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How fishermen could thwart Cuomo’s offshore wind master plan

In the mist off New England’s coast, towering alien monoliths pierce the surging waters, soaring 600 to 850 feet above the Atlantic Ocean. Hundreds of these titans, rising up to 200 feet taller than Trump Tower, chop the air with massive blades that are taller than Albany’s Capitol building. Offshore wind turbines like these, Gov. Andrew Cuomo says, are a critical part of his clean energy mandate to generate 50 percent of the state’s electricity from renewable energy. But those humble fishermen are threatening to derail the governor’s goals with a federal lawsuit they believe is their last best shot to save their livelihoods. >click to read<21:41

Don Cuddy: Why I’m returning for my ninth Boston Marathon

My first Boston marathon was in 1992. I’d sailed my boat to New England from San Diego, arriving in the fall of 1990 and running Boston ranked very high on the list of things I wished to accomplish. I was 39 and to obtain a  number, the BAA required me to run a sub-3:15 qualifier, So 1991 became all about running. I targeted the Marine Corps marathon in D.C. that November for my qualifying race.  Alas, my inexperience proved costly. I ran too fast, too early and finished in 3:19. >click to read< God Speed, Lad!

Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council meeting in Gulfport, MS April 16 – 20, 2018

The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council will meet April 16 – 20, 2018 at the Marriott Courtyard hotel, located at 1600 E. Beach Boulevard, Gulfport, MS 39501. The Committee and Council Agendas and meeting materials are posted on the Council website at www.gulfcouncil.org. Meeting materials will be posted as they become available. Council meetings are open to the public and are broadcast live over the internet. Register for the webinar. >click to read<14:49

New Sealord fishing vessel Totaku soon to head for Nelson

Sealord’s brand new $70m fishing vessel has been given a name as it nears completion in Norway. The Nelson-based fishing company has named its new 82.9m factory trawler Tokatu. Translated from Māori, Toka means rock and Tu means stand, and relates to the phrase “he tokatu moana” – a rock that withstands the ravages of the sea. It is said of a person who can withstand the test of time. A delivery crew is due to travel to Norway soon in preparation for her maiden voyage down to NZ. Tokatu will then embark on a 40-day voyage to NZ, by way of the Panama Canal.>click to read<13:31

‘SNL’ explains why you should never order the diner lobster, ‘Les Misérables’-style

Many diners seem to have absurdly long menus with far too many things on it, sometimes including lobster. And you should never get the diner lobster. In the “Diner Lobster” Saturday Night Live sketch, Pete Davidson orders a lobster at Big Nick’s Greek Diner, much to the surprise of his friend Chris Redd and waiter/host John Mulaney. He’s apparently the first person to ever actually order the lobster there. >click to watch<11:39

Huge wooden boat being built ‘old school’ on P.E.I.

Neil MacKay is building his largest wooden boat in his 32 years of making them; like most lobster boats in P.E.I. waters, Catcher is 45 feet long, but is four feet wider than the typical 14 feet. The 51-year-old has been building wooden boats in his shop in Murray Harbour for since 1986, starting right around the time the industry moved, en mass, to fibreglass vessels. Catcher ‘s owner Spencer Norton, 28, lives in nearby Alliston and designed the boat with MacKay. Norton even cut some of the wood himself, with his father-in-law.,, >click to read<09:26