientific American fared a little better with this story… Trump Wants Offshore Drilling, but States Are Choosing Wind Energy, While the article does go on to discuss the synergies that would occur with offshore wind farm installations and offshore drilling and production facilities,,, >click to read< 16:06

Linda Brandt: Mullet is so much more than bait

I grew up thinking mullet was only for bait and smoking for dip. That was probably because when I went fishing with my dad, he used mullet for bait. And because he fished with a rod and reel and mullet are mostly caught with cast nets, they didn’t show up freshly caught on our table. Apparently I have been missing out on not only one of Florida’s oldest delicacies, but a piece of state history as well. >click to read< 15:30

Athearn Marine Agency Boat of the Week: 76′ Steel Dragger, Detroit 12-V-71, with federal/state permits

Specifications, information and 15 photos >click here< To see all the boats in this series, >Click here< 13:57

DEC decides against extending the scalloping season

The last time Peconic Bay scallops were this plentiful was the winter of 2015, just before six weeks of hard weather put what should have been a five-month harvest on hold. Back then, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation responded by extending the season for commercial scalloping in state waters by a month to make up for lost time, but this year, the season will end in March, right on schedule. In a statement on Monday,,, >click to read<11:53

N.C. Watermen elect officers

Perry Wood Beasley of Columbia has been elected President of North Carolina Watermen United, with Outer Banks residents Andrew Berry and Greg Mayer serving as Co-Vice Presidents.,,  NCWU, which originally came together in 2005 as a group of commercial, charter/headboat and recreational anglers, has worked hard to promote the North Carolina fishing industry and protect those who work on the water, along with recreational fishermen who enjoy being able to fish. Of equal importance is the consumer, who may not necessarily fish, but who wants the highest quality protein source in the world—North Carolina fresh seafood. >click to read< 11:21 

FFAW, FISH-NL at odds over what Fisheries Act amendments will mean for N.L.’s inshore fishery

The federal Liberal Government said Tuesday it is restoring protections for the fishing industry that were taken away by the former Conservative government in 2012. And, in making the announcement, Fisheries and Oceans Minister Dominic LeBlanc said there is more good news for the country’s fishing industry. The minister announced $284.2 million to support the restoration of protections to fish and fish habitats and to incorporate new modern safeguards in the industry. >click to read< 09:32

Carlos Rafael’s boats to be raised on Thursday

Carlos Rafael’s two fishing vessels, Dinah Jane and Nemesis, which sank at the dock earlier this week, will be raised Thursday morning, according to the Mattapoisett company doing the work. Tucker Roy Marine Towing and Salvage plans to start the job bright and early,,, Roy said the boats are entangled under the water,,, >click to read< 00:43