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Rep. Zeldin Statement in Opposition to Black Sea Bass Quota “Deal”

“This ‘deal’ is no victory for New York fishermen and is worse than status quo with other states receiving an increase. New York continues to roll over for the ASMFC while New York fishermen get screwed. I will not pull the wool over the eyes of hardworking New York fishermen and claim victory. Any deal on behalf of New York fishermen needs to place them on a level playing field with New Jersey and Connecticut, and this deal, cementing a quota cut for local fishermen in comparison to other states, is not equitable. I will not accept anything less than what New York fishermen, both recreational and commercial, deserve – parity.” >click to read<21:13

Lobster fishermen are putting canopies over the formerly open deck

Some lobster fishing boats are sporting a new look this year. Fishermen are installing canopies over the formerly open deck behind the wheel house. It’s all about keeping the catch fresher — and tastier. “For lobster quality,” said Lyman Getman, a fisherman in Tignish, P.E.I. “Keep the sun off them. Keep them cool.” The removable tops are becoming an increasingly common sight in Tignish and at other ports around the Island. >click to read<18:47

New Brunswick lobster fishermen anxious as start of season keeps getting delayed

Lobster fishermen in northern New Brunswick are increasingly worried about the fishing season, as they see delay after delay because of the conditions. The official start date was April 30, but the ice in many harbours, along with strong winds, has made it too dangerous to go out. The date has already been pushed back twice, and fishermen will only find out after a meeting Friday whether the season will start next week or be delayed once more. >click to read<16:29

A thousand days later, why is NOAA still dithering on allowing seismic surveys?

It has been more than a thousand days since the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries accepted as “final and complete” the Incidental Harassment Authorization, or IHA, applications needed to take seismic surveys off the Atlantic Coast. Considering that the Marine Mammal Protection Act, or MMPA, requires agencies to issue decisions within 120 days after deeming IHA applications complete, this delay is a shocking policy failure. (This is an oil industry article, with a link to NMFS AA Chris Oliver’s testimony.) >click to read<15:50

95 year old wooden boat – The Lady Mabel is back on the water after repairs in Charleston

One of the Charleston Marina’s oldest wooden boats, The Lady Mabel, made it back into the water on Thursday morning after spending two months undergoing repairs at the Charleston Shipyard. The 52-foot boat was tall enough to stop traffic, as the draw bridge to the marina had to be opened for it to pass. Mabel is a 95-year-old wooden boat that is still used as a commercial fishing vessel. Few fishermen still use wooden boats and even fewer use boats as old as Mabel. >click to read< 14:29

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50-year-old Suffolk fishing boat found rusting in Tunisian harbour

Perhaps the last thing you would expect to see in a Tunisian harbour would be a link to the historic fishing industry of Lowestoft.,, While walking around the pretty harbour of the fishing port of Tabarka, a rusting, certainly not seaworthy ship appeared with the name ‘Marzak’ in white paint, on top of another name, the Suffolk Challenger., The fishing boat, built by Appledore Shipbuilders, worked out of the port of Lowestoft for decades, pulling in fish from as far as 300 miles off the coast of East Anglia. >click to read<11:21

Deegan Marine’s Stabicraft latest model of ‘unsinkable’ boat

Tucked away in the marine drive at Agfest is a first in Australia. Deegan Marine’s Stabicraft is the latest model of the well-respected brand of ‘unsinkable’ vessel.,,The Stabicraft will do 40 to 45 knots with a full load of gear and fuel, and is powered by two 250 horsepower Evinrude engines. The Stabicraft was first designed more than 20 years ago to meet the demand of commercial fishermen working the Foveaux Strait in southern New Zealand, a notoriously rough and dangerous stretch of sea. >click to read<09:17

Fisheries commission to vote on NY black sea bass appeal

An interstate fisheries commission is scheduled to vote Thursday on New York’s appeal for a less stringent quota on locally abundant black sea bass. New York recreational fishermen and women could face a 12 percent reduction in the allowable catch for black sea bass this year under a federal mandate.,, DEC commissioner Basil Seggos said the state was “willing to go to the bear cage” to fight the planned reductions, including filing suit and going into noncompliance on the rules if the federal government did not act. The state has made similar demands to change New York’s share of the commercial fluke quota. >click to read<08:20